10 Best Doodle Rescues in Illinois

Here you will find the list of the best Doodle Rescues in Illinois. 

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Top 10 Doodle Rescues in Illinois

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Illinois

1). A Tail Of 4 Paws Animal Rescue

Established in 2015, Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue is a volunteer-based rescue that fosters and rescues abandoned dogs. Their primary objective is to save dogs from homelessness and provide them with temporary homes while they seek their forever homes. The Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved the rescue organization, which also has a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Their rescue efforts primarily focus on Southern Illinois and local Animal Controls within Illinois. For further details about their services, please visit their website.

2). Border Tails Rescue

Border Tails Rescue has a noble mission of ending the practice of putting down homeless dogs “to sleep” by offering them shelter and finding caring families to adopt them. They achieve this by collaborating with animal service facilities within the local area, across the nation by working with similar facilities in other states, and even globally by partnering with facilities in underserved areas like Mexico. Moreover, they aim to reduce the overpopulation of homeless dogs through education, community outreach, and their spay-neuter program. For additional details, kindly visit their website.

3). Chicago Canine Rescue

Since 2001, Chicago Canine Rescue has been a valuable resource for needy animals. They have assisted countless animals, with a focus on rescuing Goldendoodles. Their operations include rescuing dogs from shelters and accepting surrendered animals. In total, they have saved over 8,000 dogs and puppies. The dedicated team at Chicago Canine Rescue offers medical, emotional, and behavioral support and adoption services for each animal in their care. Browse their website or social pages to learn more about their organization.

A sweet and super cute black, white and tan mini-Bernedoodle female puppy who appears to have a very large flower hat on her head. The lavender flowers are actually sitting on a stool behind her.

4). Wright-Way Rescue

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For more than 19 years, Wright-Way Rescue has been a trailblazer in animal welfare. They rescue homeless animals from underserved, rural areas and find them loving homes. They help isolated communities, which is essential for the success of the national No-Kill campaign. Wright-Way Rescue collaborates with over 100 rescue partners throughout rural America, saving more than 5,000 lives annually. Despite having only 10% of the budget of similarly sized organizations, they can still significantly impact. For more information, please visit their website or social media pages.

5). Starfish Animal Rescue

Starfish Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing animals from high-kill shelters and transporting them to safe, non-kill establishments. They also promote responsible pet ownership and intervene in cases of animal cruelty. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the euthanasia of companion animals in North America, one shelter at a time. Additionally, they provide medical treatment and advocate for animal rights. This donation-driven pet rescue accepts surrendered Doodles and collaborates with various animal shelters, working towards non-profit status. If you’re considering adopting a puppy, visit their website.

6). Wagging Hearts

Wagging Hearts is an animal rescue and adoption organization that operates entirely through fostering. They serve the Chicagoland and Wisconsin regions and are committed to rescuing abandoned, neglected, and stray companion animals who deserve a second chance at finding forever homes filled with love. They aim to find safe and caring homes for the animals they rescue while providing ongoing support for those who remain in their care. Stay updated with Wagging Hearts events and adoption information by visiting their website and social pages.

7). Helping Paws Animal Shelter

Have you heard of Helping Paws Animal Shelter? This incredible non-profit organization started as a foster program in 1969 and now has a team of over 300 volunteers committed to promoting animal welfare. Their dedicated employees work tirelessly to ensure that every adoption inquiry is promptly attended to. The shelter provides a spacious 10,000-square-foot facility serving as a haven for over 800 animals every year. Helping Paws is a no-kill shelter, and it is proud of its efforts to rehabilitate every animal under its care. If you’d like to know more, check out their website.

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8). One Tail at a Time – Adoption Center

At One Tail at a Time Rescue, they strive to end pet homelessness and make pet ownership a happy and attainable experience for everyone. They achieve this by rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters, finding them loving and permanent homes, and offering assistance and resources to needy pet owners. Their goal is to create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment that fosters relationships with the community so that pets can flourish with their loved ones instead of being sent to shelters. For more information, visit our website.

9). Wish Bone Canine Rescue

Wish Bone Canine Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill organization run by volunteers. Their main goal is to find loving, permanent homes for dogs who have been abandoned, surrendered, neglected, or abused in our community and neighboring areas. They prioritize placing each dog in a caring and nurturing home environment as soon as possible, achieved through their foster home program. Additionally, they are passionate about educating the public on proper canine care and responsible pet ownership. For more information, please visit their website.

10). Little Giants Dog Rescue

Little Giants Dog Rescue is an NPO that has been in operation since 2019. Abandoned and abused dogs in Illinois are helped to find their forever homes through the generosity of volunteers and donations from the community. Their main goal is to save lives, and are dedicated to achieving this objective. Additionally, they aim to educate the public about the significance of spaying/neutering animals to prevent overpopulation and potential medical issues. To learn more about their work, please visit their website.

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