8 Best Doodle Rescues In Georgia

Here you will find the list of the best Doodle Rescues in Geogia.

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Top 8 Doodle Rescues in Georgia

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Georgia

1.) Carolina Poodle Rescue

Carolina Poodle Rescue has volunteers serving throughout America, with its main base being in Texas. This organization mainly offers doodles but has various breeds and can help you get your desired dog. Their website lists dogs available for adoption so adoptees can choose which doodle they want to provide and give a roof over. A description of every dog is also offered after thorough evaluation under their photograph on their website, so feel free to check it out.

2.) Georgia Poodle Rescue

Next up is Georgia Poodle Rescue, a non-profit association that provides a haven to stranded or unwanted doodles and offers the best medical care possible for these lovely furbabies. Moreover, they also run an advocacy group educating dog owners and the local community regarding the behavior and training of doodles to create a safe environment for this breed. After the required care is provided, dogs are placed for adoption. It is possible to return the adopted dog if unable to care for them. Visit their website for more information.

3.) Best Friends Lifesaving Center

Best Friends Lifesaving Center is a renowned adoption association in Georgia, with shelters throughout the state. All dogs available on their website have been spayed/neutered, and their mission is to reduce the number of homeless dogs. Although this isn’t a specific Doodle rescue, they have them available throughout their branches in the state. Despite the fact the adoption waiting list might be extended, the organization educates first-time adopters about treating these dogs. As a non-profit pet rescue, they organize fundraising events and activities to help recover as many furbabies as possible. Be a part of their journey by donating or signing up as a volunteer. 

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4.) Where The Wild Things Are

Considered to be one of the best rescues in the state of Georgia, Where the Wild Things Are is a one-stop pet rescue for all the dogs you desire. Success stories and new dogs enlisted are posted regularly on Facebook to raise awareness and help these lost souls find a forever home. Each rescued dog is given a chance to socialize and play through various physical activities like swimming and playing. People are always welcome to visit the shelter and interact with dogs while considering adoption. Follow their socials to stay updated with their latest endeavors.

5.) Great Pyrenees Rescue

Working as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Great Pyrenees Rescue has been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs since 2010. With their friendly and helpful staff, they make the adoption process hassle-free. The adoption process involves an interview, in which questions about the dog’s environment are asked alongside a home check to ensure the doodle will stay in a safe, hospitable environment where they have space to live with a loving family. For further information, check out the website provided above or call them.

6.) Atlanta Dog Squad

Atlanta Dog Squad is a non-profit charitable organization. Over time, they have gained the reputation of having the best doodles available for adoption, especially Goldendoodles. Being a volunteer-driven association, and despite being small in size, they have still managed to remain operative with growing supporters primarily due to their active volunteers who are dedicated to working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible. They have excellent reviews regarding customer care and the behavior or temperament of dogs that come out of their care. All dogs available have been provided with medical care and thorough veterinary checkups before being put up for adoption. For further information, feel free to check out their website.

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7.) Henry County Humane Society

Henry County Humane Society is a certified 501(c)3 that rescues and rehabilitates all breed dogs alongside cats. Photographs of all listed doodles up for adoption are given on their website, alongside a description of their personalities, which is written after thoroughly examining their behavior and temperament. All dogs up for adoption have been microchipped and given the required vaccinations. When a dog is picked for adoption, a preliminary application needs to be filled out regarding the environment the dog will be in. Email them for more information regarding this association.

8.) Tiny Paws Rescue

Last on this list comes Tiny Paws Rescue, a foster-based volunteering association dedicated to saving mixed breeds and relatively small dogs. They are a non-profit organization entirely self-funded by the generosity of dedicated volunteers. All dogs are spayed/neutered and have passed the heartworm test, making them completely healthy and ready for adoption. Their adoption process is quite long and detailed, but this is done to verify that the dog is going into safe hands and won’t be short of resources. Visit their website and get yourself a little pup and a new BFF!!!

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