10 Best Golden Retriever Rescues in Florida

Here you will find the list of the best Golden Retriever Rescues in Florida. 

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Top 10 Golden Retriever Rescues in Florida

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Florida

1.) Golden Retrievals

Golden Retrievals was initiated as an unofficial operation in 2010 but was incorporated in 2011 and approved as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Long before the incorporation, the founder was doing informal rescue work, fostering and re-homing displaced dogs and using her personal and enthusiastic network to help Goldens in need. Since then, their goal has been to grow the rescue into a fully-sustainable, non-profit organization with an ever-growing family. Go and show them some support.

2.) Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc. is an NPO that ensures all Goldens under their wing receive proper care. They work tirelessly to provide any needed medical care and ensure they are placed in loving homes to get the affection they were meant to receive. They also rescue high-risk dogs from risky situations and support programs against animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty. Check out their website to learn more.

3.) Florida All Retriever Rescue

Florida Retriever Rescue (FARR), Inc. is a non-profit, all-volunteer Pet Rescue devoted to saving the lives of neglected and abandoned dogs throughout Florida, with a particular focus on retriever breeds. They spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip the rescues before putting them up for adoption. To show their mission some support, go and check out their links above. 

4.) G.R.E.A.T Rescue of NE Florida, Inc.

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Active for 23 years and counting, this organization has been involved in the rescue of over 1200 goldens and is still going strong. Not having a physical location, they more than make up for it with a vast network of volunteers all over Northeast Florida that work day in and out to give them the support they need. Check out their website to adopt a furry friend today.

5.) Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

Located on the Gulf Coast and serving the Florida Panhandle, Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue is a group of volunteers that are on the lookout for good homes for Goldens who have been abandoned, abused, or surrendered. They also look into covering healthcare for these goldens and also the temperament of said goldens, so they cover all bases. To show them some support, go and visit their website to learn more and adopt a Golden Retriever for yourself.

6.) Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc.

In operation since 1991 and boasting an almost ludicrous statistic of having saved nearly 4200 golden retrievers, GRRMF is an off-shoot of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club, birthed from a surplus of $500. Now running with a network of over 200 volunteers, they are a seasoned organization that is consistent in its efforts to rescue all the Goldens that they can, so please go on ahead and visit their website to learn how to support them. 

7.) Golden Rescue of South Florida

Since 2005, Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc. “GRSF,” is a non-profit that has been dedicated to rescuing and re-homing displaced Golden Retrievers. They are an all-volunteer, foster-based organization that places abandoned, unwanted, displaced, or abused Golden Retrievers, regardless of age or condition, in South Florida, where each dog receives the second chance they deserve. This is an organization that deserves a lot of support. Visit their website for further enlightenment.

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8.) Everglade Golden Retriever Rescue

Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, comprehensive evaluation, and quality adoptive homes for Golden Retrievers who are abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or left at Animal Control facilities from Vero Beach to Key West. Follow their socials to stay updated on their latest endeavors. 

9.) Joshua’s House Golden Retriever Rescue

Headed by a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience, they are a dedicated group of dog lovers that help retrievers, and retriever mixes find their forever homes. They have no specific age limit, taking in goldens from birth to hospice. They also raise awareness of health care, spaying, and neutering and educate the community about adopting rather than going to Puppy mills or pet stores. Go and check out their website to learn more.

10.) Life Is Golden, Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc.

Life Is Golden, Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that rescues and heals neglected and traumatized Golden Retrievers, and Golden mixes, regardless of their age or medical conditions. It also secures safe, loving homes through a comprehensive adoption program and provides lifetime sanctuary. Check out their website to learn more.

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