27 Fun Facts About American Curl Cat Breed

A friend of mine offered me to adopt a newly born American Curl kitten. To be honest, that cat breed has always been my favorite and I couldn’t resist accepting his offer.

But I was confused if it was a good idea to bring a cat home in the presence of kids and a pet dog. Since then, I am digging some information about this ethereal-looking cat breed. After a thorough investigation, I found some astonishing facts about the American Curl cat breed which gave me the confidence to adopt this cat.

Without further delay, I’d like to share all the fun facts about this cat breed which helped me greatly in raising my American Curl kitty. 

Fun facts about American Curl cats

Following are some enjoyable and informative facts about this breed:

  1. The cat with mysterious history
  2. Forever young cat
  3. Story behind its name
  4. Firm ears
  5. Newly born kitten with straight ears
  6. The effect of ear curls on hearing power
  7. Fancy looking tail
  8. Door opener cat
  9. Alarm clock cat
  10. Friends with everyone
  11. Obsession with little kids
  12. Silent cat
  13. Head-butt appreciation
  14. Cuddling cat
  15. Concerned about hygiene
  16. Weight gain
  17. Age expectancy
  18. Jumping cat
  19. Play-with-me mood
  20. Curiosity
  21. Good health
  22. Ear disease
  23. Trill maker
  24. Adaptable cat
  25. Animal friendly cat
  26. Coat variety
  27. Faithful cats

American Curl 101 (Video)


Mysterious history

This cat breed was first discovered in 1981 and registered by a California based couple when they found a beautiful black stray kitten with strangely curled ears on their doorstep. The cat was named ‘Shulamith’ and it is considered as the mother of all modern American Curls.

The most famous and unique characteristic of this breed is their curl-shaped ears which make them look effortlessly beautiful. But where did these curls come from?

Years later, a feline geneticist named Roy Robinson studied the breed of American Curls to find out the answers.

After studying the behavior, lifestyle, and reproduction of 383 American Curls, it was concluded that the ear-curling gene is a dominant gene. Any cat having 1 copy of this gene will get curled ears.

Interbreeding between two American Curls will produce a curled ear kitten. As a result of cross-breeding of an American Curl with another breed, only half of the litter will have curled ears.

Forever young (Peter-pan)

American Curls are often called the “Peter Pan” of the cat world because they always act as a young kitten no matter how old they grow. These cats don’t age into an old lazy cat.Instead, they stay young at heart forever.

It is not unusual to see older Curls playing around the house with just as much joy as younger ones. Males and females are equally active. You can expect them to stay active in their last years of life unless they get sick.

Story behind their name

The cat was named American Curl cat due to the structure of its ears. The distinctive curly ear structure makes them easily recognizable.

Firm ears

When you take a look at this cat’s ears, they look flexible and soft. But the reality is quite the opposite. Other cat breeds have supple and soft ear cartilage but the American Curl’s ear cartilage is firm and tough like human’s ear. So, their lovely ears are firmer than you’d imagine.

Newly born kitten with straight ears

At the time of birth, the kitten has straight ears. The ear curling doesn’t happen inside the womb. You have to wait for it to happen.

But the good part is that you do not have to wait for too long. They start to curl back eventually and after almost 16 weeks, they permanently gain their signature shape. 

There are also varieties in this curl. Some cat ears will gain 90°curl while others will have 180° of curl. It is quite interesting to watch your American Curls growing up and changing their ear shape.

The cats with biggest curls are the most wanted cats of this breed.

The effect of ear curls on hearing power

Many people believe the curled ear structure somehow affects the hearing ability of American Curl cats. Actually, that is not the case. This cat has as strong a hearing sense as any other breed. However, it is good to check the ears regularly to clean out the wax because the weird shaped ears do not protect them from getting the dirt or infection.

Fancy looking tail

The head-turning tail of American Curls is another attractive feature of these cats. Not just the weird looking ear, this cat also possesses a plume-like tail that differentiates it from other breeds. The tail looks just like one of those feather boas that you could wrap around your neck and take aesthetic pictures.

This fancy tail adds up to the elegance of this breed. It is one of the reasons why many cat lovers are attracted to this breed.

