Do Bombay Cats Like Water? Do They Like To Swim?

Bombay cats have a fantastic personality and are deeply interested in lots diverse activities.

They won’t disappoint you if you want a loyal, affectionate, curious, and an active pet.

Bombay cats not only prove to be your best companion, but they know how to entertain themselves and others.

The question is: Do they like water?

Do Bombay cats like water? Do they like to swim? Yes, Bombay cats like water and the most interesting fact is that they like swimming too. Bombay cats won’t mind staying in the bathtub for hours, but remember to supervise them when they go crazy in the water.

These fascinating black beauties have amazing personalities. Their diverse interests make them unique, and that’s why they are loved by many. Their love for water is known to those who own them, but if you are planning to own a Bombay cat, let me tell you how much these cats love water and swimming.

Bombay Love for Water

Not all cat breeds like water, and it won’t be a surprise if I tell you many cats hate it when you bathe them.

Bombay cats like water. Their love for water is because of their nature or personality. Let’s find out the relationship between Bombay cats’ love for water and their character:

  • If you have or ever had a Bombay cat, you would know how active these cats are. It is because of their high energy that Bombay cats love water. Active cats tend to be attracted by water. On the other hand, it sometimes gets pretty difficult to even make your lazy cat drink water.
  • With being active, Bombay cats are playful too. Bombay cats would love having different things to play with, including warm water. Bombay cats won’t mind playing for hours in the water tub but do not forget to take them out when the water gets cold.
  • Bombay cats are tolerant. Even if Bombay cats don’t like water, they would not run or get mad when you are giving them a bath. They would tolerate it like a good pet.
  • Bombay cats’ curious nature is just another factor. Like humans, cats too out of curiosity do strange things. It might be because of their curiosity that these cats have a soft spot for water.

Let me confess here; DIFFERENCES EXISTS EVEN AMONG CATS BELONGING TO THE SAME BREED. Despite having such personalities which makes them love water, the fact is that you might end up with a Bombay that is not actually a fan of water.

Do Bombay Cats like Cold or Hot Water?

We all are clear on the fact that Bombay cats are heat seekers, and they are always found in warm places when its cold outside. In this case, their choice is the same. Yes, Bombay cats like warm water. But do not forget that WARM WATER MEANS WARM WATER, don’t mistake it with hot water because Bombay cats don’t prefer hot water. These cuties might stop liking water if you repeatedly use hot water.

Do Bombay Cats Need to be Bathed Regularly?

Bombay cats are a great choice for many because of their easy grooming and low maintenance.They do not need to be bathed regularly and you don’t have to brush them every day. But if not all, most Bombay cats love bath time and play in the tub or wherever you are giving your Bombay cat a bath.

Leaving Them Alone

Bombay cats are dependent cats. They like to be around their favorite person rather than being alone. Though you can leave them for some time to have fun and enjoy the water whether it’s in the bathtub or somewhere else, it’s preferred to be with them. The water after sometimes get cold too, so I will suggest you keep an eye on your Bombay cat when they are in the water tub.

Why Do Some Bombay Cats Hate Water?

You really need to experience it at least once in your life.

Bathing a cat is really frustrating job, most cat owners have battle scars to show for it.


It gets worse sometimes, and you might even start to feel super miserable if you are experiencing it for the first time. Nobody knows the reason behind their peculiar behavior towards water. Maybe because cats are exposed to water after their birth after a few months, that is why they behave in such a way.

But don’t be scared many Bombay cats are not difficult to handle as compared to other cat breeds and won’t make you miserable.

Bombay Cats’ Personality

Overall the lively Bombay cats are affectionate. They love rubbing their head and faces on people they like. They love spending time on the lap of their favorite people. Other than their affectionate nature , these cats are heat seekers.

They easily adapt to different environments and lifestyles. Because of their adaptive nature, Bombay cats are good with dogs and don’t mind being with them under the same roof.

Generally, Bombay cats are friendly, sociable, loyal, tolerant, dependent, playful, active, sensitive, intelligent, talkative, curious and never aggressive.

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Why is it difficult to give bathe cats?

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