9 Best Doodle Rescues In California

Here you will find the list of the best Doodle Rescues in California.

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Top 9 Doodle Rescues in California

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in California

1.) California Doodle Rescue

California Doodle Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue in Los Angeles, California, founded in February 2022. They are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming various poodle mixes and promoting the humane treatment of animals while abiding by a no-kill policy. Follow their social media to keep up with them, and visit the California Doodle Rescue website to gather more information about the doodles available for adoption.

2.) Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.

Doodle Rescue Collective is an organization that works nationwide, with hundreds of volunteers, to save doodles and get them to loving homes. There is no central facility, instead, the organization operates with a group of volunteers all over America, including California. Since its inception in 2008, the organization has helped more than 4,000 doodles throughout the country. Check them out if you wish to foster or adopt a doodle.

3.) NorCal Poodle Rescue

NorCal Poodle Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit dog rescue focusing mainly on poodles; however, they occasionally have doodles available for adoption as well. All dogs receive up-to-date vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, and are given all the love and affection they deserve. Since its inception in 1985, NorCal Poodle Rescue has saved and rehomed more than 3,000 fluffy friends and continues to do so more every day. Keep up with them by checking out their social media.

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4.) Sugar Pine Doodles

Sugar Pine Doodles was founded 17 years ago by Jeannine, who initiated as a dog breeder. Jeannine’s love and passion for doodles only grew, leading to Sugar Pine Doodles starting its rescue program. The rescue program is simple, with every rescue dog being given a halfway home until they can find their forever home. Each adoption has a trial period of one month to decide if the adoption is suitable for both the owner and the dog. Adopt by visiting the website.

5.) Lovebugs Rescue

Lovebugs Rescue is a foster-based, non-profit 501(c)(3), all-breed dog rescue in Southern California. Lovebugs Rescue focuses on saving animals from shelters where they will likely be euthanized. Since its establishment in October 2010, Lovebugs Rescue has saved more than 2,500 dogs. Look out for their future endeavors by following their socials. 

6.) Dogs Without Borders

As the name suggests, Dogs Without Borders is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs from overcrowded shelters and animal control worldwide. Dogs Without Borders is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. However, they rescue dogs, including doodles, from local and international shelters as far as Taiwan. Since its foundation in 2006, Dogs Without Borders has saved and placed over 6,000 dogs in loving families. Help them save more by visiting their website.

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7.) Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras

Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue that places neglected and abandoned dogs from overpopulated and high-kill shelters into loving homes forever. Over 4,300 dogs have been saved by the help of their dedicated and passionate volunteers. Call them to adopt your four-legged best friend or fill out the adoption application form on their website.

8.) Family Dog Rescue

Since its commencement in 2010, Family Dog Rescue has saved thousands of dogs from being euthanized in high-kill, overcrowded shelters. Family Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in San Francisco which have an admirable slogan, “Dog + Human = Family.” To volunteer or adopt, you may check out their website.

9.) Standard Poodle Club and Rescue of the Desert

Standard Poodle Club and Rescue of the Desert’s foundation was laid in 2003. It started as a club for standard poodle owners to meet and take their dogs for walks; however, they have grown into a rescue as well, and they regularly rescue and rehome abandoned or surrendered dogs. All dogs are routinely vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Please support them by visiting their website and Facebook.

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