8 Best Havanese Rescues in Florida

Here you will find the list of the best Havanese Rescues in Florida.

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Top 8 Havanese Rescues in Florida

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Florida

1.) Suncoast Animal League

Suncoast Animal League has served Palm Harbor since its incorporation as a non-profit organization in 2006. Since that year, they have saved and adopted over 20,000 animals, focusing on smaller animals. More often than not, these dogs are more commonly made targets of negligence and abuse. To prevent this from happening further, Suncoast needs your support, and you can do that by visiting their website and adopting or donating.

2.) Big & Small Dog Rescue Ranch

Across 33 acres of land in the sunny state of Florida, BDRR has been operating round the clock to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals with no prejudice to give them all a chance at living a fulfilled and healthy life of love and security. BDRR has saved over 50,000 animals, but they have not done anything without support. That support can be through donations or by adopting from them. Please go and check them out.

3.) Humane Society of Sarasota County

Conceptualized in 1951 and incorporated in 1952 to save others from losing a furry friend, the HSSC has been no-kill since March 2009. It promotes the welfare of all Sarasota County animals while looking for homes that can care for them. They are a private rescue, so they need your support to serve the community. To do that, check out their website to learn more about them and adopt a doggo today. 

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4.) Canine Castaways, Inc.

In 2003, the founder of Canine Castaways saved one sick Chihuahua, which became a launchpad for their efforts to rescue more animals. Just one animal was enough for them to want to make a difference, and since then, they have saved over 2300 animals and continue to do so more every day. Go visit their website and social media to learn more.

5.) Happy Trails Animal Rescue

Located in Central Florida, Happy Trails started after five years of rescue efforts concentrated around local shelters but then diverted its attention to the actual root of the problem rather than clean up in the aftermath of the mess it caused. The organization opened up a new community resource center for pet owners just four years ago to educate the people and create a better community, eventually solving the problem of overpopulation. To support their mission, go ahead and visit their links and contact them to learn more.

6.) The Humane Society of Tampa Bay

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, like all the other rescues on this list, is a private non-profit shelter that aims to rescue and shelter both homeless and at-risk animals. Established in 1912 and going strong for over ten decades, the HSTB has become the pinnacle of animal welfare and healthcare services in the Tampa Bay area. Since they are a 501(c)(3), they need your help to do what they do, so I urge you to go and visit their links and show them the support they very much need.

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7.) Puppy Pleasers’ Rescue

Puppy Pleasers’ Rescue is a relatively newer entrant in the realm of non-profit animal rescue but still operates with the same ethics and morals that all the rescues on this list abide by. They are a private rescue, and they work primarily with puppies and smaller breeds, where the Havanese fits in perfectly. They do so to give these young ones a chance at living a healthy and fulfilled life and will keep doing this as long as they have your support. With that said, please do go and visit their links above to learn about their program and pick up a little guy for yourself.

8.) Barky Pines Animal Rescue

The final rescue on this list is Barky Pines, located in Palm Beach County. Their mission is- as usual- to keep the county a no-kill county while also rescuing animals in need of rescue. Beyond that, pet overpopulation is another problem to end that they have undertaken and are consistently working to educate the community about these pressing issues as well. To do all this and more, they need support from you, and that can come through either donations to them, adopting them, or even visiting their website to learn more about them.

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