The 13 Best Dog Foods for Huskies in 2023

by Kevin Myers

This (updated) guide lists the best dog foods for huskies this year.

Huskies are famous for pulling massive sleds in freezing temperatures. They are surprisingly good at eating less food and conserving energy.

So what would be the best dog food for a husky? Here’s a list to answer that question: 

The Best Dog Foods For Huskies

Top Picks Top Ingredients
1. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey Dog Food
(Best For Adults)
Deboned Turkey, Chicken meal, Potatoes, Chicken Liver,
Salmon Oil
2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Dog Food
(Best For Puppies)
Deboned Chicken, Pea Protein, Chicken Meal, Chicken Fat,
3. VICTOR Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food
(Best For Seniors)
Beef Meal, Whole Brown Rice, Menhaden Fish Meal,
Chicken Fat, Peas
4. My Ollie Lamb Dish
(Best Fresh Option)
Lamb, butternut squash,
lamb liver, kale chickpeas
5. ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
(Best Premium Option)
Chicken, Turkey, Flounder,
Whole Mackerel, Chicken Liver
6. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food
(Best Budget Option)
Salmon, Sweet Potatoes,
Blueberries, Peas, Canola Oil
7. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food
(Best For Active Dogs)
Chicken, Whole Grain Corn,
Wheat Flour, Egg Product,
Chicken Fat

How to Switch Dog Food Without Getting Your Pup Sick (important video to watch)

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Deboned Turkey Dog Food

Best Overall, Best For Adults


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Turkey, 2. Chicken meal, 3. Potatoes, 4. Chicken Liver, 5. Salmon Oil

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,698 kcal
  • Form: Dry

There’s a reason why this Wellness Core Grain-Free is one of the most popular dog foods on the market. Its protein content, sourced from real deboned turkey, provides quality nourishment for your Husky’s muscular development and overall health. 

This recipe has a significantly higher fat content sourced from salmon and flaxseed oils for a softer and nourished coat. It supports bone and joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin. And lastly, the dog food is way too tasty for any husky to ignore!

Analysis: Protein min. 34% | Fat min. 16%, | Fiber max. 4% | Moisture max. 10%

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Dog Food

Best For Puppies


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Pea Protein, 3. Chicken Meal, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Flaxseed

  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,662 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Formulated for puppies and based on the diet of wolves, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Food is undoubtedly one of the best picks for husky pups. Its significantly rich protein content of 36%, primarily from deboned chicken, helps in the muscular development of growing puppies.

But more importantly, it also has several essential fatty acids, including DHA, which is a vital part of mother’s milk, and is especially helpful in retinal development, a point of emphasis for huskies. It’s also filled with Omega fatty acids and multiple vitamins and minerals, all things a healthy and happy husky pup needs to grow big and strong.

Analysis: Protein min. 36% | Fat min. 16%, | Fiber max. 5% | Moisture max. 10%

VICTOR Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

Best For Seniors


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef Meal, 2. Whole Grain Brown Rice, 3. Menhaden Fish Meal, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Peas

  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,385 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Just like puppies, senior huskies need nutrition formulated specifically for their stage of life. That’s why Victor Senior Dog food is designed specifically for older dogs. Glucosamine and chondroitin support and maintains joint & bone health as the bones of senior huskies weaken with age.

Beef and chicken meal provide essential amino acids to feed aging muscles and other minerals and vitamins that support and maintain your senior husky.

Analysis: Protein min. 27% | Fat min. 11.5%, | Fiber max. 4.5% | Moisture max. 9%

Nature’s Logic Lamb Feast All Life Stages Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Best Wet Meal


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Lamb Broth, 3. Lamb Liver, 4. Dried 5. Egg Product

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per can): 556 kcal
  • Form: Wet Food

Highly palatable and easy-to-digest — Nature’s Logic Lamb Feast Canned Food is the perfect wet food choice for every husky. It is full of nutritious whole meat from lamb that helps your husky maintain its strength. The formula uses wholesome veggies and fruits to provide micronutrients that keep your Husky healthy.

This 100% all-natural recipe is grain and gluten-free with no synthetic vitamins. The wet-food formulation appeals to all appetites and helps keep your husky better hydrated.

