6 Best Corgi Rescues in Maryland

Here you will find the list of the best Corgi Rescues in Maryland.

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Top 6 Corgi Rescues in Maryland

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Maryland

1.) BARCS: Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter

BARCS’ story is one that began a decade earlier in Federal Hill, Baltimore, as the Baltimore City Municipal Animal Shelter. In July 2005, BARCS was born out of this organization and is now officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. The aim of the organization is to remain within the confines of humane animal treatment practices and, therefore, utilize whatever means are available to them with their available resources. This does not detract from the fact that they need your support to function effectively, and to do that, visit their website and learn more about them.

2.) Maryland SPCA

Maryland SPCA was incorporated in 1872, 7 years after the end of the American Civil War, making it the oldest rescue in the area to operate. Though starting as a caregiving organization for horses and later cats, they also turned their focus on dogs after the government ordered that all local strays be turned over to the city for ‘medical research.’ Believing it to be a violation of their charter, Maryland SPCA, to this day, takes in strays, surrenders, and rescues and cares for them until a home is willing to take them in. To show your passion for a mission like this one, go ahead and visit their website.

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3.) Baywater Animal Rescue

Baywater Animal Rescue is in place to provide humane shelter and care for companion animals that need to be housed, all while promoting kindness towards them and giving them an opportunity to live the life they are otherwise deprived of. The vision of this non-profit is to serve the community in ways that also benefit animals, providing outreach and educational services. To learn more, go and check out their website linked above.

4.) Last Chance Animal Rescue

LCAR is one of the few rescues in Baltimore that serves the tri-state area of Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia. The rescues in their care are taken from over 50 high-kill shelters across 12 states to give them the life they have been deprived of. They also work with strays and surrenders like other rescues on the list to give them a chance, which explains the name. They are a certified non-profit organization, meaning they cannot do what they do without your help. So, please do whatever you can and visit their website to learn more about them as an organization and work with them to ensure a better future for the animals in their care.

5.) Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue

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Advocates for the rescue of abandoned, abused, homeless, and neglected animals, Small Miracles is a no-kill private shelter that believes in the ideals of ‘everything must have the chance to live’ and to fulfill that very ideal, they do what they feel is necessary, despite only working with dogs since expanding in 2011. To do what they do requires some form of backing, and with over 40 volunteers, they are still somewhat stretched thin. To back them up, visit their website to learn more about their mission.

6.) Rude Ranch Animal Rescue

Rude Ranch began as a safe haven for animals but has evolved to serve a bigger purpose, helping the community by rescuing animals and spaying and neutering the animals they rescue to prevent overpopulation. It is also their mission to effectively eradicate the use of euthanasia for unnecessary reasons to limit its use to cases where there is no other available option. The organization also works on educating the people and the wider community about the animals. Visit their website to adopt a furry friend today. 

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