The 14 Best Dog Foods for Dobermans in 2023

By Kevin Myers | 2023 Update

This ultimate guide lists all of the best dog foods for Dobermans this year.

One of the most handsome, muscular, and loyal breeds – there are many reasons to fall in love with a Doberman. Their slender physique and energetic nature require proper nutrition to support their active personality.

When it comes to feeding your Doberman, you should focus on nothing but the best!

These athletic, graceful giants need proper nutrition to thrive. Dobermans are known for their energetic, fearless, and loyal natures and are among the most intelligent breeds. These athletic dogs excel as military K9s, watchdogs, agility, and search and rescue.

Having a pet means taking care of their specific nutritional requirements is your responsibility. They need a nutritionally appropriate diet and daily exercises and activities to stay happy and healthy.

So what’s the best dog food for Doberman Pinscher? Keep reading to find out!

The Best Dog Foods for Dobermans

Top PicksTop Ingredients
1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dog Food (Best For Adults)Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal,
Peas, Pea Protein,
Menhaden Fish Meal
2. Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Dog Food
(Best For Puppies)
Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal, Oatmeal,
Brown Rice, Barley
3. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach 7+ Salmon & Rice Dog Food
(Best For Seniors)
Salmon, Rice, Barley, 
Canola Meal, Fish Meal
4. The Farmer’s Dog
(Best Fresh Food)
Turkey, chickpeas, 
carrots, broccoli, 
5. Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Dog Food
(Best Premium Option)
Chicken, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potatoes,
6. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food
(Best Budget Option)
Salmon, Ocean Fish Meal, Sweet Potatoes,
7. Purina Pro Plan All Life Stages Small Bites Dog Food
(Best For Active Dogs)
Lamb, Rice, 
Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, 
Whole Grain Wheat

How to Switch Dog Food Without Getting Your Pup Sick

Doberman Dog Food Reviews

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dog Food

Best Overall, Best For Adults


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Duck, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Pea Protein, 5. Menhaden Fish Meal

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,596 kcal
  • Form: Dry

This recipe from Blue Buffalo provides the optimal balance of energy and nutrition and includes Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to ensure your dog’s taken care of inside and out. It is easy on your dog’s digestive system and uses the finest ingredients, including chicken meal, deboned duck, and turkey meal.

Additionally, this recipe includes antioxidant-rich carrots, cranberries, and blueberries for your Doberman’s health. Rounding out this recipe is a healthy blend of potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes along with added glucosamine to support your Dobie’s overall mobility and joint health.

Analysis: Protein min. 34% | Fat min. 15%, | Fiber max. 6% | Moisture max. 10%

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Dog Food

Best For Puppies


Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Lamb Meal, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Oatmeal, 4. Brown Rice, 5. Barley

  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Suitable for: Large, giant breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,766 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Specially crafted for large and giant breed puppies, this recipe works wonderfully for Dobermans. It contains essential nutrients and antioxidants for a happy, healthy, and active pup.

The digestive enzymes and healthy fiber support healthy digestion for those with sensitive tummies, and the high-quality natural ingredients include DHA for healthy eye and brain development.

Analysis: Protein min. 25% | Fat min. 16%, | Fiber max. 4.5% | Moisture max. 10%

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach 7+ Salmon & Rice Dog Food

Best For Seniors


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Salmon, 2. Rice, 3. Barley, 4. Canola Meal, 5. Fish Meal

  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,910 kcal
  • Form: Dry

When it comes to fulfilling the dietary needs of senior Doberman, few dog foods can compete with Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Formula. This recipe contains novel proteins like salmon and easily-digestible oatmeal, which is ideal for athletic breeds that typically suffer from sensitive digestion. 

More importantly, the formula provides glucosamine and EPA. These two supplements are crucial for Doberman as they are prone to a spinal condition called wobbler’s syndrome.

Probiotic and prebiotic fibers promote digestive health, while added omega fatty acids nourish your dog’s coat and skin. 

Analysis: Protein min. 29% | Fat min. 14%, | Fiber max. 3.5% | Moisture max. 12%

Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Turkey, Liver & Duck Recipe Canned Dog Food

Best Wet Meal


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. Turkey Broth, 3. Chicken, 4. Liver, 5. Duck

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 1,169 kcal
  • Form: Wet Food

The tempting texture, range of wholesome ingredients, and tasty flavors of this wet-food blend will live up to your dog’s expectations and provide the nutrition and energy he needs to keep up.

