9 Best French Bulldogs Rescues in Georgia  

Here you will find the list of the best French Bulldog Rescues in Georgia.

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Top 9 French Bulldog Rescues In Georgia

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Georgia.

1.) Bulldog Rescue Club of America

Bulldog Rescue Club of America is a volunteer-driven organization that aids homeless, neglected, and abandoned dogs to find a new home where they can be treated with care and affection. They receive dogs from different states in America, with most of the dogs being owners surrendered. With thorough veterinary check-ups and temperament evaluations, they provide the new owner with each dog’s personality, temperament, likes, dislikes, and health history. For more information, visit their socials to stay updated with their latest endeavors.

2.) Get Your Pet

Get Your Pet organization has dedicated itself and works tirelessly to recover pets from inappropriate living conditions, such as being under-resourced, which leads to euthanasia, considering this Get Your Pet offers an option for straight adoption. Consequently, All you have to do is search for French Bulldog rescues in Georgia alongside stating the gender. Afterward, you may join the website and contact the guardian for more information. Moreover, acting as a third party, a comfortable location is chosen for the dog, and potential adopters can meet to finalize the decision. Get Your Pet also offers a free of cost veterinary appointment to reassure the new owner about the dog’s health. Visit their website and Facebook page to contact them and get yourself a little furball.

3.) PetCurious

PetCurious is another non-shelter charitable organization that works online to help thousands of dogs find safe and comfortable homes rather than ending up in shelters where they will not get the love, affection, and resources they deserve. To get a French Bulldog, a person must visit their website and search for the region and French Bulldog they desire. You can contact the dog’s current owner to ask about the details and medical conditions of the dog. If unsatisfied, PetCurious will offer the medical care desired. Adopting has become so easy through PetCurious, so what are you waiting for? Email them to get yourself a BFF.

4.) French Bulldog Rescue Network

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French Bulldog Rescue Network is a multinational registered non-profit organization founded in 2001 that has dedicated itself to rescuing and rehabilitating French Bulldogs. All the lost souls under their wing have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and all compulsory medical care is given to ensure the dog is healthy before sending them off to their new forever homes. The adoption process is hassle-free and requires a person to select a dog of his choice through the list provided on the website; from there on, a $10 non-refundable fee is taken to fill out the application. The money submitted helps the Rescue to aid the dogs onsite. FBRN has gained the reputation for being the best breed-specific rescue shelter, so if you are looking for a French bulldog in Georgia, scout no more and fill out the form on their website.

5.) Homeward Bound Pet Rescue

Homeward Bound Pet Rescue is a non-profit charitable organization. They are run by a group of volunteers committed to rescuing and rehabilitating homeless domestic animals who have been abused, neglected, surrendered by their owners, or are at risk at high-kill shelters. This is not a French Bulldogs-specific organization but has them available occasionally. Dogs under their care are offered medical care and are helped with social and psychological issues due to past trauma; these are all done to reassure the future owner that the dogs they receive are medically and mentally healthy and ready for their love and friendship. Their Facebook page has success stories that make you want to donate and help. Be a part of their noble cause by visiting their website and helping in whatever way possible.

6.) Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is a non-profit association formed in 2009 by a few individuals with a keen interest in helping homeless and unwanted dogs in animal control areas and other high-risk situations like euthanasia. With the help of fellow volunteers and generous donors, they have saved over 20,000 dogs, excluding cats. Their website provides an insight into the mission they aim to achieve alongside dates of upcoming events and activities that will be used for fundraising, a list of available dogs, which include French Bulldogs, and some important details about the adoption process. To boast their credibility, they have outstanding reviews on Google, describing the dogs coming out of this organization as well-mannered and friendly. Feel free to contact them using the details given above.

7.) Coastal Pet Rescue

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Coastal Pet Rescue is a charitable organization that has, through its lives, saved countless lives. French Bulldog is a common breed in Georgia, and this organization always have them available at their rescue. They recover around 600 pets annually while providing a list of services, e.g., sterilization and veterinary care. Moreover, they also educate the local community on pet behavior and training and, most importantly, prepare for natural-caused emergencies, including hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Their website has a page full of dogs available. Visit their website and find yourself a furry friend.

8.) Georgia Rescue Rehabilitation & Relocation (GRRR)

Started by a small group of volunteers in 2011, Georgia Rescue Rehabilitation & Relocation is a rescue, tax-exempt organization that has saved thousands of lives since it started. They rescue dogs from owners who can no longer care for them and from shelters that operate without the no-kill policy alongside dogs who have been abused. Dogs under their care are thoroughly checked for diseases and provided with all required medical care, including spay/neuter programs and vaccinations. 

All dogs are placed in foster homes through their highly reliable foster network and cared for until being placed in their fur-ever homes. Most senior dogs are placed into foster homes so they can comfortably outlive the rest of their life. This organization is also not French Bulldog specific, but they have gained a reputation for having them available whenever required. Contact them using the details given above.

9.) Kandi’s Furever Companions

Last on the list is Kandis Furever Companions. This renowned dog breeder has gained a reputation for breeding the most well-behaved, beautiful, and household dogs. They have been breeding for the past 15 years and have mastered their craft; their main priority is the health and behavior of French Bulldogs that come out of their organization. For this, they provide the best medical care and vaccinate all their dogs since birth to ensure a great future. Their website offers insight into their past puppies and upcoming litters and a page especially to submit reviews, which are taken into extreme consideration. For more details regarding their association, visit their website or email them.

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