22 Facts About American Curl Kitten

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Are you a cat-enthusiast and you haven’t come across the American Curl breed?

Then you’re really missing out.

This breed has been recognized almost recently, so it’s understandable why you wouldn’t know about it. But, now that you’ve heard the name, it’s time you get to know about everything that makes this breed one of its kind. From its distinct physical features to unique characteristics, this cat is indeed a mesmerizing breed. Want to know more? Keep reading.

American Curl 101 (Video)


1. Rare and Recent

Yes, that’s right.

This breed is not only rare but also a recently discovered one, as I mentioned. But the question arises:

How recent is it?

Well, this cat was discovered back in 1981 when a couple, Joe and Grace Ruga, found a stray kitten at their door. They took her in and after a few months, that cat gave birth to kittens. What seems interesting was, the cat and her kitten, all had unique ears that curled backward. This unique feature intrigued the couple and so, they looked it up. As a result, a new breed was found; American Curl Cat. The name ‘curl’ must be making sense now.

2. The Unique pair of Ears

As the name of the breed suggests, American Curl Cats have a unique shape of ears. But the uniqueness is not limited to their shape only.

While the shape of these cats’ ears may make it seem like the ears will be soft and fluffy, that is not the case. Unlike other breeds, these cats have a harder cartilage in their ear as is the case for human ears. This is the reason why you’ll always find their ears firm and standing.

3. High Energy

Cats are generally known to be calm and lazy. If you’re familiar with this cliché, you might want to let this belief go when you’re dealing with American Curl Kitten. These cats are full of energy and you will rarely spot them lying around. They are full of energy and always playing with their toys and you.

4. Known as Peter Pan

The American Curl Cats are also known as Peter Pan and this is because, unlike most other breeds, American Curl Kittens remain playful and full of energy even after growing up into adulthood. These cats retain their playfulness even after growing up. So, you’ll find the same level of curiosity, playfulness,and love in adult cats, as you would see in the kitten of this breed.

5. Stay Patient with Ears

Ears are the distinct feature of the American Curl cats, but it’s okay if you don’t see the ears curled up right after the birth of a kitten. Sometimes, it does take almost a week before the kitten starts to show curled ears. You can find it interesting to notice how the ears curl up after 2-3 weeks.

6. Loyalty is in the Blood

American Curl Cats are extremely loyal and once they recognize you as their family, they will do everything to protect you from any threat. This makes this breed loving and protective too.

7. The Fit for your Family

Since their discovery, American Curl Cats are a first choice as a family pet. This is because, they show the love and affection that is expected of a pet in addition to energy levels that match those of a child’s. This makes them perfectly suitable for families.

8. The chance of Weight Gain

Like in most other cat breeds’ case, American Curl Cats are quite susceptible to weight gain. So, to make sure your cat doesn’t face health risks, you would need to pay close attention to the diet and activity levels of your cat. Encouraging your cats to play and providing them toys can really help them curb the chances of weight gain.

My American Curls love to climb and it was always hectic to reprimand them every time they climbed atop a desk or a ledge. I mean, how could you blame a cat for being a cat? So, I bought them this activity tree and I’m no longer worried about their climbing on the wrong places or sitting idle.

9. Hygienic

The American Curl Cats are very hygienic and sophisticated. This means your cat will avoid its bathroom if it’s not clean. Therefore, if you’re planning to get this breed, make sure you can empty the litter box in a timely manner to avoid any unpleasant situation.

10. The Genes that Make Them Special

The most interesting thing about these cats is the shape of their ears. But what makes them this way?

A study found that the curled ears of American Curls are a result of a dominant gene. This means any cat with even 1 gene of curled ears will get curled ears. This is why all American Curl Kitten has curled ears.

11. Their Coats

The coats of American Curl Cats can be divided into two main categories, short and long. Other than that, you will various small differences in the coats of this breed.

There are different patterns and shades in American Curl Cats. But, one thing is common among all, the coat will be soft and silky, something you won’t be able to get your hands off.

12. Their Average Life Expectancy

The American Curl Cats can live an average of 15-18 years. However, if you take good care of their health and hygiene, these cats can even live up to 20 years! If you need a partner for a long time, this is the breed you should get.

13. Adapts Quickly

These cats are very easy to adjust in a new place. Unlike most other breeds, American Curl Kitten does not face a hard time adjusting with a new place or people so you can carry it around to new places without expecting trouble.

14. Communication

Like unique physical features, the American Curl Cat has its own way of communication. These cats will not meow or purr to talk to you. Instead, these cats will be making a unique sound, trill, to communicate with you for anything they need; be it food or your love.

15. Not vocal

These cats tend to not talk much. So, you probably won’t get any response when you try to communicate with them. However, this does not mean they’re unresponsive. The American Curl Cats will, instead, show you the response through their actions.

16. Health Risks

The American Curl Kittens are safe from many fatal diseases. Just keep them safe from common cat diseases such as periodontal disease through regular dental and regular hygienic activities. Other than that, only their ears need some care due to the risk of any insect entering and getting stuck inside. Take care of this and your cat will most likely remain safe from all kinds of infection.

17. Curious Throughout Life

The American Curl Kitten are known for their curious nature. This means, if you’re keeping one at home, you can expect it to check windows, curtains, open boxes, and to surf through nearly everything that catches its sight. You must never leave these cats alone at home or in a room.

18. Excellent hearing abilities

The unique shape of ears is not just for an attractive physical feature, this shape also gives these cats an edge when it comes to hearing capability.

19. Fancy Tails

American Curl Cats with the long hair coat can develop a special attractive plume-like tail that really gives them a stylish and unique look. These cats are ideal for cat-shows as the curled ear and the fluffy unique tail is just what a cat needs to win the competition.

20. Height-Loving

The American Curl Cats are obsessed with heights. If you’re a cat-enthusiast, you’d know what this means. You can expect your kitten on the top of curtains, windows, and nearly everything that has a good height in your house.

This love for heights, combined with the high energy levels, is a warning for you to never leave your cat alone at home. If you do, the American Curl Kitten won’t be sitting on the sofa all day. You will get a mess upon your return.

21. Alternative to your Alarm Clock

If you’re often late at work or if you face trouble waking up on time, the American Curl Cat can be exactly what you need. This cat won’t let you hit the snooze button. Instead, your cat will rise immediately, climb up to your face and start licking your hair and nose. Furthermore, it is not going to leave until you’re completely awake. What else do you wantfrom a pet!

22. Suitable for both; Cat and Dog Lovers

Yes, that’s right. Irrespective of whether you’re the kind of person who needs space from pets or you need a pet that follows you everywhere in the home and misses no chance of showing affection, the American Curl Kitten is the right cat for you. Both of the qualities mentioned above are the polaropposite, but the American Curl Cat somehow manages to balance the two. This cat is playful, energetic, loving and protective.


The diverse qualities of the American Curl Cat make this breed a highly suitable breed for all kinds of families. Whether you have kids or not, this cat is the perfect match for your family. Furthermore, you do not need to take extra care to keep this cat healthy; just some basic hygiene good diet.

Related Questions

What is the average life span of these cats?Through proper diet and exercise, the American Curl Cat can around 13-16 years.

What colors are these cats available in?The American Curl Cats are found in the following shades: Black, Blue, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac,and Red.

What is the average weight of an American Curl Cat? An adult male American Curl Cat weighs around 8-9 pounds and a female weighs around 6-7 pounds.

How much an American Curl Kitten usually costs?The average price of an American Curl Kitten is around $1300-$1500 USD.

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