Door opener

The American Curl cat breed has a talent for learning mischievous acts. These cats are pros at opening and closing doors or cabinets.

Well, is that good or bad?

It depends on the circumstances.

If the cat opens the door to a place where you have kept important stuff, then it is going to be a problem for you. Keep your important things away from the reach of these cats otherwise they can create a mess with their prying paws. 

Alarm clock cat

The American Curl cats are honestly the best alarm clock alternatives. The cat knows how to wake up its owner when the alarm sounds.

The cat wakes up instantly by an alarm and starts patting your eyes, kissing your nose, and licking your hair to make sure that you get up on time.

So, say goodbye to being late to meetings because yourAmerican Curl cat will make sure that you aren’t.


This gentle and friendly cat breed is best known for its people-loving behavior. American Curls are everyone’s friend. This breed has the dog’s attentiveness towards humans. It remains loving, faithful and affectionate to the keeper in all situations.

Think of this cat as a cute little soul mate. Regardless of its age, the American Curl cat is a highly adaptable and social breed.

So, when it comes to this feline, do not worry about being disliked. This breed handles new situations and people with ease and poise. It will become friends with you in a very short time.

Obsession with little kids

This cat gets obsessed with the owner and his family in a very short time.

Once they settle into your family, they will get well along with children as well as it doesn’t take a lot of time to adjust. American Curls like playing with the kids too, which is a very unusual and rare habit in cats.

Most of the cat breeds do not like children of small ages. But if you have an American Curl, then you can expect it to be your child’s friend and playing partner forever because of its friendly nature and never-ending stacks of energy.

Silent cats

The American Curl cat breed is not inclined to be as noisy as others. Though lively in personality, this breed is a very quiet cat. They can be energetic and playful without being talkative. Rather than being talkative, it tends to vocalize in a repressed manner such as making coos which sounds like music to the ears.

Many pet owners prefer a quiet and peaceful cat rather than a loud breed. Sometimes the silence of American Curls might make you question what they are thinking about. Well, if I had to take a guess, I’d say they are thinking about you. Yes! That’s your loyal kitty.

Head-butt appreciation

This cat breed shows admiration and love by doing a cute head-butt. It gives an affectionate head-butt to welcome you when you come home. This is its way to show joy and affection. This cat might extend this gesture to strangers whom it is meeting for the first time.

Cuddling cat

American Curls like staying close to the keeper. When they get tired, they like to rest in thelap of their owners.

If you are looking for a cute pet that is a good cuddler as well, then find an American Curl. This cat would follow its keeper anywhere, even if it is a bed. It would share your bed and cuddle with you to show its love.

Concerned about hygiene

This cat breed is extremely particular about good hygiene. The two basic hygienic requirements of this cat are:

  • Clean washroom
  • Teeth brushing

Clean washroom: They want their washrooms to be clean and you have to get the litter box regularly changed and spotless all the time. The cat will probably refuse to use the box unless it is fresh.

Teeth brushing: Besides clean washroom, your cat requires regular dental hygiene to avoid periodontal diseases. You can perform the cat’s teeth cleaning process on your own.

Recently, I invested in this AWESOME cat toothbrush and cheese-flavored toothpaste. In case you’re wondering why you can’t use your own toothpaste for the purpose; it’s harmful if ingested and your cat would always end up eating the toothpaste. The cool thing about this toothpaste is that it’s totally edible. In fact, my cat ends up eating most of it because it honestly tastes good! (I may or may not have tasted it once.)

If your cat is ultra-hygienic, you should be proud instead of flustered.

Weight gain

The American Curls are prone to get fat due to lack of exercise. These cats are indoor pets and they do not go outdoors and run around like other pets. This makes them susceptible to obesity if they eat more and move less. 

The pet owner should take care of the food’s quality and quantity for the American Curls. Feed them organic food with best quality primary nutrients. If a cat puts on extra weight after eating a healthy and moderate quantity of food then pay attention to the cat’s activity. Less movement will cause obesity among these cats in no time.

If you’re wondering which cat food I feed to my precious American Curl, then it’s this one from Hill’s. It’s specifically designed for indoor cats and my cutie pie is ready to gobble the whole pack down in one go.

Age expectancy

The average life of this cat is about 12 years but they can live up to 20 years as well. The idea of owning a pet that lives for such a long time is amazing, isn’t it?

