Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets?

Thinking of getting Bengal kitten as your new pet? Not sure whether Bengal cats are good pets or not? This post will help you.

Should you get Bengal cat as a pet? Of course. Their lovable and inquisitive nature, intelligent and learning mind and lastly, insusceptibility to most diseases, are some of the top qualities that make them great pets.


Is this all you can expect from a Bengal cat?

Of course not.

There is a lot for you to know before you get a Bengal cat.

The Personality of Bengal cats

The following are some salient features of a Bengal cat’s personality.

Bengals are Smart and Energetic

These 2 qualities can rightly be called the defining qualities of a Bengal cat.

The latter quality of the two is not true for most cats though.

Most breeds are known as lap cats.

This means that you can expect these cats to be lying around on the sofa or any other furniture.

Lap cats spend the majority of the day sleeping.

But that is not the case for Bengal cats.

Bengal cats are extremely playful and you will not find them killing time on the couch. In fact, it is best to provide an assortment of toys to your Bengal cat.

In order to check our top choice for Bengal cat toy assortments and our top 20 products for Bengal cats, head on over to our Bengal cat checklist.

Bengal cats are known for their high energy levels so you can expect them sleeping only a few hours of the day.

These cats are also extremely smart. They learn quickly and you’ll be surprised by how quickly they learn about different things like routine, limits, etc.

Bengals Love Water

This quality of Bengal cats is bit hard to digest. Cats are well-known for their fear of water and it’s no less than a challenge to give your cat a bath.

However, you won’t have to struggle in the case of Bengal cats. This breed is fond of playing with water and this makes them quite ideal for a pet. You won’t feel challenged every time you need to give your pet a bath.

Bengal Cats are Active and Inquisitive

Bengal cats have distinct qualities of being active and inquisitive in nature.

That means these cats will actively explore every corner of your house, out of curiosity. This may sound adorable, and it is, unless you leave you Bengal alone in the house for a whole day.

Bengal cats are super-active and that makes them ideal for kids.

This cat will meet the energy level of your kid and so, your kid can play with this pet friend as long as your kid has the energy.

Once done:

They both can take a sound nap.

They are Affectionate

Dogs are known to be more affectionate than cats.

From following the owner everywhere in the house, to waiting for the owner to return from work, all these affectionate actions can only be expected from a dog, but the Bengal cats offer some tough competition.

Bengal cats are extremely affectionate pets.

You will find them following you in the house wherever you go.

You will also find them waiting at the door when you return from work.

This degree of affection is rare in cats so that makes Bengal cats really different and special.

Bengal Cats can be Accommodating

Pets are known to get jealous if you bring any other pet; be it a dog or even a lot of birds.

While this may be true:

Bengal cats are very accommodating when it comes to sharing their human with another pet.

Bengal cats would share their space, their owner and even their food if you bring another pet.

This is true even if you already have a pet.

A Bengal cat will take no time in adjusting with your other pet.

This quality of accommodating other pets is quite the reason why many cat-lovers prefer Bengal cats over any other breed.

Bengal cats are Intelligent

Like affection:

This quality is also entitled to a dog.

But if you’re getting a Bengal cat, you can notice this quality even in a cat.

Bengal cats are very intelligent and this means your cat will be learning different commands in a short amount of time.

Just like dogs, you can train a Bengal cat for different voice commands and also for a regular routine.

Bengals are Adaptive

Cats are usually picky about their owner and if not that, they at least take a considerable amount of time adjusting in a new family.

Bengal cats are not like most other cats.

These cats are extremely friendly and adaptive.

This is the reason Bengal cats are so quick to adapt to a new family in a short period of time.

They are also comfortable with guests.


If you have guests coming over, you won’t find your pet cat lying somewhere inside.


Your cat will most likely try to befriend your guests.

One prime reason that makes Bengal cats so adaptive is their ability to understand human gestures.

This breed can read and understand human expressions and behavior.

This helps them in getting along with their owner in the shortest amount of time.

Communication is in Their Character

Do you want a pet that is super quiet and remains lying in some corner of the house 24/7?

If yes:

The Bengal cat isn’t the pet for you.


If it’s the opposite case and you want a pet that communicates with you, talks to you, then Bengal cats are the ideal choice.

Bengal cats are very chatty.

They have the need to communicate about everything, especially when they are trying to tell you that they need or want something.

If you ignore them, they will most likely become louder.

Bengal Cats are Little Bandits

Be it for their curious nature or playful mood, Bengal cats can sometimes steal little objects.

They can play with little objects in the house and sometimes hide them in different places.

Health in Bengal cats

Hybrids of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat create a domestic cat breed, the Bengal cat.

The fact that Bengal cats are crossbreeds of two cats makes them exhibit hybrid vigor; having higher resistance to many diseases than their parents.

Sometimes unusually:

They can suffer from emotional instability due to their wild genes.


Routine pet visits are recommended to keep them healthy, which might include deworming and vaccination shots.

But on the whole:

Bengal cats are not very high maintenance and you won’t have to spend a fortune on the medical bills of your pet.

Requirements for Bengal cats

Bengal cats do not require very high maintenance.

Regular brushing and dental hygiene would be sufficient for a healthy life. You can check out our suggestion for the best bengal cat hair and toothbrush in our Bengal cat checklist.


They produce more wax than other breeds, so it is required to clean their ears regularly.

Food Requirements for Bengals

Bengal cats are not picky about their food.

Though it is recommended that the cat food given to this breed should be the one given exactly the same as their last breeder would give them.

The reason is that small kittens’ stomach can be sensitive and a sudden change in their food can upset their digestive system.

Whether the kitten was eating dry or wet food, it’s always important to purchase the same brand.

If you wish to change its food, do so by adding a very small portion of the new food brand in the old one. Slowly increase its proportion until you can completely rid of its old food.


The bottom line is:

Bengal cats are very suitable pets.

They do not require special maintenance, are not prone to many diseases and most importantly, offer extraordinary love and affection to their owner.

Related Questions

What is the price of Bengal cats? There are different prices based on their characteristics and purpose of buying these cats.

On average:

A Bengal cat can have a price between $450 to $800.

A cat that is a greater quality can cost from between $1,100 and $1,500.

A cat that is show quality can cost from between $1,500 to $2,500 up to even $10,000. Hence, Bengal cat is also known as the Rolls Royce of the cat world.

How to choose the best Bengal cat breeder? It is not recommended to buy your cat online, without seeing it beforehand.

You should personally visit the breeder and analyze its facilities, how well the kittens are cared for, etc.

Those who sell cats of a certain breed should be experts in the said breed.

If the breeder isn’t capable of providing information, you shouldn’t trust them.

Apart from this:

The breeder must provide the buyer with all the documentation; the veterinary health certificate, veterinary inspections, etc.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? Yes, they do get lonely.

Being very friendly and active, they require much of your time and attention.

When it comes to settling down at night, you’ll be happy to know that many Bengal cats do appreciate being allowed on your bed because often they do enjoy sleeping with their pet parent.

Why do Bengal cats talk/meow too much? Normally all breeds of cats talk and meow, but Bengal cats specifically talk a little more than other breeds because they love to communicate everything they do.

If they are hungry, they won’t be shy to let you know and are very vocal about this and will always want to let you know if they see something exciting like a bird outside close to the house or cat toy just out of range.

Can you train a Bengal cat? Since this breed of cats is very intelligent, it is quite likely that they can be trained by their owner.

How big do Bengal cats get? They are usually medium to large cats with the males ranging from 10-18 pounds on average, while the females range from 7-12 pounds on average.


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