Do Bengal Cats Travel Well?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update


I witnessed someone traveling with their Bengal cat.

I found it a very bizarre practice to take a pet as a riding partner. Since then, my adventurous soul decided to experience this idea.

Then I decide to dig in a bit deeper to see whether traveling with a Bengal cat is really wonderful or just a time waste?

So, do Bengal cats travel well? Yes, Bengal cats are highly favorable as a traveling pet. But this is not always the case, sometimes an untrained cat can create problems for you while traveling. Generally, this breed is active and adventurous which makes them an excellent choice to go for camping, boating, and other outdoor activities.


Get your little kitty ready to explore your favorite travel destination with you.

While discussing this characteristic of this cat breed with you, we’ll cover these things in this article:

  • Travelling and Bengal cats
  • Traveling with young and adult Bengal cats
  • Training the Bengal cat for traveling
  • What’s it like to travel with Bengal cat?
  • The hard side of traveling with Bengal cat
  • Mandatory precautions for safe traveling

Travelling and Bengal Cats

If you own a Bengal cat and a problem arises if you want to travel somewhere, then there is nothing to worry about.

The typical characteristics of most cats might make you doubt if you can take your pet with you or not.

To make your Bengal cat love traveling, keep in mind that:

  • The cat requires prior training
  • You can not force traveling onto your pet


Most cats do not like change.

Bengal cats are the same.

But they make an exception if you train them well for traveling.

They are going to be your best traveling partner.

Mostly Bengal cats do not even require travel training by the owner, they have it in their nature to enjoy the rides.

Traveling with young and adult Bengal cats

It also depends on your cat’s age or personality on how it perceives traveling.

  • If you are taking a younger Bengal cat with you, then it will enjoy more and won’t create any difficulty for you as it is in its learning age.
  • On the other hand, an adult Bengal which has no prior experience of traveling can give you a tough time and you’ll find it hard to manage such a situation.

But wait!

It’s not impossible to take an adult cat along to travel. With a little more hard work, you can train it to go for a tour with you.

Training the Bengal cat for traveling


It is up to you to make your Bengal cat enjoy the traveling.

If you put your effort in making the journey enjoyable and comfortable for your fur child, then it will absolutely be your best traveling partner.

Consider the following tips to prepare your Bengal cat for traveling:

  • Get a comfortable carrier
  • Short trips first

Comfortable carrier

The best and safest way to carry your cat inside a car is by using a carrier.

The carrier is a secure spot for your cat because it will cut down on diverting you while driving and also lessen the risk of the cat getting injured during the journey.

Another important thing is to make your cat love its traveling carrier.

If you are forcefully making your cat sit in the carrier, then it would make your cat uncomfortable and furious.

Make sure that the Bengal cat looks at the carrier as its safe place and comfortable spot.

You can make your carrier much inviting by:

  • Installing soft bedding inside
  • Serving food

Installing soft bedding in your carrier

To make the carrier more inviting:

Make sure that you install cozy and comfortable bedding inside.

When the kitty starts enjoying to lay on the comfy bedding, you may start closing the door for short intervals.

Try to keep your pet’s favorite treat or toy inside the carrier when you close its door.

Once the Bengal cat becomes used to its carrier, then half of your tension is gone as it is easy to take a feline for traveling inside its little home.

2: Serving food:

You may start serving the food inside the carrier once the kitty is comfortable and accept it as home. A Bengal cat shouldn’t take much time to adjust in a carrier as it an intelligent breed that adapts changes quickly.

Start with Short Trips

Getting your Bengal cat ready for a ride is the challenging part.

All you need is a little patience and consistency.

Ok, let’s find out how to make your fur child sit inside the car calmly.

Take the cat along with its carrier to the car.

Inside the car:

Let your cat come out of the carter and roam around.


Put it back into the carrier and start the drive.

After driving for a short time, stop the car and check if the cat is okay.

If your cat is calm, then you can continue driving.

But if it doesn’t seem to enjoy the drive, then you must take it back to home before the cat gets frustrated.


If the car acts normal and happy, you may start taking it along for short drives first and eventually, it will be ready for becoming your traveling pal for long journeys.