Analysis: Protein min. 10% | Fat min. 10%, | Fiber max. 3% | Moisture max. 72%

My Ollie Lamb Dish

Best Fresh Food


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. butternut squash, 3. lamb liver, 4. kale, 5. chickpeas

  • Life Stage: All
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large, giant breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 1,804 kcal
  • Form: Frozen

My Ollie is a solid recommendation for those huskies with food allergies or sensitivity. The lamb protein source in My Ollie’s Lamb Dish recipe is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction and provides the muscle building-blocks your husky needs.

Each meal contains only premium-quality ingredients with a fresh aroma that your dog will love. You can customize your dog’s meals by completing a questionnaire about them, and My Ollie will tailor the meals to suit your Husky.

And compared to other fresh food services, this one is relatively budget-friendly and won’t cost an arm and leg.

Analysis: Protein min. 10% | Fat min. 7%, | Fiber max. 2% | Moisture max. 74%

ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Premium Option

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Turkey, 3. Flounder, 4. Whole Mackerel, 5. Chicken Liver

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,940 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Orijen’s Original Dog Food is an excellent choice that provides huskies with an ancestral diet made from only the best ingredients. The recipe contains meat proteins from chicken and turkey to supply your husky’s muscles with the fuel they need. Organ meat from the liver delivers a whole-prey diet to your Husky.

The freeze-dried meat coating smells delicious and will appeal to your pup. And let’s not forget the Orijen promise of using only premium-quality ingredients and producing their food exclusively in the USA.

Analysis: Protein min. 38% | Fat min. 18%, | Fiber max. 4% | Moisture max. 12%

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Budget Option

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Salmon, 2. Sweet Potatoes, 3. Blueberries, 4. Peas, 5. Canola Oil

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,600 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog food uses salmon as the primary source of protein. Salmon’s protein nourishes your husky’s muscles, and its richness in Omega Fatty Acids is excellent for the skin and coat. 

You also get plenty of antioxidant support and prebiotics from natural fruits and vegetables for your Husky’s digestive health. This recipe also includes a mix of minerals for comprehensive nutritional support and is free of grains and fillers, ensuring maximum digestibility and premium nutrition. 

Analysis: Protein min. 25% | Fat min. 15%, | Fiber max. 3% | Moisture max. 10%

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight Adult Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best For Weight Loss

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Lamb, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Whole Grain Barley, 4. Rice Bran, 5. Whole Grain Brown Rice

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,047 kcal
  • Form: Dry

A high-fiber diet is an essential part of a weight loss plan for your dog, and that’s what Nutro’s Natural Choice Healthy Weight Dog Food provides. This formula contains whole grains like brown rice, making your dog feel fuller without the added calories. 

This healthy weight formula doesn’t compromise on protein and uses enough lamb meat for active dogs like the husky. It has antioxidants for a strong immune system and vitamins for overall wellbeing. You also won’t have to worry about allergic reactions as the recipe is free of corn, wheat, and soy.

Analysis: Protein min. 24% | Fat min. 7%, | Fiber max. 11% | Moisture max. 10%

Diamond Performance Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Best For Weight Gain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Whole Grain Ground Corn, 3. Wheat Flour, 4. Egg Product, 5. Chicken Fat

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,870 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Diamond’s Performance Formula Adult Dog Food is a good choice for dogs needing extra calories. It has a protein/fat ratio of 30% and 20%, respectively, making it ideal for working breeds that thrive on high-protein diets.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are great for your husky’s coat and skin, and the high caloric content will keep your Husky’s energy levels in the black. 

Although this food is highly adsorbable, make sure you gradually transition your Husky to it to avoid an upset stomach.

Analysis: Protein min. 30% | Fat min. 20%, | Fiber max. 3% | Moisture max. 10%

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best For Sensitive Stomach

Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Beef Meal, 2. Whole Grain Brown Rice, 3. Menhaden Fish Meal, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Peas

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per cup): 394 kcal
  • Form: Dry

If your Husky suffers from digestive problems, then Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Dog Food is a great choice. The unique prebiotic fiber helps maintain a healthy microbiome for improved digestion and fewer stomach upsets in dogs.

Not only this, but its wholesome ingredients like real chicken, vitamin supplements, and omega oils help provide all the essential nutrients to your husky.

