Do Bengal Cats Like Car Rides?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

You might not believe this:

But my cat is a purr-fect travel partner.

If you are wondering which breed it is, it is none other than a Bengal Cat!

So, do Bengal Cats like Car rides? Bengal Cats are known to refute the notion ‘cats don’t like car rides’ because this breed is well known for their love for adventures and exploration qualities. Yet, they might require some training when it comes to car rides! Also, there are other factors that determine if Bengals are fond of car rides or not, let us explore them in detail below!

Are all Bengal cats the best car travel pets?

Every Bengal cat has an individual personality, therefore in order to make them comfortable, it is important to train them since an early age.

An older Bengal will take more time as compared to a kitten to get used to traveling.


There is hope as there are ways to train an adult Bengal as well

The initial stage requires one thing and that is to deal your Bengal is with patience during training.

How to get your Bengal ready for its first car ride?

The first step:

Plan how to train your Bengal, be it a mind map or one with relevant to-do points.


Get a carrier for your Bengal, that is perfect for your cat’s size, weight and is comfortable.

In our Bengal cat Checklist, we mention our top choice for carriers and many more products.

Have your Bengal get into the carrier and shut the door calmly.

Try to observe its reaction; if it is stressed or calm by opening and shutting the car door at least twice and also by starting and turning off the engine.

For the first ride:

It is advised to pull your car back and forth around your neighborhood slowly to assess your Bengal’s response.

Here’s the deal:

Make sure you reward your Bengal for good behavior such as with its favorite food, which would be given only if it stays calm so that it can later associate car travel with reward or enjoyment.

The last step:

If you feel your Bengal is ready, then take it on longer trips which will eventually tell you if it is capable of being your loyal traveling companion.

Things you should know while traveling with your Bengal cat

  • Make sure that your Bengal is wearing its leash or collar because a loose cat is a lot difficult to handle.
  • Make sure you keep the carrier in the back seat so that it stays protected in case of any accidents or doesn’t get in the way of pedals.
  • Check all the safety belts of your car and your cat’s carrier.
  • Keep your Bengal Cat hydrated, by keeping water for your cat along with your stock of water bottles.

Reasons why you will love to car travel with a Bengal Cat

Here are some reasons why you would enjoy to travel with Bengal cats:

  • They are born explorers, therefore if you are a person fond of hiking and camping, then Bengal cats are known to be the best traveling buddies you can have!
  • Bengal cats are intelligent, training them is easy therefore they won’t require a lot of time and effort to get trained for car travels.
  • They are known as socializers, so if you are planning to travel with your friends, then your Bengal will enjoy their company too!
  • Their shedding is minimal; therefore, their hair won’t be all over your car if you are planning a long trip.
  • Bengals are water freaks; therefore, you won’t have to worry if you plan to stop for boating with your Bengal.
  • If you have a dog and a Bengal, and you want to car travel with both, then it’s a win-win situation cause they both get along really well.

Reasons why you will hate to car travel with a Bengal Cat

Here are some reasons why you might not want to travel with Bengal cats:

  • They love scratching, so your Bengal may ruin your car’s leather or the carrier by scratching.
  • Bengals are not average meowing cats but vocal ones with a range of noises. Therefore, they might annoy you if it is a long trip because they have the tendency to growl, grunt, and even scream.
  • They become sensitive when it comes to sharing as they are extremely territorial. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep two Bengal cats together in a car only if they are familiar with each other or they will end up fighting.

Are Bengal Cats the best pets for long trips?

This depends on the personality of your Bengal Cat.

If it is mischievous and hard to handle, then it will definitely be a no-no.

It can, however, be trained with time by initially starting with short trips.

The bottom line is:

Before planning a long trip, observe your Bengal thoroughly and train them in order to avoid disappointment along the trip.

9 Essential Tips for car riding with your Bengal Cat

There are a number of ways to make sure that your Bengal enjoys car rides as much as you do.

It is important to make sure that you keep the following tips in mind.

1. Make it familiar with the carrier

Make your Bengal Cat familiar with its carrier or crate.

The familiar it will be, the higher the chances are that it will not panic.

2. Let them accept the car

Allow them to explore your car freely.

Bengals usually rub their paws to mark their territories this is a signal that they have accepted it as theirs and are relaxed.


You can keep its favorite blanket on the carrier to make it feel comfortable.

3. Bring along your Bengal’s toys

Keep your Bengals toys in the car so that it doesn’t end up scratching your car’s interior to avoid boredom.

4. Record your Bengal’s behavior

Make a list of the behaviors your Bengal is following such as whether it remains calm on the carrier, growls while wearing a leash or while traveling, etc.

This will help to reward it accordingly as per the behaviors.

5. Make pit stops

Your Bengal cat will need breaks as much as we do.

Try to avoid constant motion if you plan a longer trip.

6. Manage your supplies

It is important to keep your car stacked with Extra Cat supplies for any kind of emergencies such as food, medicine, and even litter.

7. Do your homework

It is important to do your homework if you are car riding with your Bengal cat for the first time.

It would include researching everything related to your cat’s health, likes, and dislikes.

8. Check for all types of vaccinations

If you are planning to have a long trip, it is highly recommended to visit a vet beforehand to make sure that your Bengal Cat’s vaccinations are up to date.

9. Be patient with your Bengal’s tantrums

Try to stay patient as car riding with your pet is demanding and frustrating.

It is important to relax and be prepared to handle your Bengal cat’s behavior or tantrums.



Bengal cats love adventures and traveling with your pet definitely tops bucket list.

Therefore, travel and take pictures with your Bengal and have fun!

Related Questions

Are Bengal Cats lap cats? If you expect your Bengal Cat to curl up on your lap on Sunday afternoons, then I would advise you to think twice.


Bengal cats are highly active and athletic so if you have the tendency to tolerate their exploring qualities, climbing and jumping around, only then are you good to go!

What makes Bengal Cat special from other breeds? There are a number of factors, but the most striking factor is their appearance.

They have a wild, leopard-like appearance with different colors in their fur coats with different designs.

Their fur coats have two patterns:

Spotted and swirly marbled pattern.

Both of these have various shades that make them strikingly beautiful.

Their coats have glitter effect which helps it sparkle in the sunlight.


Their love for water, easy to train quality, and the ability to get along with other pets make them unique from other breeds.

Do Bengal Cats get along with other pets? They are really good at socializing, be it family members or with other pets such as dogs.


They are less likely to respond to new introductions, therefore they might require a little bit of time before mingling with other breeds.


They might not be the best breed to keep if you own an aquarium as they love water so they don’t mind dipping their paws in it.

How is a Bengal Cat’s Personality like? Their personality is as attractive as their appearance, also they are intelligent, responsive to their pet owner’s emotions and moods and are talkative.


Their tendency to become extremely vocal can affect their persona as it can become annoying and at times, difficult to handle.

Do Bengal Cats get bored easily? They are not typical lap cats who love to snooze around.

Bengal cats are curious cats who love entertainment. It is important to keep them busy and occupied.

Different varieties of cat toys especially puzzles should be given to them so that they remain occupied.

They, however, have the tendency to explore things in their own ways by climbing, breaking or damaging things.


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