Take this process slowly:

A sudden exposure may distress the cat.

Just make sure that the innocent creature perceives traveling as a fun activity, not a punishment.

You might have seen a lot of Bengal cat videos where they are not restrained and enjoying the carefree car ride, but it is not recommended the practice.

There are so many risks associated with a precaution-less cat ride.

Things that could bother the cat while traveling

This is a brave cat breed, no doubt, but there are some things which may startle this little kitty while traveling.

Due to shock, it might try to go hide under the seats or get in the way of brake pedals.

It is solely the keeper’s duty to ensure the cat’s safety while traveling.

A little ignorance can cost you your pet’s life.


It is better to take the precautionary measures and train your cat well before taking it for the car rides.

After the training, you will end up with a travel enthusiast pet.

Is that true?

Yes, of course.

A Bengal cat truly enjoys the adventure and excitement of traveling. You will surely enjoy traveling with a loyal and faithful traveling companion.

What is it like to travel with a Bengal cat?

Traveling is the best way to enjoy new experiences and explore the world.

But, for fun traveling:

You always need a partner who makes the journey more memorable.

Have you ever thought of traveling with a Bengal cat?

It can make your travel break much adventurous and lesser lonely.

Following are some traits of Bengal cat’s personality which prove that it is the best pet to travel with:

Water ResistantHigh


This is a very social cat breed.

You can easily take them for traveling as they enjoy exploring and meeting new people.


That’s obvious that your kitty requires training before it is ready to travel.

The Bengal cats are highly intelligent and it is relatively easier to train them as compared to other breeds.

Love exploring

These felines love exploring.

A common cat trait ‘curiosity’ is found abundantly among this breed which compels them to explore different things.


Besides car rides, you can also consider taking your Bengal kitty to other adventurous activities like camping, boating, etc.

Minimal shedding

The Bengal Cats do not shed much that makes them a good pet to ride inside the car.

If you are allergic to pet’s hair and don’t want your car’s interior to get messy with the cat’s fur then you must consider Bengal cats as a travel partner.

Water Resistant

Unlike most feline breeds, these cats do not hate water.

In fact:

They like playing with water.

They enjoy taking shower and a very interesting habit of these cats is to drink water with the paws instead of drinking it from the bowl.

So, you may take your Bengal cat for a boating trip without any hesitation.

The hard part of traveling along a Bengal cat

As it is clear now that these cats are good with traveling but not every good thing comes without the drawbacks.

The following are some downsides to traveling with Bengal felines:

They are climbers

These cats love climbing so there is always a risk.

The cat can make a sudden jump from a height or from inside the car if the window is not closed.


These cats like scratching a lot.

They can scratch the car’s seat or the carter’s interior when they are not enjoying traveling.

It is not recommended to declaw the Bengal beauties as it would leave them in permanent misery and discomfort.

They are territorial

These cats are very territorial and they do not take the fellow cat from the same breed too.

If you bring two of them together for traveling, they might be fighting each other.

But if they are good friends already, then it shouldn’t be a problem.


The Bengal cats are a little noisy.

They ‘meow’ a lot to show affection towards the keeper.


They might growl and it can really annoy other people.

Not adaptable to the changed environment

Some cats of this breed do not respond well to a changed environment.

Despite long training and practice, the cat doesn’t like traveling.

You cannot make such cats enjoy the rides no matter what.

So, in that case, it is wise to abort the idea and be understandable towards your fur child.

Mandatory precautions to make traveling safe for your Bengal cat

Follow these tips to make the cat’s trip secure and wonderful:

Get the cat microchipped

It is quite helpful in tracking the cat if it goes missing.

Start with short rides

Do not jump to long journeys with your Bengal cat.

To make the cat used to traveling, take it to the short trips as training for a few months.

Medical Checkup

Before taking out the pet for long journeys, it is highly recommended to talk to the vet regarding this.

After discussing the condition of the cat, the doctor will suggest if it is fit for travel.

Extra supplies

Always keep extra supplies for your cat.

This is so the cat doesn’t have to suffer in case the trip gets longer or you get stuck in an emergency situation.

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