13 of the Very Best Raw Dog Foods in 2023

by Kevin Myers

This updated guide lists all of the best raw dog foods this year.

There are centuries worth of evidence to prove that raw food diet is good for dogs. It provides them with the right amount of meat proteins as none of it is lost during cooking. There are many benefits of raw dog food including stronger muscles, more energy, a shinier coat, better dental health, and smaller stool. All of this keeps your dog healthy and happy.

However, there are a confusing number of choices on the market and therefore in this guide I have reviewed the best and highest-quality raw dog foods after spending weeks on Research, Ingredient analysis, Consumer reviews, and more… Here’s my 40-point inspection list.

Let’s dive in…

The Best Raw Dog Foods

Top PicksRatingTop Ingredients
1. Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Freeze-Dried Dog Food
(Best For Adults)
4.9Chicken With Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cranberries
2. Stella & Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Freeze-Dried Dog Food
(Best For Puppies)
4.9Chicken, Salmon With Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard
3. Sojos Complete Senior Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food
(Best For Seniors)
4.7Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberries, Flaxseed, Whole Egg, Salmon
4. Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food
(Premium Pick)
4.8Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Lung
5. Bravo! Homestyle Beef Dinner Freeze-Dried Dog Food4.7Beef, Beef Liver, Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas, Beef Hearts

How to Switch Dog Food Without Getting Your Pup Sick

1. Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Freeze-Dried Raw

Top 5 Ingredients:  1. Chicken With Ground Bone, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Chicken Gizzard, 4. Pumpkin Seed, 5. Organic


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,420 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 48% | Fat (min.) 28% | Fiber (max.) 5% | Moisture (max.) 5%
  • Form: Freeze-dried

Prepared from 100% organic fruits, vegetables, and cage-free meat options, the healthy combination of sustainably-sourced ingredients guarantee maximum nutrition for your best friend.

Provide your dog with the benefits of high-quality raw food nutrition while enjoying the ease of preparation. Stella and Chewy’s dinner patties are great for all breeds. Highly Recommended!

Sample buyer review…”After trying dozens of dog food brands and recipes, this is the only food that my dog will eat consistently. The only difficulty is calibrating portions. I feed him about half of the recommended amount and still have to work to control his weight.”

2. Stella & Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Salmon With Ground Bone, 3. Chicken Liver, 4. Chicken Gizzard, 5. Pumpkin Seed


  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,452 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 48% | Fat (min.) 27.5% | Fiber (max.) 5% | Moisture (max.) 5%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Allow your pup to grow into a stronger, more active, and vibrant adult with Stella & Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Dinner Patties. These tasty patties are loaded with meat/organs from chicken and contain an entire salmon to maximize muscle growth. Organic veggies like broccoli, cranberries, blueberries, and squash are added to provide energy and micronutrient for your dog’s developing vision, brain, and bones.

Puppyhood is also a crucial stage in preventing joint problems later in life. That’s why the food features chondroitin and glucosamine to ensure optimal cartilage production. Probiotics are also present in the recipe, while grains and artificial additives are removed to prevent digestive problems. Raw patties like Stella & Chewy’s are also extremely tasty due to their high protein content and lead to stabler growth than dry food formulas.

3. Sojos Complete Senior Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. Sweet Potatoes, 3. Cranberries, 4. Flaxseed, 5. Salmon


  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,556 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 26% | Fat (min.) 12% | Fiber (max.) 5% | Moisture (max.) 10%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Older dogs often face digestive and joint problems due to their age. But not with a raw diet like Sojos Complete Turkey & Salmon Raw Dog Food. It’s designed with two crucial micronutrients, namely omega fatty acids and glucosamine, which prevent hip/joint dysplasia and nourish the skin to promote a softer coat and younger appearance.

The main ingredients in the food are turkey meat, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and salmon, all of which digest easily without triggering allergies or diarrhea. Unlike fresh raw food, Sojos comes in a dehydrated form and can be stored like regular kibbles. When it’s mealtime, just add warm water to the mix, and you’ll have a fresh, mouth-watering raw meal at your disposal!

4. Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Turkey Meal, 4. Sweet Potatoes, 5. Potatoes


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Large, Giant Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,718 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 38% | Fat (min.) 17% | Fiber (max.) 3.5% | Moisture (max.) 11%
  • Form: Dry, Freeze-Dried

Finding a suitable raw diet for large and giant dogs can be difficult. Luckily, Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Recipe offers those same raw-diet benefits in a large breed appropriate diet. Its calorie content is pumped up to 386 per cup, and the recipe is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin as most giant breeds are prone to joint problems.

Merrick also adds freeze-dried raw chicken bites to the food so your dog can receive additional protein and develop stronger muscles. Omega fatty acids are also present to promote healthier coat and help your dog look vibrant. And unlike other raw dog foods, Merrick Backcountry doesn’t require any preparation with water and can be served straight from the bag.

5. Stella & Chewy’s Lil’ Bites Small Breed Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken With Ground Bone, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Chicken Gizzard, 4. Pumpkin Seed, 5. Organic Cranberries


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Extra Small & Toy Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,572 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 48% | Fat (min.) 29% | Fiber (max.) 5% | Moisture (max.) 5%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Fine-tuned for toy breeds with their sensitive and athletic nature, Stella & Chewy’s Lil’ Bites Raw Dog Food is our top recommendation for owners of small dogs. It’s made from a combination of meat, organs, and organic veggies that ensures optimal muscle mass and energy returns for extra small breeds.

Smaller dogs also tend to have longer coats, which is why the food is enriched with omega fatty acids to make their fur soft, shiny, and lustrous. Grains, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy are completely removed from the food to avoid allergies or digestive upset in your pup. Raw food also improves dental health in canines, which makes it even more ideal for toy dogs that frequently experience plaque buildup.

6. Ziwi Peak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Lamb Heart, 3. Lamb Tripe, 4. Lamb Liver, 5. Lamb Kidney


  • Life Stage: Senior, Puppy, Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 5,600 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 35% | Fat (min.) 33% | Fiber (max.) 2% | Moisture (max.) 14%
  • Form: Air-Dried

Perfect for sensitive dogs, the Made in New Zealand Ziwi Peak Beef Air-Dried Dog Food offers tons of raw nutrition with a limited selection of ingredients. Nearly 40% of the formula consists of premium-grade protein, including New Zealand green mussels that act as a source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Unlike other raw foods, Ziwi Peak uses air-drying for preservation which locks in the natural flavor and texture of raw meat without compromising safety or quality.

Sample Buyer Review… “We add this to kibbles and as treats. Easier to give then freeze dried ones. My puppy loves it. We hide it in snuffle mats without making lots of crumbs or mess. Wonderful product!”

7. Bravo! Homestyle Beef Dinner Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef, 2. Beef Liver, 3. Sweet Potatoes, 4. Chickpeas, 5. Beef Hearts


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,030 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 38% | Fat (min.) 13% | Fiber (max.) 5% | Moisture (max.) 20%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Raw diets can be an expensive option as they contain tons of real meat and whole foods. But not Bravo! Homestyle Complete Beef Dinner. It’s available at a discounted price compared to other raw food options while still containing premium-quality beef, liver, sweet potatoes, and other wholesome foods.

Furthermore, the recipe is also free from fillers and additives like grains, hormones, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial additives, making it ideal for canines with sensitive stomachs and allergies. You can also store it on your shelf worry-free as the food is freeze-dried and is served by adding water.  

8. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Gut Health Dog Food Topper

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Pumpkinseeds, 4. Chicken Heart, 5. Dried Pumpkin


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,555 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 36% | Fat (min.) 30% | Fiber (max.) 15% | Moisture (max.) 6%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Turn up the flavor and nutritional value of your regular kibbles with Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Mixers. It’s crafted from premium boneless chicken, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and other wholesome veggies that boost muscle growth and offer a wide range of essential micronutrients. Pumpkin also eases the digestive system with beneficial fibers.

