Do Bengal Kittens Meow a Lot?

Do Bengal Kittens Meow a lot? Bengal kittens do infact meow a lot. They meow much more often than the average house cat. It is not necessary that every time there will be some good reason behind their excessive meowing. Meowing is actually the only way the kittens know to get their message across.

Bengal cats, because of their fur can be easily mistaken as wild cats. The reality is that Bengal Cats have much more in common with house cats as compared to the wild ones.

Here are some of the sounds Bengals Cats make

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Reasons for a Bengal Cat Meowing

There can be a lot of things behind a meowing meow. Below are some reasons why your Bengal Cat might be meowing excessively.

#1 Your cat might be in heat

If your Bengal Cat is not spayed and is meowing continuously then that means the little creature is in heat. Obviously, if your cat has been neutered the excessive meowing might be due to something else. The sounds that Bengal Cats make while being in heat are really loud and sound like the cat is in pain.

The sounds are mostly accompanied by affectionate behavior and a weird sway backed position if you pet your cat near the rump.

#2 Hyperthyroidism

This is typically prevalent in cats that are older. Hyperthyroidism has a vast variety of symptoms that include:

  • Weight loss despite ravenous hunger
  • Excessive vocalization and
  • Excessive activity.

If your cat is showing any of these symptoms and on top is excessively meowing then you really need to take your cat to the vet immediately. Be sure to also get your cat’s blood tested.

#3 Loss of hearing or vision

If your Bengal kitten begins to meow continuously as soon as you turn off the lights then that means that the poor fuzz ball is unable to see and feels lost.

A Bengal kitten that is partially dead or blind will not be able to make her way easily throughout the house and may also not be able to hear you.

#4 Senile cats meow a lot

Bengal Cats can actually become senile. This condition in cats is known as feline cognitive dysfunction or basically cat dementia. This can cause a wide range of problems and result in your cat to feeling frightened and disoriented.

You cat will most probably respond to these changes with:

  • Yowling
  • Wailing
  • Excessive meowing

A Bengal Cat that is suffering from this condition might become much more irritable, have altered sleeping cycles and sleep much more. They may also lose coordination and even in some cases become incontinent.

#5 Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome

Bengal kittens that might be suffering from Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome will get wide-eyed and basically go crazy, almost as if the poor creature is hallucinating.

The cat will:

  • Yowl
  • Cry loudly
  • Have bizarre mood swings
  • Cause skin to ripple as if the air hurts it
  • Gets sudden fits of grooming excessively
  • Experience hair loss

#6 Pain

Bengal kittens are amazing at hiding pain but they will cry out to let you know that they are hurt and will not stop meowing.

#7 Boredom or Loneliness

Bengal kittens that are kept without any other companions get very attached to their human caretakers. They view us as their parents and so they are particularly susceptible to boredom as well as loneliness.

The kind of constant meowing basically begins once you go to sleep and it goes on and on until you respond to their cries or the kitten gets tired of calling for your attention.

If your cat does not stop with this behavior then the best thing to do is get another cat to keep it company.

Things that can trigger more meowing

There are many things that can get your Bengal kitten to start chattering, you should be aware of them in order to understand your kitten better.

#1 Friendliness

The most basic thing that you should understand is that Bengal Cats have a very friendly nature particularly when it comes to their human friends. They are amazing companions for people and if the little creature lives with you then the bond will just get stronger.

Due to such a special bond, it is very natural that your Bengal kitten would want to communicate with you. So when the little fella is looking for your attention, it will mostly meow and do it much more if you ignore it. The meowing will just get louder and louder.

So the best thing to do at that instant is to not ignore the fuzz ball’s wish to communicate with you.

#2 Dirty Litter box

Bengal Cats are very particular when it comes to cleanliness and they will definitely let you know if they think the cleanliness of their litter box is not up to the mark.

The Bengal Cats are so demanding of their needs that you may find yourself cleaning the litter box several times a day.

If your Bengal Cat finds their litter box unsuitable for using then do not worry the cat will definitely meow loudly to let you know how disappointed they are.

You need to be very cautious because if you ignore their need for a spotless litter box, the cat will go off and do their business in another area that they think is suitable.

