Do Bengal Kittens Meow a Lot?

Do Bengal Kittens Meow a lot? Bengal kittens do infact meow a lot. They meow much more often than the average house cat. It is not necessary that every time there will be some good reason behind their excessive meowing.

Do Bengal Cats Roar?

Do Bengal Cats roar? No. Contrary to popular belief Bengal cats do not roar like their big cat counterparts but they do purr. Bengal cats have a wide variety of vocal lingo that they use to tell you exactly how

The Best Cat Blogs & Websites

Here is the list of our top recommended cat blogs for this year: is a website that’s been uniting Ragdoll cat lovers since 2008, however, it’s not just for Ragdoll cat owners. Jenny, the cat lover behind Floppycats,

Is a Bengal Cat Dangerous?

Bengal Cats are a breed of cat that originally came from breeding the Asian Leopard cat with the domestic cat. The entire reason for crossing these two species of cat, was to produce a feline that had the beautiful markings