You can also use the topper for all sensitive and allergic dogs as it contains zero grains, soy, wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives. Storing and serving Instinct Mixers is also simple as they’re freeze-dried and have the same shelf life as dry food. The biggest benefit is you can provide your dog with all the raw-diet benefits without spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing fully raw dog food.

9. Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain-Free Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Turkey Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Tapioca, 5. Menhaden Fish Meal


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3,668 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 35%, Fat (min.) 12%, Fiber (max.) 6%, Moisture (max.) 9%
  • Form: Dry

Help your puppy slim down while increasing muscle mass, vitality, and energy with Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Recipe. The dog food has fewer calories to prevent weight gain, and L-carnitine metabolizes excess body fat, so your dog becomes leaner. It still contains loads of protein from deboned chicken and enough carbs to fuel the most active dogs.

As for the raw content, the food features freeze-dried chicken bites that enhance energy levels and muscle maintenance. It’s also completely free from grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, and soy, all of which pose a risk of triggering stomach upset and allergies in dogs. Instinct Raw Boost is made exclusively in the USA and uses the finest hand-picked ingredients to ensure long-term health.

10. Nulo Freestyle Duck Recipe With Pears Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Duck, 2. Duck Necks, 3. Duck Heart, 4. Duck Wings, 5. Pears


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 4,105 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 43% | Fat (min.) 27% | Fiber (max.) 3% | Moisture (max.) 5%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Nulo’s Freestyle Duck Recipe with Pears is a well-balanced diet for your pet. Duck, duck organs, and carefully selected fruits and vegetables provide all necessary nutrients. Nulo ensures your pet gets the most from this recipe with a high amount of probiotics. Additionally, this freeze-dried food is free of wheat, corn, soy, and artificial additives for the safety of your pet.

Nulo is a well-known name in the pet food industry and their products are manufactured in a USDA-inspected facility. This minimally processed recipe is easy to digest and rich in nutrition. You can feed this as a full meal or a delicious topper for kibble.

11. Halo Meal Bites Turkey Recipe Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 14-oz bag

Top 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Herring Oil, Mixed Tocopherols


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
  • Caloric content (per cup): 189 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 46% | Fat (min.) 15% | Fiber (max.) 2% | Moisture (max.) 7%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Prepared with real meat, this dog food is an excellent combination of bone, organ meat, and wholesome turkey. 

Halo Meal Turkey option is a highly nutritious treat for your dog, which can be served as a daily super-food. This nutritional powerhouse is balanced and complete in every sense and is indeed one of the best options available on the market.

12. Sojos Complete Turkey Adult Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. Sweet Potatoes, 3. Whole Egg, 4. Broccoli, 5. Apples


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 3604kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 28%, Fat (min.) 12%, Fiber (max.) 4%, Moisture (max.) 10%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Sojos offers a complete and balanced diet, that doesn’t disappoint. If your dog loves turkey flavor, you cannot go wrong with Sojos Complete Turkey Recipe.

A healthy option free from grain, fillers, soy, preservatives, and artificial or genetically engineered ingredients, all of which are culprits of allergic reaction in canines. Furthermore, the food contains pumpkin, which has a natural soothing effect on the stomach of dogs and prevents diarrhea and gastrointestinal upsets.

13. Primal Beef Formula Nuggets Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Necks, 3. Chicken Gizzards, 4. Organic Kale, 5. Organic Carrots


  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content (per kg): 6,067 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein (min.) 37%, Fat (min.) 37%, Fiber (max.) 1%, Moisture (max.) 2%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

The Primal Chicken Formula Nuggets Grain-Free recipe includes protein from high-quality fresh chicken for superior levels of essential fatty acids, and amino acids, and optimal levels of calcium for stronger bones and teeth. 

The raw, freeze-dried formula relies on organic produce to extract essential vitamins and minerals for your hound. This special diet is crafted without grain, soy, wheat, and corn. Highly Recommended!