#3 Food

Bengal Cats are huge fans of eating and if you want them to meow just show them their favorite snacks. Just the sight of food can actually make them go crazy. You cat might even jump into the cat food in excitement while waiting for their dinner to arrive.

#4 Birds

Bengal Cats have deep-rooted hunting instincts that cannot be taken out to be breeding. Birds are one of their favorite prey animals. The bird will not only get your cat’s attention but the bird will get your cat to voice and meow different sounding chirps and other particular sounds.

Their desire to hunt down the birds triggers an automatic response from them. It is a very bad idea to own a bird if you have a Bengal Cat.

#5 Territorial

Bengal Cats are very territorial and they may begin to meow much more if they think that their territory is being threatened. This will be much more prominent if you allow other animals to invade their space.

The best thing to do in such a scenario is to provide your cat with space that is only theirs especially when other animals come to visit.

#6 Excluding or ignoring them

Bengal Cats are very intelligent:

Much more than other house cats.

The evidence of their intelligence stems from the fact that they try to communicate with their human pals.

Often the Bengal Cats will follow you around and continue to meow as they want to be a part of everything that you do. This might actually be very annoying for most people but if you have a Bengal Cat then this is just something that you need to get used to.

If you cannot make that sacrifice then Bengal Cats or kittens are just not for you.

#7 Attention

Bengal Cats adore attention. That is when they actually want it. The times when they do actually want your attention, they will definitely let you know one way or another.

The first thing they might do is to meow that will start off as mellow and soft. But if you continue to ignore them the meows will get much louder and stronger.

#8 Boredom

Bengal Cats are insanely active and they need a lot of space to:

  • Play
  • Run around
  • Explore

Due to their intelligence they get bored very easily and you need to provide them with loads of toys to keep them entertained. If your Bengal Cat gets bored, do not fare as the cat will definitely let you know loud and clear via meowing constantly.

The best thing to do is to get your cat a companion, most probably another Bengal Cat so that they can keep each other entertained when you are not around or do not have the time to play with your fuzz ball.

Ways to reduce the constant meowing  

For many cat owners the constant meowing is very irritating and there are actually things that you can do in order to reduce the amount of meowing. These may not actually stop your cat from meowing but may be able to minimize the meow of your Bengal kitten or cat.

#1 Getting the appropriate litter and litter pan

As mentioned before Bengal cats are very fussy when it comes to cleanliness and a spotless litter box and the right kind of litter is the way to win your Bengal cat’s heart.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that the litter is the non-clumping kind so that your Bengal Cat does not track it outside the litter box and all over the house.

#2 Feed the Bengal Cat

This is actually the most obvious way to stop a hungry cat from meowing. Sometimes you might feed the cat and they might not stop meowing, this means that the Bengal Cat does not like the food that you just fed them.

#3 Territorial

As mentioned before most of the Bengal Cats are very territorial and possessive about their things and their space. In order to combat this problem just provide your Bengal Cat with space that only belongs to it and do not allow any other animals to invade the area belonging to the Bengal Cat.

You can get them a cat tree that they can spend their time in and add a scratching post to it in order to make it much more appealing to your Bengal Cat.

The meowing does not decrease!

The meowing does not decrease as the Bengal Cats get older. Instead, in many cases, it may get even worse. Due to this reason most Bengal Cat owners get easily annoyed, so if you do not what an over communicating cat, its best to pick another breed of cat. Bengal kittens actually make it difficult for you to ignore them as well as their needs.

Related Questions

Q. Do Bengal Cats roar? Bengal Cats are small cats and they do not have the ability to roar like the big cats. The design of their larynx allows them to purr but not roar. The Bengal Cats also make other vocal noises such as growling, hissing, purring and yowling, etc.

Q. Do Bengal Cats get along with each other?Bengal cats have a very friendly nature and they love to have companions. They get bored or feel lonely when they are left alone. Hence, Bengal Cats do get along with one another especially if you introduce them at a young age. Getting another Bengal Cat will also help you keep your cat entertained even when you do not have the time to play with it or are asleep. It will also help to reduce the amount of meowing.

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  1. Hi I’ve been taking my Bengal out three times a day, and he’s got five other Bengals to play with. But he still meows alot and there’s no medical problems either. What am I doing wrong.


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