Do Bengal Cats Get Along with Dogs?

I was thinking to adopt a Bengal, but I wondered if it would get along with my dogs? And to my surprise, I got to know the most exciting thing!

So, do Bengal Cats get along with dogs? Bengals are known to be one of the cat breeds that get along with dogs. They are famously known to have excellent compatibility with each other.

Let’s explore their friendship in detail below!

Do Bengal cats and Dogs really get along?

As unusual and surreal as it might seem, the friendship of a Bengal cat and a dog is certainly not a myth.

They both do get along with each other, and that too, really well.

Bengal cats aren’t your average cats. That’s why their care is a lot different as well. If you own one, you should check out our Bengal cat checklist to ensure you have everything that your furry little friend needs.

Bengals are well known for their socializing skills, especially when it comes to dogs.

They can be the friendliest fur duo in the house so you should be careful before introducing them as you might get a bit jealous around them.


Bengal cats, at times, can shy away from introductions even with dogs. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce them slowly and train them during their kittenhood.

What if a Bengal cat doesn’t like a dog?

Every pet has a different personality, so yes, there can be cases where your Bengal may not get along with a dog.


There might be a personality clash between them.

In this case, train your Bengal cat and dog to live in harmony.

There are many ways that you can train your Bengal to get along with your dog.

I have found some fantastic ways to help you out:

  1. Do your research, watch videos and read about the ways cat experts control their Bengal cats from being aggressive towards a dog
  2. If your Bengal Cat has an intense personality and is tormenting your dog, don’t ignore their negative behavior or it may become habitual
  3. Use behavior therapy such as positive or negative reinforcement to treat their negative reaction.
  4. Encourage both of them for good behavior, such as giving them their favorite meal or taking them for a walk around the neighborhood
  5. Try to train and introduce your Bengal cat to a dog while it’s still a kitten. This will diminish its fear factor and will help it become comfortable around them

How to keep a Bengal cat and a dog happy together?

As fun as it might be to keep both of these animals together, there is always a risk of mishandling both of your pets as they both may have different needs.


There are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Firstly, it is essential to give both of them their personal space for their comfort or even protection
  2. Keep track of their individual needs, their likes, and dislikes
  3. As they both have almost the same athletic and active personality, it is important to monitor their play time. Your Bengal cat and dog may overburn each other’s energy
  4. To avoid fights, make sure they have separate toys
  5. Do scent swapping before introducing them, as Bengal cat and the dog too may need time to adjust to a new environment.

Are Bengal cats and dogs good companions?

They are both known to be great companions for each other, but it is vital that both of their personality matches.

A Bengal cat’s interaction with a dog can tame its personality.

There are higher chances that a dominant Bengal cat may get along with a dog because dogs don’t have territorial needs so they won’t be insecure. Hence, behave well around them.

Bengal cats have a high need for social and physical interaction


Their interaction with a dog is one of the things that would keep them healthy, as well as active. This is not only good for their physical health but also their mental stimulation

Don’t buy another cat friend for your Bengal: Go for a dog!

Many say that cats get along with cats and that’s the perfect duo.

But this is crazy:

A Bengal may be better off with a dog as compared to their compatibility with other cats.

Even though Bengal cats have a good reputation of getting along with other pets, but dogs work the best. That’s because dogs share almost the same playful temperament with Bengal cats which helps them understand each other.

It is also known that Bengal cats prefer a dog’s company over cats.


They look unimaginably cute together too so yes a dog is a perfect companion.

Bengal is one of the few breeds that are known to have dog-like attributes, as most of their habits and preferences match to that of dogs. These include playing habits, car rides and love for water.

Introducing a puppy to a Bengal cat

While introducing a Bengal cat to a puppy, you need to keep in mind the following points.

  • Initially keep a separate room for the newcomer to make both pets comfortable
  • Take the introducing phase slowly and gradually as their first meeting can have a long-term effect on their friendship
  • Don’t force their bonding and remain calm and patient, as both your Bengal cat and dog may not accept each other at the initial stages
  • Don’t shout or punish them
  • Reward them individually and as a pair during their initial meetings to encourage their behavior

What are the reasons that a Bengal cat and a Dog are best friends?

 we found some interesting commonalities between the two species

  1. They both love to play similar games, such as fetch and go!
  2. They are fantastic swimmers, so they make great swimming pals as Bengal cats love water too!
  3. Wearing a leash or a collar is not a problem for both of them
  4. They both love going out for a walk around the neighborhood
  5. Both of them enjoy car rides, so they both can be real traveling buddies
  6. They both have a high need for social interaction. Therefore, they both enjoy each others’ company!
  7. They both use different language cues to get along with each other
  8. Both of them don’t have territorial needs related to each other or element of jealousy against each other
  9. They both are intelligent, so they can quickly learn new tricks or games
  10. Training both of them is relatively easy because they are fast learners
  11. High level of curiosity is found in both of them, as they have the willingness to learn and love exploring around
  12. They both are sensitive and emotional pets

Related Questions

Are Bengal cats aggressive in nature? As friendly as they might seem or look, Bengal cats have the tendency to become aggressive. Aggression can appear in Bengal cats specifically when they feel that their territory is threatened, if they are bored, or are not receiving much attention.

Bengal cats are sensitive when it comes to marking their boundaries; they rub their paws to spread the scent as a way to mark it as their own.

Also, they are known to have destructive habits too such as scratching and breaking things, so don’t forget to keep an eye on your favorite vases.

It is because they inherit Asian Leopard Cat’s traits. Therefore, aggressiveness comes to them naturally.

Do Bengal cats get along with babies? Bengal cats love to interact with people in the house, including babies.

They get along with them well and are gentle with them. It is, however, important to keep a check while they are playing with babies and also trim their cat nails in order to prevent any kind of undesirable scratch while playing.

Do Bengals require special care? Bengal cats are low maintenance cats as they are easy to keep. Also, they are easy to groom because their coats are short pelted and they are moderate shedders.

They need daily brushing to keep their fur, shiny and healthy. Other than that, monthly visits are required so that their vaccinations are updated.

Lastly, it is important to feed them a high-quality, nutritious diet to keep them healthy and active.

Are Bengal cat’s attention seekers? When it comes to attention, Bengal cats cannot compromise on it. They are well known as ‘hardcore’ attention seekers, therefore, they can cross any boundary for attention.

They love interaction of all sorts, therefore if you neglect your Bengal then get ready to face some aggressiveness. In the worst case, they may suffer emotionally and isolate themselves.

Is it important to keep Bengal Cats in pairs? Even though according to a rule of thumb, animals are happier in pairs, but when it comes to Bengal cats, they are different.

Bengals may dominate each other, fight or may not get along with each other especially if introduced at a later age. If, however they are together since kittenhood, they will interact and play along as a family.

They prefer their own territories, attention, and care as single pets as compared to being kept as a pair.

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