Best Food for Guppy Fish? Feeding Flakes?

Taking care of guppies is not a complicated task at all. However, you need to make sure you provide them with a suitable atmosphere to help them function properly.

What does a guppy fish eat? Guppies can devour any sort of fish food as long as it is soft and small. They eat flakes, frozen and dried food, bloodworms, and even lettuce.

Best Food for Guppy Fish? Feeding Flakes? (Video)

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Still, wondering about what to feed your guppies? Let us discover some facts about guppies and delve into their little bellies’ interests!

How to make guppy fish food?

When it comes to pet food, a lot of pet owners want to make food at home for their pets. Of course, homemade food would be much cheaper and much healthier!

So yes, if you can save yourselves a few dollars, then why not? Guppies are food lovers; if you search the internet on how to provide them with homemade food, you will come across a lot of recipes!

Homemade food for guppies would always be preferred because it is much better than frozen food. Guppies make things easier for the owner as they love to eat a variety of different things.

Consuming different nutrients makes them healthy and helps them grow faster! Homemade food would surely make your guppies healthier and energetic.

Protein is very important and irreplaceable for adults guppies or fry. Daphnia, fruit flies, mosquito pupae, and brine shrimps are good sources of protein.

You can find those sources as frozen foods or you might as well feed them live to your guppies. Moreover, vegetable is also essential for your guppies. You can shop some small pieces of spinach, zucchini, peas, and mustard green.

In addition to vegetables, fruits are also an important factor for vitamins. Feeding guppies fruits twice a week would make their health better. Cut small pieces of bananas and grapes and then give them to your guppies.

Fruits have a good amount of sugar. So remember, you should only give fruits as a treat to your guppies. It is easy to make homemade food for your guppies; do not think twice about that! Go ahead and make them fresh food. Fresh is healthier!

What to feed guppies when you’re out of food?

This question has the same answer as the previous one! If you run out of guppies’ food at home and you still have to wait for some time to receive your order of pet food, or if you cannot afford the expensive pet food, you can easily search your fridge for some vegetables, fruits, shrimps and other beef small foods.

You can feed your guppies with beef heart. Just chop the beef heart into small pieces using a blender or a chopper, then give it to your adult guppies; they will devour it instantly.

If you have some small fish in your freezer, you can feed those to the guppies, too. Moreover, you can chop your vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, and spinach into small pieces and your guppies would love them.

If you can get some earthworms and bloodworms, that would be perfect! You would be serving your guppies a nutrient-filled and healthy meal! Yet, live food also sometimes causes a risk of carrying disease and transferring it into the tank to the fish.

Anyway, this means you do not need to worry about running out of food and wondering about what to feed your guppies. The most important thing is not to overfeed them. overfeeding would pollute the water and it would make it look murky.

Can guppies eat goldfish food?

Sometimes people make mistakes and bring back home fish food for a different species of fish other than the ones they have in their tanks. Would it be a problem?

It would not be a big problem and it would not cause harm; however, it will not be as effective and as healthy as their original type of food. For example, goldfish food does not have enough amount of protein which guppies need.

It is okay to feed them goldfish flakes but you have to crumble the flakes to get very small pieces to help the guppies eat them. Then you must get your guppies’ food after that because even if you feed them goldfish food as a replacement, this would not be good for them in the long run.

Only for a short while, you can feed your guppies goldfish food since both of them have similar diets.

Tropical flakes will always be better, So try as much as you can to use this goldfish food solution only when you have no other option. But continue it for a short while only until you bring your guppies their proper food and their ideal nutrients.

Remember that good quality flakes could enhance your guppies’ colors!

How much food should guppies eat?

It is very important to feed your guppies properly in reasonable quantities. It is said that you can feed your guppies twice a day, but once a day would be perfect if you give them food which they can eat in 3 to 5 minutes.

Overfeeding your guppies would cause lots of problems to the water as well as to the guppies themselves. When there is some remaining uneaten food in the tank, the water will be polluted and unclear.

A good solution for this is feeding your guppies fish-feeding cakes and compressed food. This type of food disintegrates very slowly and would help your guppies get enough food for almost 3 days if you plan to leave them unattended or are going on a vacation.

Ideally, guppies must be fed in the morning and at night with a 12 hours gap between both feeding schedules. A tiny pinch of flakes each time of feeding would be enough for the guppies.

Do not be too generous with them because they would always be begging for food even if they have already eaten enough food. One more thing; you have to notice the temperature of the water.

Guppies eat fewer quantities of food if the water is cold because this cool water makes their metabolism slow. Whenever there are leftovers in the tank, remove them quickly to prevent the water from getting polluted.

The best thing to do is to feed your guppies flakes in the morning and freeze or live food in the evening. Feeding your guppies in a proper way would help in lengthening their lifespan and enhancing their colors as well!

How long can guppies live without food?

Guppies can stay without food for almost a week. If you plan to leave for more than a week without feeding your guppies, you must get someone to feed them instead of you.

Food is very important for guppies. I mentioned a solution before to help you if you are planning to leave your guppies unattended for 3 days; fish feeding cakes that can remain in the tank for 3 days.

However, you must not keep them without food for more than one week. It is true that keeping your guppies without food once per week is healthy for them to enable their digestive system to function properly but exceeding the limit will start causing problems.

You can use strong lights in order to help plants grow in your fish tank and then the guppies could feed on them. Or you need to afford to buy an automatic feeder. These are the only temporary solution but in the long run, you cannot keep your guppies without food for so long.

What do guppies eat besides fish food?

Guppies eat algae. They can feed on the algae that are found in the tank. They can eat hard-boiled egg yolk, too, in addition to baby brine shrimps. They eat mosquito larvae, shellfish, and fish meat.

Fish food is not bad for them but it does not have enough protein as well. Tropical flakes would be the best solution. They are not picky eaters. I believe this makes everything a lot easier for you.

Guppies are hardy and they only need a clean home to function well. So, there is not much effort you have to exert to take care of them and their food.

Where to get guppy food?

You are highly recommended to buy guppy food from high-quality stores to guarantee food that will not harm your guppies.

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What other vegetables can guppies eat? Besides chopped pieces of cucumber, zucchini, and spinach, guppies also can be fed peas, sweet corn, bell peppers, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce. Stay away from feeding guppies onions, cabbages and the juicy parts of tomatoes because these things could foul the water easily.


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