Sample Buyer Review… “Love this dog food, just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I can only use as a supplement to dry food because it is so costly.”

Related guides:

Raw Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Raw dog diet is also called the BARF diet, an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.  It is a diet based on raw ingredients eaten and preferred by your pet’s ancestors and even their wild counterparts.

The concept of a raw diet for dogs is tricky but I’ll make it simple for you:

A raw diet is all about feeding your dog what they are naturally supposed to eat i.e. raw food.

So, if you are wondering whether your dog needs raw food or not, the answer is simple:

That is exactly what it needs.

Benefits of Raw dog diet (BARF) Diet

Raw dog food may not be as cheap as commercial kibbles, nor is it as easy to store – but it has many benefits for your best friend.

It is the kind of food your dog is supposed to eat. So, it is good for their overall health. It is the food they chew better and digest easier. Some of the key benefits include

  1. Improved health and energy levels: Raw ingredients are more nutritious than processed ingredients. That’s why a raw diet can improve your dog’s health and energy levels.
  2. More appealing to dogs: Dogs that are picky with their food prefer the texture and taste of raw food over dry kibbles.
  3. Higher quality: Because most raw dog food brands manufacture in the US and source ingredients locally, the end product is more nutritious and higher-quality.
  4. Safer than homemade raw food: Buying and serving commercially-made raw dog food is much safer than making your own raw food as it can pose a threat of cross-contamination.
  5. Better muscle and mental development
  6. Shinier coat and healthier skin
  7. Small and less stinky stool

Drawbacks of raw dog food diet

Although the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet certainly outweigh the drawbacks, it’s still worth knowing what you’re getting into. Here are a few common drawbacks of a raw dog food diet:

  1. Potential hazard of contamination: Raw meat can contain salmonella or listeria, and carelessly handling raw dog food can transfer these bacteria to humans.
  2. Raw dog food is expensive: Although raw diets are healthier for your dog, they are also more expensive as they contain lots of meat and wholesome ingredients.

Grocery Bought Meat vs. Commercial Raw Dog Food

I generally advise against homemade raw food for your dog because you can never be sure of:

a) the quality of meat you purchase from the grocery store and

b) the number of nutrients per meal

Commercial raw dog food is a better idea because everything is on the label.

Grocery bough meat is usually unhygienic and may carry harmful bacteria. A meal prepared from that kind of meat will carry some risk.

Instead of homemade meals from grocery bought meat, go for high quality commercial raw dog foods.

What To Look for in a Commercial Raw Dog Food?

Not all commercial raw dog foods are the same. Go for trusted brands and always read the label.

Here is what you should be looking for:

  • Quality Meat: Almost all known raw brands get their meal from healthy and uncontaminated animals. Quality, however, also depends on which kind of meat you get. Chose a product that contains lean muscle. Avoid any product with fat trimmings.
  • Organ Meat: Organ meat is a good source of essential nutrients but not all organs are safe or healthy. For dogs, the liver, kidney, and heart are the best organs. Find a product that labels the source of organ meat contained in it. Keep in mind that organ meat should not be more than 5 to 10 percent of the meal.
  • Carb Content: Carbs give your dog the energy they need. The best carbs for a dog are the ones that come from vegetable sources such as peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. The carbs should be accompanied by fiber as well, that too comes from fruits and vegetables. Avoid raw dog food with grain-based carbs.
  • Fat Content: Too much fat is never good for your dog. That is why you should look for lean meat in your dog food. However, they do need some fat from healthier sources such as vegetables and fish. Make sure the fat content is never more than 15 percent.
  • Bones: It is true: dogs do love bone. It makes the meal more savory and also provides them with calcium and other trace minerals. Just make sure the bone ratio doesn’t exceed 1.5 percent. Bones should be easily chewable ones and not the hard ones as they can cause choking.
  • Supplements: It is a good idea to get raw dog food that contains some form of supplement for your loyal friend. Oils with fatty acids, apple cider vinegar, and kelp are just some of the ingredients that will keep your dog healthy.

