Do Bengal Cats Get Lonely?

Lonely pets are never happy.

With that being said, you must prevent your cat from feeling alone.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? Yes, they do and as a matter of fact, they feel so more than an average domestic cat. Bengal cats need all the attention and care in the world. Feeling ignored for even a few minutes can make them feel lonely and sad.

It can be hard to manage such an attention-seeking cat.

Bengal cats have a lot of other personality traits that need to be taken care of as well.

If you own a Bengal cat, I’d highly advise you to read our Bengal cat checklist to ensure that you have everything you need to take care of your furball.


Here are some tips to help you keep your Bengal cat as happy as possible!

Need a lot of attention

Bengal cats are very demanding in terms of time and attention.

Things can be very tricky for pet owners who live alone with their cat and also work.

If you head out to work and come back after the whole day, don’t be surprised to be greeted by a mad Bengal cat.

It isn’t even just restricted to a short term of angriness.

Bengal cats can actually develop high-stress levels if they have to stay alone for long periods of time.

These cats love showing off their intelligence.

They are always in the mood to trick you and play with you.

Even if you somehow manage to leave the cat, you’ll have to overcompensate when you come back.

It doesn’t matter to the cat if you are tired after a long day of work.

All these cats want is for you to be as energetic as they are and play wildly.

Bengal cats love and demand excitement throughout the day.

If they are left alone:

They definitely feel the absence and quickly get bored.

Lonely Bengal cats won’t enjoy the various other available entertainment sources either.

The bottom line is:

Owning a Bengal cat is a commitment.

It isn’t as simple as it is with other cats.

If you cannot provide dedicated time to the cat, you should reconsider your pet options.

The high emotional sensitivity of Bengal cats

Other than their need for attention, Bengal cats’ high emotional sensitivity can also make them feel lonely.


You may be physically present with the cat but if the cat feels like you’re ignoring it, even if that isn’t the case, things can get sad.

These emotional cats can get triggered if they feel a lack of love.

The thing is:

You need to physically, mentally, and emotionally present 100% for the cat.

If there are other pets, either include all of them equally or do not include the rest at all.

Bengal cats are known to be very social and friendly towards other animals but if these animals are a cause of diversion of attention, Bengal cats can quickly become jealous too.

These feelings don’t just affect the cat’s happiness, but they also cause a negative effect on its behavior.

Bengal cats are also sensitive to the aura around them.

They can figure out what the human in front of them is feeling.

If you are crying, for example, the cat will understand that you’re sad.

Similarly, these cats can identify angry and happy humans too.

Let’s say you had a bad day at work.

You may still be trying to play catch with the cat, but your emotions will communicate your true feelings.

This can be helpful too.

As the cat realizes what you’re actually feeling, it won’t force you.

However, this can also make the cat feel lonely and ignored.

The Bengal’s need for entertainment

To prevent feelings of loneliness in the cat, you will definitely need the help of entertainment sources.

There a few games you can play such as:

  • hide and seek
  • hunting
  • catch

But, you’ll need more props and toys for when you need a break from playtimes.

You can use these toys for keeping the cat occupied for a little while:

Toy typePurpose
Scratching toysSharpens claws and satisfies the need for destruction
Wand teaserKeeps the cat jumping
Fake animalsFor the cat to chase
PuzzlesKeeps their intelligent brains at work


The use of these various tools will minimize your efforts for a while.

Do remember to but a lot of toys if you plan on getting a Bengal cat.

Is your Bengal cat happy?

Of course, lonely cats won’t be happy and a pet parent would never want their pet to feel anything less than ecstatic.

There are certain signs that indicate the happiness of Bengal cats.

Here’s the thing:

Happy cats are excited, and excited cats are easily identifiable.

Exact signs may vary from cat to cat but Bengal cats, in general, have a few ways to show their excitement.

First of all, they would start wagging their tail high up in the air.

Their ears will also stand up straight.

If they are looking down, it is probably because they want you to pet them.

This is also a sign of their joy.

Happy cats will follow you around as soon as you get home.

You will also be greeted cheerfully.

Happy cats tend to be on good behavior most of the times.

Although, over-excited Bengal cats can get mischievous too.


If the Bengal cat is giving you attention and behaving well, it is definitely a happy cat.

A confident Bengal cat will keep its head up and high.

It will be energetic, eat well, and in a good mood.

Moreover, satisfied Bengal cats are very vocal.

Although this is their general trait, if a Bengal cat is stressed or sad, it is less likely to communicate with the owner.

Keeping the Bengal cat happy

You may be wondering:

How do I keep my Bengal cat happy when there are so many complicated personality traits attached to the cat?

You really don’t need to worry much.

Although these cats sound like a lot of work, they actually are not.

Yes, they do have different needs.

But, except for the naughty nature and need for attention, these cats are actually very good house pets.

To keep your cat happy, all you need to do is divide your time wisely.

Set aside half an hour to one hour every day just for the cat.

If you spend these 60 minutes enthusiastically with the cat, you won’t have to worry for the rest of the day.


Provide a protein-rich diet.

Keep the cat healthy.

Do not invade your cat’s space.

If you do all these things, your Bengal cat will undoubtedly be the happiest!

How to leave the cat alone


There is a possibility that occasionally you may need to leave your Bengal cat alone.

For these rare cases, you can manage the situation in a fair few ways.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Find a replacement of yourself
  • Hire help
  • Send the cat elsewhere
  • Arrange entertainment sources

You can always ask a friend or family member to come over to your place while you’re gone.

If you’re doing this:

First, make sure that the person coming over is well accompanied by your cat.

In case no relative is available for help, you can hire a cat-sitter.

Your Bengal cat may have trouble adjusting with this new person.

What you can do in this case is that call the sitter over a few hours before you have to leave.

Let the cat adjust with the sitter in your presence.

Then, when you’ll leave, the cat won’t feel the sudden change.

Similarly, you can also drop the cat off to an animal’s shelter, animal care center or a relative’s home.

Once again:

For the latter, make sure that the place and people aren’t entirely new for the cat.

As for the shelter and care center, professionals and fellow cats will help your Bengal cat feel comfortable quickly.

Whatever option you choose, make sure to arrange a lot of toys for such situations.

Do not leave any chance for the cat to feel bored for even a minute.

If you ever have to leave the cat unattended at home, make sure to use a dog pen to put the cat in a restricted space.

Limiting the cat will prevent any accidents since Bengal cats are rather fond of those.

Related Questions

How many hours do Bengal cats sleep? Bengal cats do not sleep for more than 16 hours in one night.

They are generally very energetic.

They love playing and hate sitting idle.

These cats hardly nap during the day.

If your cat is sleeping more, something is probably wrong.

Do Bengal cats purr? Yes, Bengal cats do purr.

They love communicating and they use different methods for that.

For this reason, they are very loud and vocal too.

When your Bengal cat is purring, it is trying to convey a message.

Are Bengal cats hybrid? Yes, Bengal cats are a result of a cross between the Asian Leopard cats and a domestic cat.

They originated in the USA.

Their foundation bloodstock includes the Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Asian leopard cat, and a few other domestic cats.


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