Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Looking into whether Bengal cats like to swim or not? Well, this article will tell you all about that.

So, do Bengal cats like to swim? Bengal cats, unlike most of their domestic feline cousins, are fascinated with water. Bengal cats aren’t scared of most things and love investigating and interacting with their environment. Bengal cats are not only unafraid of water but love playing with it, and yes, swimming in it too.

If the abovementioned claims have piqued your interest, read on to discover more about this habit of the fascinating Bengal cats.

Bengal cats love water and swimming

Reading on to learn about the distinct personalities of Bengal cats.

Their hybrid nature has given them many distinct personality traits.

Their higher energy levels and curiosity had led them to develop various interesting traits.

The most surprising of them may be their swimming habit.

The more you learn about them, the more they will pique your interest.

Bengals are not only into swimming but will find new ways to play wherever they find water.

You could very well say that they have a healthy obsession with water.

Below you can find a summary of their attributes and their possible cause.

SwimmingSurvival instinct
Fearlessness and confidenceTheir lineage and link to Asian Leopard cats
Inquisitive behaviorHigh energy levels and curious personality

Are Bengal cats scared of water?

As we have just discovered, no they aren’t.

In fact:

Bengal cats seem to be really intrigued by it.

Because of their inquisitive nature, it seems as if water is one of their favorite things to play with.

They like to play with water in toilets, running water in sinks, even their drinking water.

It is best to keep their food bowl far apart from their drinking water, or else they will surely mix it all up.

Running streams of fresh water are one of their most favorite playthings.

So much so that they can be seen letting the water run over their paws and lapping it up for a long time.

Be it swimming, a bath, a shower faucet, toilet, sink, or their water dish, Bengals can find ways to make fun games with water.

Their healthy obsession with water is absurdly cute to watch, and a lot of fun for the Bengals.

The bottom line is:

Not only are Bengals unafraid of water, they absolutely love playing with it as well.

Attributes specific to Bengal cats

Bengal cats have many different habits that are not found in other cat species.

So, what’s unique about them?

  • They are noticeably more inquisitive than other cats
  • They are not scared of most things
  • They like interacting with household stuff
  • They get involved with what you are doing

You might be thinking:

This is due to their being a hybrid species; a cross between domestic tomcats and Asian Leopard cats.

But how does that relate to them swimming?

Well, as you might already know, if you try to take your average cat into a shower, you’re in for a fight.

That is because they are scared of water.

Bengal cats, on the other hand, are not scared of water. They love playing with it, and it is common for owners to see their cats swimming.

They tend to wander off much farther when outdoors. They love to climb up high, even when indoors.

These are just a few other habits of Bengal cats owing to their hybrid nature.

Bengal cats and swimming

Let’s discuss the big question!

We know Bengal cats love water and might jump in the bath with you. Apart from some extreme cases, it is rare to see cats swim.

Most domestic cats hate water, let alone know how to swim.


What are the chances that the outstanding and fun Bengals know how to swim?


Bengal cats do know how to swim, and it seems as though they were made for it.

Not only they are unafraid of it; they absolutely love swimming.

We all know cats can be particular about their habits, and if you’re wondering whether they have particular swimming habits, then there’s no need.

Your Bengal cat will swim just about anywhere you let it.

This includes inflatable pools, bathtubs, wading pools, and even full-sized swimming pools.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

There are Bengals who swim in the pool with their owners.

As strange the concept of cats swimming might seem, it seems perfectly natural when Bengals do it.

Moreover, they start swimming at a fairly young age. Bengals that have not yet fully grown can and will swim and pleasantly surprise their owners with their doggy paddling skills in shallow waters.

But beware, it is not safe to let your Bengal cats close to a deep pool where they can drown, and it is certainly not advised to let them play with water while unattended.

So, how do Bengal cats know how to swim?

It is an established fact that cats hate water. Since most cats strictly avoid interaction with water, most people have never seen one swim.

It seems understood that since cats don’t go in the water, they don’t learn how to swim.

But the reality is a tad bit more complicated than our common assumptions about Bengal cat swimming habits.


All domestic cats are born physically capable of swimming, just like their distant feline cousins.

Technically, all cats can swim.

This fact might have given way to even more question in your head, and rightly so.

You might be wondering:

How come cats know how to swim?

Well, the short answer would be nature, instinct, and evolution.

All animals have natural instincts that help them survive.

And evolution plays a part in giving cats some attributes useful for their ancestors.

In the wild, cats needed to learn how to survive in harsh conditions, which included swimming.

Cats developed this skill, and it was then passed on through generations to our domestic cats.

Why do Bengal cats love water and other breeds hate it?

The straightforward answer to this question would be their personalities.

Bengals are more curious than other cats.

They tend to follow humans everywhere they go, interfere with their work, snoop around the house for interesting and playful things.

These examples show how curious and peculiar Bengals are compared to other cats.

One could say that Bengals, in many ways, have dog-like personalities.

Moreover, Bengal cats are also more energetic than other cats.

Consequently, they need to let out this energy. They could be considered a bit hyperactive.

These attributes have given them more confidence than other cats.

Since Bengals start playing with water at a young age, they become more and more accustomed to it as they grow up.

What water activities do Bengal cats like?

The most obvious answer to this question would be, of course, a swimming pool.

You could get your cat an inflatable pool in the backyard to play, especially in the summer months.

But beware:

Never fill the pool so deep that your Bengal cat is at risk or drowning.

A recommended precaution is to keep water levels so that the cat is only a few centimeters from the surface when it is standing and stay close to your Bengal when it is in the pool.

Another fun plaything for your cat would be a cat fountain. This will not only be a great toy for your Bengal cat but would also keep it hydrated.

What’s more:

The risk of your Bengal cat spilling the water dish would be eliminated.

Watering plants with a watering can is also a very enjoyable activity for your cat.

Related Questions

What other cat breeds, besides Bengal’s, are fond of swimming? Like Bengal cats, there are a few outliers among cat breeds that have developed a fondness for water.

These breeds are called:

  • Turkish Van Cats
  • Maine Coon cats
  • American Shorthair
  • American Bobtails
  • Japanese bobtails
  • Turkish Angora
  • Norwegian Forest Cats

Strange as it may sound:

Swimming cats are not as rare as you may have previously thought.

What precautions should one take before taking the cat to a pool? If you’re buying a Bengal cat and you have a pool, cat proofing it should be your primary concern.

Even though cats know how to swim, if they jump into deep water, they might panic!

They might paddle too hard and tire themselves out before they reach dry land.

Although cats know how to swim, that doesn’t mean they are experts at it.

Apart from panicking, your Bengal cat might be a little rusty or just a bad swimmer.

So, what can you do about it?

Consider getting a pool cover before you let your cat outside.

Moreover, make sure there is an ease of access for your cat to get in and out of the pool.

Does your cat like water? Since we have established that although rare, it is not unheard of for cats to play with water.

How would you know your cat likes water?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to jump in the water to show its fondness.

If your cat likes playing with water in its water dish or likes playing with tap water, that is a positive sign.


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