This blend is made from nutrient-rich organ meat and is free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, poultry by-product meals, or fillers that can aggravate dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Analysis: Protein min. 9% | Fat min. 7%, | Fiber max. 1.5% | Moisture max. 78%

The Farmer’s Dog

Best Fresh Option


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. chickpeas, 3. carrots, 4. broccoli, 5. spinach

  • Life Stage: All
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Form: Frozen

Dobermans have specific dietary needs, which is where The Farmer’s Dog comes in. This tailor-made fresh food service offers a customized meal plan for your Doberman built from the most premium-quality ingredients by a professional vet. 

All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire with your dog’s age, breed, weight, and other information, and you will receive fresh food in eco-friendly packaging on your doorstep.

The meal plan considers any allergies, sensitivities, or diseases your Doberman has and provides fresh food with a taste and aroma that will entice the pickiest Doberman

Analysis: Protein min. 33% | Fat min. 19%, | Carbs max. 40%

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Dog Food

Best Premium Option

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Organic Chicken, 2. Organic Chicken Meal, 3. Organic Sweet Potatoes, 4. Organic Chickpeas, 5. Organic Peas

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,618 kcal
  • Form: Dry

This organic, free-range chicken recipe by Castor & Pollux offers a wide range of health benefits using quality ingredients like organic sweet potatoes, organic flaxseed, coconut oil, and blueberries.

Castor & Pollux is known as a leader in canine nutrition that offers foods of extraordinary quality. Feed your dog nothing but the best with this complete and balanced meal.

Analysis: Protein min. 26% | Fat min. 15%, | Fiber max. 3.5% | Moisture max. 11%

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food

Best Budget Option

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Salmon, 2. Ocean Fish Meal, 3. Sweet Potatoes, 4. Potatoes, 5. Peas

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,600 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Taste of the Wild is known for offering a 100% complete and balanced diet with all the essential nutrients and novel proteins that canines need for optimal health. This grain-free recipe offers real smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, and peas, so your Doberman gets highly-digestible energy that keeps them going all day long.

This formula has natural antioxidants extracted from fruit and vegetables to promote healthy digestion and overall great health.

Analysis: Protein min. 25% | Fat min. 15%, | Fiber max. 3% | Moisture max. 10%

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Best For Weight Gain

Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Chicken MeaI, 2. Brown Rice, 3. Chicken Fat, 4. Dried PIain Beet Pulp, 5. Ground Grain Sorghum

  • Life Stage: All
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,930 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Gaining weight can be a problem for hyper-active breeds like Doberman. Luckily, Bully Max High Performance Dog Food packs all the calories your dog needs to reach a healthy weight while staying just as energetic. It features a 30/20 protein to fat ratio made from chicken meal and brown rice, which builds lean muscle and fuels your dog’s adventures. 

Each cup contains 535 calories without using corn, wheat, soy, or additives that can trigger allergies and cause digestive upset. The formula is also AAFCO-approved and is for dogs of all ages. 

Analysis: Protein min. 30% | Fat min. 20%, | Fiber max. 3.8% | Moisture max. 10%

ACANA Wild Atlantic Grain-Free Dog Food

Best For Weight Loss

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Whole Mackerel, 2. Whole Herring, 3. Whole Redfish, 4. Silver Hake, 5. Mackerel Meal

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,440 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Help your pup shed pounds while indulging in the delicious and holistic Acana Wild Atlantic Dog Food. The recipe includes fresh ingredients like mackerel, redfish, red lentils, pumpkin, apples, carrots, and more. The formula also features a 33% protein and 17% fat content, ideal for athletic and muscular dogs like the Doberman. 

Thanks to the high quantity of veggies and fruits, the dog food is rich in fiber and helps your dog feel fuller while eating fewer calories. Finally, it contains essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria and improve digestive health. You can also feed it to sensitive or allergic Doberman as the recipe is free from chicken, beef, gluten, corn, soy, and artificial additives. 