Analysis: Protein min. 27% | Fat min. 11.5%, | Fiber max. 4.5% | Moisture max. 9%

ACANA Singles + Wholesome Grains Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

Best For Allergies

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Duck, 2. Duck Meal, 3. Oat Groats, 4. Whole Sorghum, 5. Duck Liver

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3370 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Some huskies are allergic to dairy, chicken, or beef. Luckily, Acana has the perfect formula free from those allergens. Its primary nutrition sources are duck meat and pumpkin, which are super-easy to digest and fulfill a dog’s protein and carb requirements.

Moreover, this recipe is gluten, potato, and artificial-additive free. It simultaneously supports nervous health and overall wellbeing with a mix of vitamins and minerals. Many of the ingredients, most of which are whole foods, are sourced from trusted farmers so your dog can receive peak nutrition in every meal.

Analysis: Protein min. 27% | Fat min. 17%, | Fiber max. 6% | Moisture max. 12%

Crave High Protein Lamb Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best For Picky Eaters

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Split Peas, 4. Lentils, 5. Chicken Fat

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,759 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Even the pickiest dogs find it difficult to refuse the temptation of Crave’s High Protein Lamb Dog Food. Each bag contains 34% pasture-fed lamb meat along with delicious veggies. Not only does this helps athletic breeds like huskies maintain their energy level, but it also makes them excited for every meal!

Lamb, being a non-allergen, is also easier for huskies to digest. Also, the food contains zero artificial additives or harsh ingredients like corn, soy, or wheat. On a side note, control the feeding quantity of this dog food as its rich in calories and can make sedentary dogs rapidly gain weight.

Analysis: Protein min. 34% | Fat min. 17%, | Fiber max. 3.5% | Moisture max. 10%

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Formula Dry Dog Food

Best For Active Dogs

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. Chicken, 3. Ground White Rice, 4. Egg Product, 5. Flaxseed

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,107 kcal
  • Form: Dry

Active and athletic breeds like Siberian Huskies require a diet that can provide them with high-quality calories. To fulfill that need, Diamond Naturals has made the Extreme Athlete formula which contains real cage-free chicken and a range of wholesome foods that help support muscle growth and energy levels.

This dog food also supports your dog’s digestive and immune system through a proprietary blend of probiotics and antioxidants. Grains, corn, fillers, and additives are exempted from this recipe to prevent allergic reactions and deliver nutrients of the highest possible quality.

Analysis: Protein min. 32% | Fat min. 25%, | Fiber max. 4% | Moisture max. 10%


What food should you not feed your Siberian husky?

Foods harmful to dogs, in general, should also be avoided in the case of huskies. These include chocolate, grapes and raisins, garlic, and cooked bones or fat trimmings. Apart from that, huskies are specifically intolerant to dairy and grains, so avoid feeding both of them as well.

How many times should you feed a husky?

Although this depends on your dog and their preference, twice a day is the general guideline for feeding your husky. Some huskies would prefer to eat more than two meals a day, some less. One thing you must make sure of is that the daily intake remains the same to avoid any problems.

How many calories do huskies need in a day?

Typically, an average male adult husky that weighs around 50 lbs/23 kgs would need anywhere around 1000-1700 calories depending on their activity level and whether they are senior or not. Female huskies typically require fewer calories compared to males except for when they’re pregnant or nursing.

What are the best ingredients for huskies?

Huskies need little extra fat, carbs, and vitamins for optimal health. Some great sources of fats and omega fats include flaxseed oil, fish oil, and canola oil. Carbs from vegetables like potatoes are usually more suitable for huskies as well. Also, fruits and vegetables like blueberries contain plenty of essential nutrients for huskies.

What to do if your husky gets bored with eating?

If your husky ever gets bored of eating the same food, mix things up with additional ingredients or new formula. You could add some tasty broth which will attract them due to its smell, or ingredients like small pieces of deboned, cooked proteins and nuts and other ingredients that they like and are safe.

Can Siberian Huskies be fed eggs?

You can feed your husky cooked eggs as they contain lots of proteins and amino acids essential for muscle growth and nourishment. In fact, boiled eggs make great treats for Siberian Huskies, but remember not to go overboard with this choice.

What kind of raw meat can you feed your Siberian Husky?