Types of Commercial Raw Dog Food? 

Raw dog food may not be cooked, but some commercial products undergo certain processes to preserve the quality for longer. These are the different types of raw dog foods you’ll find in the market:

  1. Frozen Raw Food: As the name suggests, frozen raw dog food is preserved by storing it in a refrigerator to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Since it involves the least amount of processing, it’s typically cheaper, but it also has to be stored carefully to prevent cross-contamination.
  2. Freeze-Dried Raw Food: Freeze-drying is a heat-less process that eliminates water from the dog food to kill most bacteria. It also increases the shelf-life of the food, as well as the cost as freeze-drying can be an expensive process.
  3. Air-Dried Raw Food: Like freeze-drying, air-drying also removes the water content of the dog food to increase its shelf life. Because air-drying uses heat, it doesn’t impact the cost as much but can affect the nutritional content of the food.

Raw Dog Food Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, More and more vets are getting on board with the BARF or raw dog diet, and we’ve already talked about all the amazing commercial raw dog foods out there.

But if you are still skeptical, these FAQs might answer all your concerns.

What Does Raw Dog Diet Mean?

Raw Dog Diet means a diet based on uncooked ingredients, primarily meat. It includes muscle meat with bones and organ meat. However, a completely raw meal must also include non-meat raw ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. This diet is the closest to the natural and ancestral diet of dogs.

What Does Raw Dog Diet Include?

Uncooked meat is the primary ingredient of raw dog foods. The meat is rarely deboned as bones are also part of the raw diet. Some foods also have bones as a separate ingredient. Organ meat from liver and kidney is also part of a raw dog diet. Vegetables and fruits are added for vitamins and minerals. Eggs and yogurt are also part of many raw dog foods.

Is Raw Dog Diet the Same as the BARF Diet?

Yes, a raw dog diet is also known as the BARF diet, the wolf’s diet or ancestral diet for dogs. BARF is an acronym for either Bones and Raw Food’ or ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’. The whole idea is to make your dog eat the food preferred by its ancestors

Do Dogs Live Longer on Raw Diet?

A dog’s lifespan is greatly affected by diet. A study revealed that dogs on an uncooked, raw diet aged slower when compared to dogs on a processed diet. They did not develop degenerative diseases and lived around 36 months longer.

What Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Muscle meat, organ meat, bones, dog-friendly vegetables and fruits, eggs and some dairy products such as yogurt are safe raw food options for your dog. Most commercial raw dog food products include the right amount of these ingredients to ensure a balanced diet.

How Much Raw Food Can I Feed My Dog?

While it will vary from dog to dog, the safest way to start with raw dog food is to feed them around 2 to 3 percent of their body weight a day. This should be split into at least three meals. You can increase the quantity if your dog is more active than an average dog.

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Meat from Grocery Store?

The meat you get from the grocery store is usually contaminated by bacteria that aren’t safe for dogs. The reason that meat is safe for humans is that we do not eat it without cooking or processing. It isn’t meant to be consumed raw, and therefore, may not be the best option for your dog on a raw diet.

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Vegetables and Fruits?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually omnivores. Vegetables and fruits are good for dogs as they are packed with essential minerals and vitamins. A dog may not get these nutrients from meat. So including raw vegetables and fruits such as spinach, asparagus, apple, peas, potatoes are actually good for their health.

Is Raw Egg Good For Dogs?

You probably already know that raw eggs are a great source of protein. Including a raw egg in their daily diet will help them grow stronger and muscular. The fatty acids in the egg will also improve the skin and coat of your dog.

How Does Raw Diet Affect Dog’s Digestion?

Raw dog food helps a dog’s digestion in many ways. Dogs chew raw food more than they chew processed food. You probably know that chewing increases the secretion of gastric juices that aid in digestion. Also, since it is their ancestral diet, their digestive systems are naturally capable of digesting raw food more efficiently.

