Do Bengal Kittens Like Water?

It’s no secret that cats and water do not go together. All cat owners can relate to this – bathing a cat is like going into a full-on furry warzone.

But do Bengal kittens like water? Yes! Bengal kittens – grown up cats as well – are different from all other cats in many ways. The most marked difference, however, remains that Bengals absolutely love water!

Bengal kittens have this urge to play and explore anything and everything in their environment and water is no exception.

Let’s delve deeper into the Bengal realm to see exactly how their little kitty brains function.

Bengal Kittens Love Water

Here’s the thing:

Bengals are curious, playful little creatures that get excited at the sight of pretty much everything.

There is never a dull moment with these energy-packed packets of life.

Bengal kittens are generally pretty fearless and they love to have fun.

This just leads to one thing:

They will jump in to explore pretty much everything.

When you bring home a Bengal, you can be absolutely sure of one thing:

They will investigate and explore every single nook and cranny of your house.

This is what makes them different from other breeds of cats.

Bengals never get bored and they are constantly interacting with their environment.

Here are some things that you will discover about Bengals when you adopt them:

  • They need LOTS of attention
  • They will never leave you alone and will just keep following you all around the house
  • Bengals are pretty intelligent creatures – they will figure out how to open cabinet doors, drawers, and basket lids, etc.
  • They love playing!
  • They absolutely love water and they might try and follow you into shower too!

Bengal Kittens and Hydrophobia

Bengal kittens, unlike other domestic cat breeds, are not scared of water at all.

Even bathing other cats can be a tough job as they get very aggressive when they get near water.

Not Bengals, though.

Here’s what you need to know about Bengal Kittens and water:

They love it!

It is actually their favourite!

They love playing with water, whether it’s dripping from the kitchen sink or in the shower or even the toilet! They seem to be immensely attracted to water.

It actually leaves you awestruck seeing bengals playing with water.

Give them a water bowl, they’ll put their paws in there, dunk their food inside the bowl and what not.

Any place with water is a Bengal kitten’s heaven.

Loving Water is in Their Genes

Bengal kittens love anything water.

They will find their furry way to any water resource, may it be the kitchen sink, toilet, a water bowl or the shower.

You can get feline water fountains for your Bengal, it will be safe and fun at the same time.

Bengals love water but you need to know this:

They won’t jump into a pool or a tub filled with water.

Bengals do not know how to swim innately. They can learn, but they don’t know how to swim by birth.

Their interest for water is in their genetics:

Bengals get this habit from their ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat.

Asian Leopard cats are not afraid of water as well.

They stick their paws in ponds to swish around dust particles or other debris before drinking.

Playing Safely With Water

Bengals don’t require frequent bathing but they love playing in water.

Fill up the water tub up to a few inches and watch your kitten let it loose in the water.

It’s a wild party in there!

Here are a few things to be mindful of:

  1. Make sure the water is not too hot not too cold. Moderate temperature water is ideal for Bengal kittens, hot water can burn the kitten while cold water can make it catch a cold.
  2. Do not fill the tub up to the brim, just filling it up to a few inches will be enough.
  3. The toilet seat must be down when the Bengal kitten is in the water or you’ll have to pick up a kitten dripping in toilet water every time.
  4. Be with the cat when it’s playing in the water. Make sure it’s safe the whole time.

While handling hot water in the house, whether it’s in a pot or in a bathtub, keep an eye out for your cat. Your excited kitten might run into the hot water and get burned.

Bengal kittens and swimming

Bengal kittens love swimming!

Unusual for a cat, right?

I mean, how often do you see a cat going anywhere near water, let alone swimming.

The love for water comes naturally to a Bengal cat.

They absolutely have no fear of water. So, naturally, they like to go for a swim as well.

However, you might need to supervise the cat a little at first, They like swimming but they will learn it in a little time, not right away.

You can let your Bengal swim anywhere, anytime. They’ll jump in a tub of water, a swimming pool, even a toilet bowl!

Supervision is very vital though.
Don’t let your Bengal drown!


Make sure your Bengal goes for a swim in a hygienic and clean place. They might develop skin diseases, ear and nose infections or rashes if they swim in unclean or dirty water.

Bathing a Bengal

Bengals have a similar wash routine as other cats.

However, there are two stark differences:

  • Bengals do not require frequent washing
  • Bengals are water friendly, they like water most of the times, unlike other cats

So the frequency of bathing sessions will be lower with Bengals.

And the bathing sessions will be more fun and less aggressive!

Before applying shampoo:

Inspect the cat for any lesions or rashes.

Dampen your cat and apply shampoo of your choice.

You should know that:

The shampoo should be approved by international standards for cats.

After massaging the shampoo in the cat’s fur, rinse it all off.

Last step:

Gently dry your cat’s body with a soft towel.

You should be mindful of one thing all along though. Do not let water go anywhere near the cat’s face.

Water is also harmful for a cat’s nose and ears.

And voilà! You are done.

Bathing a Bengal is as easy as it sounds!

Bengals love water, they love to be bathed.

But remember:

They don’t need to be bathed every other day.

Just once in a while is enough.

You can comb them weekly to remove dead skin and debris off their coats.

Related Questions

Are cats allergic to shampoos for humans? Even if you’re feeling lazy, don’t ever use human shampoo to wash your cat’s coat.

Although human shampoo is not always toxic, it is formulated specifically for humans, not cats.

Cat skin doesn’t have the same pH balance, and as a result, human shampoo can be very aggressive and drying on them.

This could lead to flakiness and painful irritation for your precious pet which won’t be pleasant.

Will my Bengal cat like water as it ages? Yes. bengals keep this habit all life long.

Usually, the kitten’s habits are transferred on to the cat.


If your Bengal kitten likes water then when it grows in to a cat, it will like water too.

Water-loving habits or interest in water exist in the kittens right from the start.
So, your kitten will start young.

Giving your Bengal kitten a safe environment while playing in water will ensure that your cat doesn’t develop any water related phobias as it ages.

Can I bathe a Bengal cat? Yes. Bengals like water better than other breeds of cats.

It is safe to bathe a Bengal.

Things to do before bathing your cat:

Brush your cat to remove any dirt particles or mats that it might have in its coat.

Inspect your cat for any lesions, infections or wounds before you begin the bathe. Take your cat to a well lit place to do the inspection.

Massage the cat’s fur with wet hands, look for rashes.

Prepare a basin full of water, not too cold, not too warm.

Turn off the tap before you bring the cat to the bathroom or it will go berserk.

What should I do if my cat won’t go near water? If your cat is not completely intolerant of water (Bengals are usually water-friendly) then pacify or assuage your cat.

You will have a single goal:

Play as much with your cat as possible.

This way, it won’t be super active at Bath time.

If your cat is completely intolerant of water and won’t go anywhere near the water in any case then you will have to look for another alternative.

In this case, dry shampoo is your best friend.

Dry shampoo cleaning will take a longer time than bathing with water, but at least your cat will not be aggressive


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