Well, life expectancy depends on several factors like diet, exercise, health and preexisting health conditions.

Jumping cats

Most of the cat breeds seem to like jumping but many of them do not like heights. This breed happens to love heights and enjoy jumping from them too.

You will find them resting on top of cabinets and cupboards. You might catch them gazing at you from the height while you are doing your work.

Play-with-me mood

American Curls might sit on your shoulder just to get closer to you. This is the cat’s way to tell you to play with it. The favorite game of this breed is playing jump & fetch. Throw any cat toy at a higher spot and this cat would jump cheerfully to get it. You can play this game with American Curls for as long as you want.

Curiosity and American Curl cat

American Curls are energetic, playful, and highly adorable cats.

These are the most prominent features of American Curl cat’s personality. Butit has another typical cat behavioral characteristic.

Any guesses?

Well, you might have heard the cat and curiosity phrase. Curiosity is the common trait of all cat breeds including American Curls. This curious cat will open your drawers, cabinets, and doors just to find out what’s inside.

So, if you come home and find everything upside down, then you have your American Curl to blame for this mischievous act. But do not worry! The curious nature of the cat indicates an intelligent mind. Make sure to lock the doors when you leave your cat home alone.

Good health

The American Curl cat is a healthy and active breed. Aside from common feline illnesses, they are free from major hereditary diseases and do not possess any notable disease that can be imputed to genetics.

Ear disease

One minor health problem among American Curl cats is related to their ear canals. Due to their curled shape, it gets easier forforeign objects to get inside the ears which may lead to infections. Besides that, these cats remain healthiest throughout their life. 

You can keep your cat safe from getting ear infections by cleaning the ear wax regularly. Also, try to take you American Curl to a vet for a regular check-up.

Trill maker

The American Curl doesn’t talk to you like a regular cat. It won’t make the ‘meow’ sound or howl. This breed of cat communicates in a unique way.

The American Curl cat makes a particular trill to talk and express its feelings. The trill is very distinctive and you’ll recognize it as soon as you hear it. It is similar to a bird’s chirping sound.

While they make trills to communicate with you, they also use other ways to communicate their message. You need to pay attention to the physical cues of your cat to figure out its message.

Adaptable cats

The American Curl is known as one of the most adaptive cats as compared to other breeds. They adjust very quickly and easily in new environments. If you move around a lot, then you do not have to worry about this cat feeling homesick. It can also be your travel buddy to different countries.


These cats adjust very well with other animals in their surroundings. That means having other pets in the house with an American Curl cat is not an issue.

But make sure that other pets are not violent towards this innocent creature. These cats are very loving towards their owner and behave very well with strangers as well. This could be dangerous for these beautiful cats as not every stranger has the best of intentions for them.

Coat variety

The cats from this breed are medium sized which can weigh from 5-12 pounds. Their hair coat is of two types:

  • Long coat
  • Short coat

The long coat variety has a special detail of thick whiskers that initiate from each curled ear. Short coat cats lack this detail. Many people like the former kind more. 

Both varieties of coats are extremely soft & silky. The undercoat of American Curls is very little and the outer coat comes in various colors and patterns. This is a very interesting fact about these cats; one cat looks totally different from the other one of the same breed.

Faithful cats

As mentioned before, these cats have a very loving nature. This is a very admirable quality of this breed but guess what? There is more to that.

An American Curl cat actually loves the owner as its own. It is probably the most loyal cat you can ever find. YourAmerican Curl will stay with you in any case and any situation. In addition to that, they will protect you and your family from possible threats which the cat might sense before you do.

Related Questions

Why is my American Curl not accepting food?American Curls just accept meat as food. Do not forget this fact while preparing food for this breed. If your American Curl cat is rejecting the food that you made, then the food’s ingredients might be the reason. This cat will not accept non-meaty foods like dairy, fruits, nuts, and vegetables etc.  

Can I leave my American Curl cat alone for 3 days at home?No, it is not suitable to leave your cat home alone for such a long time. The cat will develop separation anxiety and become mentally disturbed. You can, however, take your cat with you wherever you are going as this breed is highly adaptive by nature and won’t disturb you at a new place. 

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