Analysis: Protein min. 3% | Fat min. 17%, | Fiber max. 6% | Moisture max. 12%

CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Food

Best For Sensitive Stomach

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Salmon, 2. Salmon Meal, 3. Menhaden Fish Meal, 4. Sweet Potatoes, 5. Peas

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,560 kcal
  • Form: Dry

This grain-free recipe is gentle on your Doberman’s stomach and contains natural, high-quality ingredients, giving your Doberman all the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and active. The limited-ingredient diet uses handpicked ingredients less likely to cause allergies or digestive upset. This delicious kibble contains salmon as the primary ingredient.

Analysis: Protein min. 32% | Fat min. 14%, | Fiber max. 4.5% | Moisture max. 10%

AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Dog Food

Best For Allergies

Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Chicken Meal, 2. Ground Whole Brown Rice, 3. Ground Whole White Rice, 4. Oatmeal, 5. Chicken Fat

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,450 kcal
  • Form: Dry

This recipe from Avo Derm is nutrient-dense and free of common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy. Your Doberman will love the high-quality ingredients, including chicken and brown rice.

And unlike any other recipe on the list, this one includes avocado as a special ingredient. It is antioxidant-rich and chock-full of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids. It is an excellent choice for your Doberman Pinscher.

Analysis: Protein min. 23% | Fat min. 13%, | Fiber max. 4% | Moisture max. 10%

Crave High Protein White Fish & Salmon Dog Food

Best For Picky Eaters

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. White Fish, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Lentils, 4. Split Peas, 5. Chicken Fat, 5. Pork Meal, 

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,717 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Whether your dog is a picky eater, has a sensitive stomach, or both, Crave High Protein Dog Food is the perfect choice to kickstart their appetite. The whitefish and salmon formula is easy for Doberman to digest and unlikely to cause allergies. It makes up 34% of the recipe and is crucial for building and repairing muscle mass.

The ‘taste’ department is where this food truly shines. A combination of fresh salmon and tasty veggies gives the kibbles a rich and meaty taste that dogs find irresistible.

Lastly, this recipe is grain-free and uses lentils, chickpeas, and vegetables as an alternative to fuel your Doberman’s daily activities. 

Analysis: Protein min. 34% | Fat min. 17%, | Fiber max. 3.5% | Moisture max. 10%

Purina Pro Plan All Life Stages Small Bites Dog Food

Best For Active Dogs

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Rice, 3. Corn Gluten Meal, 4. Poultry By-Product Meal, 5. Whole Grain Wheat

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,236 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Dobermans are working dogs that naturally burn a lot of calories daily. We recommend Purina’s Pro Plan All Life Stages Dog Food to fuel their daily adventures. Built on a protein-to-fat ratio of 27:17, the macro balance of the formula is ideal for keeping your dog muscular and energetic with quickly-metabolizing fats.

Lamb, the primary protein source, is perfect for the Doberman breed as they are typically allergic to chicken or beef. The presence of glucosamine is also crucial for this breed as they are prone to spinal problems in their later years. Live probiotics promote digestive health and prevent gas or bloat.

Analysis: Protein min. 27% | Fat min. 17%, | Fiber max. 3% | Moisture max. 12%

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Runner Up: Best For Puppies

Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Lamb, 2. Lamb Meal, 3. Ground White Rice, 4. Peas, 5. Pea Flour

This puppy recipe from Diamon Naturals uses protein-rich ingredients like pasture-raised lamb and other whole foods. It also provides holistic vegetables and fruits, including coconut, papaya, garbanzo beans, and peas.

Not only will your little tail-wagger love the flavor, but this complete and balanced diet has everything your dog needs.



Do I need to pay special attention to my Doberman pup’s diet?

Your Doberman pup is a large breed dog and requires special nutrition that helps with optimal growth and health maintenance. In addition to choosing a diet that’s suitable for large and giant puppies, you should also focus on your Doberman pup’s special dietary requirements. These are discussed in detail later in this article.

What characteristics should I look for in my Doberman’s food?

The basic characteristics of a healthy and rich Doberman’s food are:

  • Healthy protein
  • Animal fat
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Natural ingredients
  • Antioxidants
  • High-quality animal-based nutrient
  • Free from fillers and artificial ingredients

How often should I feed my Doberman puppy?

For young Doberman puppies, the food should be divided into 3 to 5 meals per day for the first six to eight weeks. After eight weeks, give your pup a maximum of three meals per day. Consider it like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As your Doberman gets older, adjust the mealtimes based on his activity level and metabolism.

What should I feed my Doberman for weight gain?

