How Much do Bengal Kittens Cost?

Here’s the deal: One must have a sound understanding of what the cost may represent when purchasing a Bengal cat. How much does a Bengal kitten cost? The price of a Bengal kitten ranges from $400 to $10,000 depending on

What is a Silver Bengal Cat?

Bengal cats have a wide range of variations in the domain of their coat color and its intensity. So, what is a Silver Bengal cat? Silver Bengals are a fairly new breed of Bengal cats. They were originally crossbred from

What is a Bengal Cat’s Habitat?

Knowing what type of habitat your cat demands is the key to keeping it happy and healthy. So, what is a Bengal cat’s habitat? Bengal cats can live in all kinds of habitat and do not need a “wild habitat”

Why do Bengal Cats Chirp?

Bengal cats produce many loud and different sounds in order to communicate with their owner. The interesting part is that they tend to chirp often. Isn’t that fascinating? So, why do Bengal cats chirp? The chirping of a Bengal cat

7 Best Cat Foods for American Curl Cat

Cats are famous for their fastidious and fussy nature. And this fastidiousness can be easily taken over by nastiness in a blink of an eye if they do not get the right food suitable to their needs. Keep that in

Bengal Cat Checklist

So, you finally bought a Bengal cat. Congrats, you’re a parent now (pretty much!) But let me tell you this: Being a Bengal cat parent comes with its share of responsibilities. You see, the Bengal cat isn’t just a regular

How to Trim Your Ferret’s Nails?

Proper grooming is highly essential to pet animals, most especially if they are likely handled by your children. This is important for safety, sanitation, and even for the welfare of the pet. Here are some guides for grooming your ferrets.

Should I get a Ferret or a Bird?

Ferrets and birds are both amazing pets to have. There is no this or that between them as they both are completely different types of animals. Bird care and ferret care is not the same at all and both types

Should i Get a Chinchilla or a Ferret?

Keeping a chinchilla or a ferret is totally a personal choice. Both pets are adorable. However, they do have some differences. So, should you get a Chinchilla or a Ferret? There are stark differences between the two animals. Chinchilla is