5 Best Corgi Rescues In Illinois

Here you will find the list of the best Corgi Rescues in Illinois. 

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Top 5 Corgi Rescues in Illinois

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Illinois

1). Pet’s Second Chance Welsh Corgis

At Pet’s Second Chance Welsh Corgis, the welfare of their dogs is of utmost importance, and they are committed to ensuring they are well-cared for before and after adoption. They make it a point to visit prospective homes to ensure the suitability of the environment and continue to monitor the dog’s well-being even after adoption. Unlike shelters, they do not have a facility but instead, place their dogs in loving foster homes where all dogs are well cared for regardless of their medical conditions or age. For more information, please visit their website.

2). Animal House Shelter

The Animal House Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides a haven for all breeds of dogs and cats. As a no-kill 501(c)(3) shelter, they have rescued over sixty thousand animals to date. Their mission is to safeguard and find loving homes for homeless pets rescued by them. AHS relies on foster homes to help socialize and transition abandoned or abused pets to loving families. Once rehabilitated and healthy, these pets are carefully matched with suitable owners to provide them with forever homes. If you want to adopt a new furry friend, visit their website to learn more.

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3). All Herding Breed Dog Rescue

Illinois-based All Herding Breed Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group licensed by the state. They rely solely on donations and are run by volunteers. They are committed to saving dogs from high-kill shelters where they risk being euthanized. They provide a haven for these dogs, ensuring they receive proper veterinary care, nutrition, and training to help them find their forever homes. The organization is committed to ending animal suffering, neglect, and abuse while simultaneously running an advocate group that actively promotes the importance of proper care, training, and socialization for a more humane world. For further details, visit their website.

4). Chicago Canine Rescue

Since 2001, Chicago Canine Rescue has been a beneficial resource for needy animals. As an open-admission shelter, they never euthanize pets due to a shortage of space. Over 8,000 dogs and puppies have been saved to date through their efforts of rescuing from shelters and accepting surrendered animals. The dedicated team of volunteers provides medical, emotional, and behavioral support to each and every animal under their care. For additional details about their organization, visit their website.

5). Famous Fido Rescue No Kill Advocacy Wellness & Learning Center

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The Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance is a prominent charitable organization with a 501(c)(3) designation. They rescue animals considered “unadoptable” in high-kill city shelters and those in crisis and brought in by individuals. Their mission centers around the idea that all animals have the right to live healthy and cruelty-free lives. They are dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs at the highest risk of euthanasia in shelters by providing resources and education on proper animal care and raising awareness of the needs of these animals. To learn more, please visit their website.

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