Since Dobermans have a lean structure, maintaining their ideal weight is a challenge for most pet owners. Add real meat, vegetables, rice, and fruits to your dog’s diet. Add food that’s filling and include all the essential nutrients that would help your dog gain and maintain their ideal weight.

How much exercise does my Doberman need?

Dobermans are athletic and energetic dogs. They need more exercise to stay fit and healthy. A longer walk of an hour to an hour or two is great for your dog. For younger dogs, start slow and gradually build up their exercise and walk time. On average, a healthy Doberman needs at least two hours of exercise every day.

My Doberman gets quite gassy. What’s going on?

There’s nothing to worry about if it’s just a little bit of gas. It is absolutely harmless. However, if your dog gets too gassy when eating, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • Gulping the food too fast and swallowing excess air.
  • Switching to a new food
  • The current diet doesn’t suit your dog

If it’s the transition, allow some time so your dog could adjust. But if it’s the food that’s messing up with your pooch’s stomach, look for the right diet and a suitable kibble size to avoid extreme gassiness.

My Doberman has a chicken intolerance. What options do I have?

Intolerance to chicken is directly associated with stomach issues. I have reviewed several chicken-free options in this article that are nutritionally rich at the same time. You can compare and check out the option that best suits your dog’s specific needs.

What vegetables are healthy to feed my Doberman?

While you can pick a prepared diet that’s rich in wholesome vegetables, you can also feed fresh vegetables to your dog for added fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Vegetables make a great addition to a dog’s overall diet. Here are some of the best options to start with:

  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Carrots
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Peas
  • Green beans
  • Cauliflowers
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet potato
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Cucumber

Providing these vegetables as a healthy snack to your Doberman is also a great idea.

Should I feed a grain-free diet to my Doberman?

A grain-free diet is a great option for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Fortunately, Dobermans are not really prone to digestive issues like other large breed dogs, however, they may have food allergies and steering clear of certain ingredients – including grains – is a good idea.

What are the most common health issues for Doberman’s?

The following are the most common health problems that you may witness:

  • Dental disease
  • Food allergies
  • Other allergies
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Hair loss
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease – including dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Wobbler Disease

What should I feed my Doberman to gain lean muscle?

You need to focus on feeding a balanced diet to your Doberman. Look for a diet that has an appropriate amount of protein, fat, carbs, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. In this article, we’ve helped you with the research bit by listing down the best available options to feed your Doberman. All you need to do now is compare your options and choose a diet that perfectly matches your dog’s specific needs.

How much fat does my Doberman need?

Don’t worry if your Doberman’s diet has slightly richer fat content. Larger dogs normally need higher fat content but it is important to make sure you get it only from animal-based sources.

How much protein should I ideally feed my Doberman?

The key is to offer optimal levels of protein and help your Doberman maintain an ideal weight. For puppies, vets recommend 25% protein or more per serving. They need that amount for growth and maintenance of new muscles. For larger dogs, pick an option that’s above 22% for healthy, regular dogs.

Dobermans Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever come across a blend that that seems like it’s the best dog food for your Doberman?

If not, you may still have a lot to learn about your breed’s nutritional requirements. To help you learn everything about your Doberman and his food. I am going to share my experiences and knowledge here to help you make an informed decision about your Doberman’s diet.

Keep reading!

Understanding a Doberman’s Diet Requirements

Large breed dogs have special nutritional needs. Your Doberman pinscher is no different. Your big, beautiful dog has significant needs for high-quality protein to develop and sustain lean muscle mass along with moderate levels of fats for energy. These are essential nutrients that should be derive from real animal meat including poultry, meat, and fish.

As far as carbs are concerned, dogs do not have any special requirements in their diet, but a low to moderate level of quality carbs can offer certain health benefits. Digestible carbs and fiber are great for supplemental energy. Some important sources of healthy carbs include vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and beans.

  • Puppy

Experts suggest at least 22% protein and 8% fat in a Doberman puppy’s diet. These nutrients are important for developing strong muscles. Choose a recipe that offers the right balance of fat and protein to fuel the healthy growth of your pup.

  • Adult

It is important to switch to an adult recipe as soon as your Doberman reaches his full size. The adult formula of large-breed dog food contains the right amount of protein and fat for maintaining lean muscle mass and energy. Moreover, opt for a diet that also contains joint-supporting nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine.