Do British Shorthair Cats meow a lot? Are they Vocal?

Keeping cats looks fun, but when I think about their meowing sound, I think of changing my decision. Are you in the same boat?

Do British Shorthair Cats meow a lot? In the case of British Shorthair Cats, the answer cannot be a definite yes or no. Some of them meow rarely. Even if they need something or feel hungry, they do not meow. This is so because they do not love to grab attention. On the other hand, some British Shorthairs can be unfortunate enough to get tolerated when it comes to keeping a vocal cat.

Meowing can make your life a bit easier as it can be a clue to remind you of something.

What does meowing demonstrate?

As you are reading this blog to know if a British Shorthair Cat meows a lot or not, keep reading the piece of writing.

After reading it, you will be able to understand the following:

Firstly, different British Shorthairs are different. So, you cannot anticipate that a British Shorthair kitten will become a vocal cat a silent one. Secondly, you do not need to get confused by taking opinion from different people who keep British shorthair cats. One of them may tell you that his cat never meows even if it is hungry.

On the other hand, the other one may inform you that he is getting bothered due to his British Shorthair cat for it is too vocal. You do not need to get stuck with the opinion of either one. Thirdly, younger kittens of the said breed comparatively meow more than the fully grown cats. So, you can expect changes in your British Shorthair regarding meowing. Therefore, you do not need to get offensive because of the too much meowing of your kitten. Be patient!

The issue will be resolved with the passage of time as your kitten will be get converted into a quieter version of the same breed. Fourthly, here is one more thing that you need to know before keeping a British Shorthair Cat. Cats belonging to this breed not only meow but also make other sounds. These sounds can immensely help you to understand what your pet is trying to inform you. Some of these sounds are meow, purr, chirrup, growl, and chatter. These sounds and what they depict are discussed in detail below.

British Shorthair Cats’ sounds and their interpretation


If you own a British Shorthair Cat which meows a lot, mostly it means that it is feeling hungry. In addition to this, if your cat needs your attention, it will meow.

Mostly, young kitties use this sound to get your attention as they do not know a lot how to communicate. Moreover, they meow to convey that you have missed a routine task regarding them. If you are following a specific routine for your pet and one day you miss any everyday task, get ready to hear meowing your British Shorthair more than usual. However, you will have to listen to this more often if your pet is at the early stage of life.

Your cat will use the same tone if it will be sick or feel lonely. So, always listen to what it wants to convey, carefully. They even meow as a sign of greeting when their owners come home. So, expect the meowing sound as a sign of welcome when you enter your home.


This is a rear sound which you may hear if your cat is vocal. Actually, this sound is a blend of meow and purr. People usually ignore this sound, but if you keep such a British Shorthair Cat, then you should understand what your cat wants to tell you. Can you recognize this sound? Okay. Now, come to the point. Why does a pet make this sound? It chirrups when it is happy and delighted. Do you hear this sound a lot? Great! It seems you are taking care of your pet in a significant way.


This sound is also typical in British Shorthair Cats. If you own a cat of the said breed, you have definitely already heard this sound many a time. If you are new to own such a cat, let me first explain what kind of sound is this. This is moderately vibrating and deep sound. Because of the specific type of vibration, it is easy to recognize this sound.

Now the point is what you understand when your cat purrs. When you hear this sound, it is pretty easy to determine how your cat feels. British Shorthair Cats purr when they are happy. Even young kittens purr when they feel comfortable. They do so even when they are a few days old and feeling comfortable. On the other hand, you need to keep it in mind that British Shorthair Cats also purr when they signify fear. Furthermore, they also purr when they get agitated. You can look at their body movement to understand if they are happy or feeling anxiety.


Just like chirrup, this sound is also a mixture of two tones. These sounds are meow and bleat. Once your cat makes this sound, analyze why it is chattering? A British Shorthair makes this sound when it gets frustrating. It can get frustrating when it finds prey but unable to hunt it down. So, whenever you hear this sound, do check if some unusual thing is around. Do check what is odd at that place as it can be dangerous for you or your British Shorthair Cat.


This sound is also common. Plus, you can easily identify what your cat wants to tell you. If you are keeping a British Shorthair Cat for the very first time, then let me tell you how you can recognize it. This is a deep sound, which is a clear sign of warning.

They produce this sound in the following two different situations:

(1) They growl when they feel fear

(2) They growl to show anger.

Moreover, a British Shorthair growl to show fear or anger against both animals and human beings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whenever you hear that your cat is growling stop whatever you are doing and rush to check why it is doing so. You may need to protect your cat from some danger. On the other hand, you may have to protect either another animal or a human being from your cat.

What if your British Shorthair is not vocal?

It can be challenging for you to understand the needs of your cat if it is not vocal. In such a scenario, you can use other symbols to understand what your cat wants to communicate with you. Observe their body language as, after the aforementioned sounds, this is the most essential aspect to understand what your cat wants to communicate.

Mostly, its tail tells enough tale. Mostly, it turns in the following three ways:

(1) Tail is straight but gets curled at the end

(2) Tail gets twitched and

(3) Tail vibrates.

All these three signs show different emotions of your British Shorthair Cat. When the tail of your cat is straight enough but curls at the end, it shows happiness. If it twitches, it confers two signs, and it can be a bit tricky for you to understand the exact sign. Either your cat is excited, or it is feeling worried. If the tail of your pet is vibrating, it means that it is too happy. A cat also vibrates its tail when it gets exciting.


To sum up, it can be concluded that as no two human beings are same when it comes to analyzing how much one can talk or exhibit emotions, same is the case with two British Shorthair Cats. You can examine with the passage of time if your cat will meow a lot or not. However, most of the British Shorthair Cats become quieter with the passage of time. So, even if they are vocal at an early age, they are most likely to calm down with the passage of some time. On the other hand, if you do not like a meowing cat, then consider keeping an older cat from day one.

Keep petting!

Related questions

Is it a good decision to make a vocal British Shorthair a pet?

Definitely yes. If you do not have a specific issue with the noise it makes, it is good to keep such a cat. After reading this blog, you can get a clear idea about how to assess what your cat wants to tell you. In this way, it becomes easy to keep it even as the first-time keeper of a pet. You will not regret your decision. So, what are you waiting for?

Is the British Shorthair Cat is destructive?

No, being an intelligent cat, it communicates via being vocal or by using its tail. So, it is needless to say that it is a peaceful cat. If you are fully aware of the behavior of your cat, it does not need to get destructive in order to show emotion or get attention.

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