15 Ways to Groom a Balinese Cat

Every owner of Balinese cats should know some basic grooming tips for this cat’s behavior and hygiene. They should be aware of how to handle the situation when a Balinese cat is in its cranky mood and also how to make it more presentable.

Many Balinese cat owners have reported returning their cat after a few days because they couldn’t keep up with the drama of this little creature.

Here are the top 15 ways to groom your Balinese cat and make them adjust in your family.

1) Train your cat

As the cats of this breed are extremely quick on picking information up, so you can easily train them.

Every pet should get at least basic training from its owner to behave nicely with everyone and not to become a pain in your butt.

If you have never owned and trained a cat before, then you need to keep the following things in your mind:

  • Cats are not as easy to train as dogs. They have different ideas about training. And that is the reason why you should start slow on their training and be soft-centered with them.
  • Show love and affection while training your cat. If your Balinese cat doesn’t feel like getting trained, then no other thing would help it to do so.
  • Be kind and never force your cat to do things as the situation would just get worse for you.
  • If they feel like getting trained, then they would catch things quite easily because of their sharp intelligence.

2) Get professional help

If you do all the possible efforts to train and groom your cat but it still doesn’t get friendly enough with you and doesn’t follow your instructions, then giving up wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

There are other solutions such as:

Visiting a veterinarian and seeking professional assistance.

Professional groomers know how to tackle with cranky and irascible cats. If the cat gets out of control or way too high-tempered, then the vet might have to sedate it which is all normal so there is nothing to worry about.

3) Play with your cat regularly

You can’t just keep your cat inside your home 24/7.

This would not only just frustrate the cat but also make it moody because these are very social cats.

Let your cat do the following things:

  • Allow it to go out in the yard and play
  • Let it interact with people around
  • Let it interact with other pets and cat-friendly dogs

4) Bring toys for it

Cats love to play with the toys.So, you can:

  • Bring toys for your fun-loving cat
  • Play with the cat using toys
  • Leave your kids around the cat to have fun with it

Doing so would strengthen the bond between you and your cat and create a sense of affection and love between both.

5) Don’t forcefully shower your cat

Almost all cats are scared of water which is why they do not like the idea of bathing that much. Obviously, every owner would want their pet to be clean and tidy all the time and give a bath to it.

Your cat might:

  • Run away when it sees water
  • It would jerk its paws if you forcefully put it under the water

Well, doing things forcefully to your pet would just make them rude and moody.

6) Use wet wipes or towels instead

If your cat doesn’t like to take a bath directly under water, you can clean it by using wet towels or wipes. Besides, a Balinese cat is efficient enough in taking care of its coat from dirt and dust, so you won’t have to worry about it a lot.

Here is what you can do:

  • Take a damp towel and rub it all over your pet’s body
  • If some area is dirtier than the others, wipe off that area gently until the dirt comes off
  • After cleaning, roll up your pet in a dry towel or dry it out using a blow dryer

7) Don’t forget to clean the ears

Your cat might be good in keeping its coat clean but unfortunately, they can’t clean their ear themselves.

For that, you would have to keep a check on your cat’s ear at least once a week as they have a sensitive ear that needs to stay clean.

Remove the ear wax gently using wet cotton balls which are easily available at the pet store. Method of cleaning your cat’s ear wax is:

  • Roll back your pet’s ear
  • Use cotton/cleansing pads to gently rub the ear

If the wax isn’t completely removed, visit a vet.

8) Keep the nails trimmed

Your pet shouldn’t roam around having long nails as it can be dangerous for you, your kids, your furniture and even for your own pet.

Cut your cat’s nails following these steps:

  • Place the cat on your lap or wrap it in a towel if it doesn’t really like grooming
  • Take your cat’s paw and start cutting the nail on by one
  • Make sure you don’t cut it so deep that it hurts the cat
  • Place the clipper at an angle of 45-degree then cut to avoid splinter
  • If the nail isn’t too long, then use a filer to smoothen the brittle nails

9) Brush your cat’s coat regularly

Cats having long hairs usually enjoy having their coat brushed.

They feel comfortable when you brush their hair and it’s also another way to build a bond between you and your cat. Make sure you avoid:

  • Brushing the hair using a hard bristle brush
  • Trying to untangle a knot using a brush
  • Going so deep that it hurts your cat’s skin

Doing the aforementioned things would not only hurt your cat but it would lose its temper too.

Use a soft bristle brush and comb it gently through the pet’s body. If you see a knot somewhere, it would be better if you cut that out rather than combing that out harshly.

10) Clean its teeth

Balinese can be vulnerable to some periodontal diseases which can be prevented by regular brushing of their teeth.

You should brush your cat’s teeth at least once or twice a week.  The method includes:

  • Take some cat-friendly toothpaste on the brush.
  • Hold your cat’s mouth and scrub the teeth with toothbrush gently in all directions.
  • Rinse its mouth with water.

Note: Never use human toothpaste on your cat’s teeth as cats ingest toothpaste which can be harmful. Buy a specifically formulated and edible cat toothpaste like this one.

11) Clean their eyes

Apart from teeth and ears, your cat’s eyes should also be cleaned in order to prevent any sort of eye infection by:

  • Using a damp towel to wipe away anything that settles at the corner of your cat’s eye
  • Making sure you use a separate cloth or part of the cloth to clean the other eye to avoid the risk of spreading the infection from one eye to other

12) Feed the cat appropriately

Almost every cat is a foodie and seems hungry all the time.

Though, this doesn’t mean that you would just put a plate full of food in front of your cat every time. Instead, you should:

  • Feed your cat in a timely and limited manner; not too much and not too little
  • Provide it the healthy snacks
  • Ask the veterinarian that which food would be best for your Balinese cat

13) Make a diet schedule

Give your cat dry both dry and wet food as both are nutritious for it.

Following things might be helpful for you:

  • Ask the vet to make a schedule for your cat or at least tell the necessary requirements of it
  • Provide it the controlled amount of snack
  • Most importantly, stick to the schedule no matter what

14) Get your cat checked for skin problems

Skin conditions are related to the overall health of your cat so get your cat checked by the vet for such issues.

Skin problems can be due to:

  • Excessive licking or chewing
  • Allergies
  • External parasites

15) Give it the attention that it needs

Your Balinese cat has a very loving and playful personality. It loves to go out and socialize. Most importantly, it craves your attention all the time and if not provided with the desired attention, then it might crave for it.

Give your cat proper treatment such as:

Spending time with it, playing with it, and giving it proper attention.

Related Questions

What is the life span of Balinese cats? Balinese cats are expected to live for approximately 15-20 years. You can spend a good enough time with your Balinese cat once it adjusts itself completely around you and your family.

Is Balinese cat the right cat for you? Well, if you can provide this cat with the attention that it deserves and make sure that you play with it, then the Balinese cat might be a great match for you.

Do Balinese cats have any health issues? Balinese cats are likely to develop some inherited diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy which affects the proper vision of cats. Such diseases are due to their link to the Siamese cats.

What do Balinese cats eat? Balinese cat has the same diet as all the cats depending upon its likes and dislikes. Whereas, intake of healthy nutrients is essential for every cat so you can just ask the vet that which nutrients should be given to your Balinese cat.

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