How Does Raw Diet Affect Dog’s Poop?

Raw dog food aids digestion and it is apparent in the stool. Your dog will poop less often and the stool will be smaller, less stinky. You might notice white powder in their stool, which is pieces of bones included in their raw diet. It is perfectly normal.

How Does Raw Diet Affect Dog’s Behaviour?

Raw dog food will have a positive impact on your dog’s behavior. It will not make them aggressive or hyperactive as typically believed. As a matter of fact, a raw diet can improve the chemical balance that influences the mood. Your dog is more likely to be calmer and happier on a raw diet.

Is a Raw-Fed Dog Safe To Be Around Kids? 

There are studies to prove that raw-fed dogs are calmer and less aggressive as compared to dry fed dogs. Raw food is free of fillers and additives that can trigger bad behavior and aggression. Therefore, your kids are much safer around their raw-fed pals.

Are There Any Side Effects of Raw Food for Dogs?

There are some side effects of raw food for dogs as uncooked ingredients are more likely to carry bacteria such as salmonella. E. coli. However, dogs are natural raw eaters and can handle most bacteria better than we realize. Make sure you are feeding them high-quality ingredients in a properly clean bowl.

Can Dogs Get Worms from Raw Food?

No, raw food doesn’t give your dog worms unless the food itself is contaminated or of low quality. It is rare for a dog to get worms from its food. Worms generally come from the environment. High-quality human-grade raw food will never give them worms.

How Do I Start My Dog on Raw Diet?

You can’t abruptly switch your dog’s diet from processed to raw. Prepare for a slow and steady transition. Start with easy to digest meat such as chicken or duck. Switch one of their day’s meal with raw and see how they respond. If they refuse to eat that meal, try serving them raw mixed with their kibble the next time. Change the quantity of meat with every meal and experiment with a different type of meat every week.

Which Raw Meat Is Best for Dogs?

Lean muscle meat is the best raw meat for your dog. You can include organ meat from liver, kidney, and heart. Beef, lamb, chicken, rabbit, and pork are the best options. Meat from oily fish from salmon is easy to eat and digest for dogs who are just starting with a raw diet.

Is Raw Food Safe for Puppies?

Raw food is completely safe for puppies. It is actually the best for weaning puppies. It has all the essential nutrients to ensure proper physical and mental growth. Start with easy to digest meat such as chicken, turkey, or fish. Minces are much easier for the little ones to chew and digest.

Is Raw Diet Safe for Dogs with Allergies?

If your dog is allergic to an ingredient, it will be triggered by both cooked and raw forms of those ingredients. Raw food is in no way more allergenic than its cooked or processed counterpart. As long as you are aware of what triggers your dog’s allergies, you can safely feed it raw.

Is Raw Food Good for Dog’s Dental Health?

Yes, raw food can be beneficial for your dog’s dental and oral health. Raw meat, in particular, contains enzymes that can prevent numerous dental issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Moreover, the raw diet is free of artificial additives, such as sugar and starch, which are the main cause of dental issues in dogs.

Is Commercial Raw Dog Food Good for Dogs?

High quality commercial raw dog food is actually better than homemade raw meals. Reliable raw dog food brands follow a proper process to ensure that the food is free of bacteria and containments. Each meal is prepared with multiple ingredients to deliver a balanced nutritional value every time.

Which Raw Meat Is Bad for Dogs?

Giving your dog fat trimmings or meat with lots of fat is never a good idea. It can be harmful to their health as it can cause pancreatitis. Also, meat with bones that are too hard to chew properly carries the risk of choking.

Final Words

There are a number of good raw dog food brands out there with a complete range of products. You should find the one that is according to your dog’s needs and preferences. Look for quality ingredients and nutritional value. Stella & Chewy’s, Primal, and Ziwi are a few reliable raw dog food brands you can try.

Now that you know that a raw diet may just be the best diet for your dog, good luck finding the best raw dog food for your buddy!

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