Raw meats like chicken, lamb, beef, and fish can be safely fed to Siberian Huskies. However, make sure that the meat is fresh and is sourced from a trustworthy butcher or store. Also, remember to handle raw meat with care as it may contain pathogens that can transfer to human food.

Are Siberian Huskies picky eaters?

Huskies come from arctic environments and are bred to survive on very little food and water. Adults huskies usually eat only once a day, while puppies eat only twice a day. That’s why your Siberian Husky is picky with their food and will simply reject a few meals.

How long can Huskies go without food?

A Siberian Husky can survive around 3-5 days without food. However, it’s best not to let them starve till this point and to feed them whatever they like so they can stay healthy and active.

Why are Huskies hungry all the time?

Some Huskies might start overeating if they aren’t getting enough nutrients from their regular diet, if they’re stressed, have separation anxiety, or are just ill. Try to determine the cause as soon as possible so your husky doesn’t becomes overweight or malnourished.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best dog food for huskies

Every husky owner would want to make sure that their pooch is eating the best dog food possible. But how do you choose the best dog food for a husky?

The best tips for choosing the optimal dog food for your husky would be:

  1. Ensure that your dog food only contains premium ingredients obtained from natural sources (real protein, vegetables, omega fats). The better the ingredients, the better health your husky will have.
  2. Make sure that the dog food is calorie-dense. Try to pick ones that have lots of fats, high-quality proteins, and carbs. Omega fats are essential to maintain the health of the skin and coat of a husky, and carbs and proteins help provide them with energy and muscle nourishment.
  3. Avoid choosing one with either dairy ingredients or grains. Huskies are generally lactose and gluten intolerant and have trouble digesting both. Try and make sure your choice of dog food is free from either.

Usually, it’s a good idea to buy smaller packs to see which one your husky likes. After that, you can choose the larger bags as they tend to be cheaper and last a long time. 

Specific dietary requirements for huskies

Because huskies have a very unique lineage, they have a quite distinctive diet compared to other breeds. The ancestors of the Siberian Huskies were heavy-endurance sled-bearing dogs that survived in sub-zero temperatures and ate only once a day.

This makes a significant impact on the diet of Siberian Huskies. They require a certain amount of nutrients in specific quantities at certain times. Though we’ll discuss the feeding routine later on, here are some important dietary requirements for huskies:

  • Protein and Fat: Huskies have been dragging sleds weighing several tons for centuries. This massive amount of effort requires lots of energy and muscles, due to which a Siberian husky needs a diet rich in proteins and fats.

    An adult husky will need at least 18% protein and 5% fat content in their dog food, as per the AAFCO. For puppies, this recommendation increases to 22% protein and 8% fat content.
  • Zinc: Some huskies are prone to developing a hereditary condition called dermatitis which causes their skin to become red and swollen due to a lack of zinc in their blood. If your husky suffers from it, it might need a zinc supplement to control this condition.
  • Probiotics: Huskies need a lot of nutrients on a daily basis, but those nutrients are only good if they get fully absorbed into their system. Since this breed only eats in small quantities, it’s essential that they get some probiotics with each meal so that whatever food they consume is properly broken down and digested by their stomach.

How much to feed your husky

We all know that Siberian huskies are sled-bearing endurance monsters, but that must mean they consume a lot of food, right?

The basic requirement for a husky is around 1.5 to 2.5 cups of dog food spread over two to three different meals throughout the day. However, the most accurate daily intake for your specific husky is best determined by your veterinarian, so make sure to give them a visit.

The standard measurement is suitable for a healthy weight, moderately active adult husky. But many factors can change this measure due to the following factors:

  • Age: At every age, a husky will need different amounts of food. When they’re a puppy, a husky will generally need less food than an adult, but one that’s rich in proteins and vitamins. An adult would require the same or a little more amount of food as compared to a puppy. An aging husky would probably need the least, though enough to maintain its weight and senses.
  • Activity: If your husky barely gets time to sit during the day, chances are they’re going to need more food to keep up. But if they’re lying around the whole day (which usually isn’t the case), you should cut quantity to avoid making them obese.

Here’s a fun video to guide you on how to feed your Siberian husky:


Choosing the best dog food for your husky shouldn’t be a life-and-death decision. Nor do you need to overanalyze it and confuse yourself. With just a few minutes of reading and a fantastic list like the one above, you can easily pick the best dog food for your husky.

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