Height, Weight & Growth Range for Adult Abyssinian Cats

A cat is only considered healthy if it has a strong physical appearance. Part of this “healthy” look is the right weight and height for your cat.

What is the ideal height and weight range of an adult Abyssinian cat? An adult male Abyssinian should weigh between 10 and 16 pounds. A female, on the other hand, should weigh between 9 and 15 pounds. The males grow from 17 up to 23 inches in height whereas the females grow up to 16 to 21 inches.

Now you know the average growth rate for Aby cats, but that’s not enough. You need to know the right diet that will practically help you apply this information. Here are some tips in that regard.

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Growth Rate

Abyssinian cats have a very consistent growth rate. Even when they’re kittens, Abyssinians need to be treated the same way as adults.


Abyssinian cats remain roughly the same size throughout their life.

By the time these cats reach the age of 6 months, they usually have reached their maximum height. Titsefore, your 6-month-old Abyssinian cat should be at least 17 inches long. Most cats stop growing after 1 year of age.

Male and female cats grow pretty much at the same rate. This means that your 1-year-old Abyssinian cat, whetits male or female, should grow at the same rate. Their sizes will remain consistent for the next 10 to 15 years. However, diet and health conditions will affect this consistency.

Factors affecting the growth

Growth is affected by:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Motor neuron activity


The diet of your Aby cat should be a good balance between wet and dry food. If you’re buying canned cat food, you should thoroughly research the ingredients. The food should be clear of unwanted plant fillers.

Motor neuron activity

Your cat needs to stay active for maintaining weight. Abyssinian cats are naturally very active and love playing around. Your cat will usually find sources of entertainment on its own. But for encouraging growth, you should offer the right toys yourself.

The first activity you should really focus on is climbing. It burns excessive fats and causes enough stretching for the cat to grow in length. You can also opt for toys that encourage running exercise in the cat.

My Aby cats seemed to replicate my own behavior of lying around in the house, so I decided to put that to an end. That’s when I bought this cat play tower, and let me tell you, this baby is magical!

Now all day long, my furballs are climbing atop this tower and playing with each other. One can physically see how happy they are with the toy, so I’d definitely recommend it to cat owners.

Overweight cats

When we say “healthy cats”, we don’t mean “cats that are fat”. In fact, healthy cats are ones that have an ideal weight. Overweight cats are far from healthy.

Obesity in cats comes with a number of issues.

The first risk is that the cat’s lifespan is cut short. While average Abyssinian cats live up to 15 years, an obese cat will hardly see its 10th birthday.

Overweight cats also suffer from joint and tendon weakness. Simple movements become hard for them. Considering how playful Abyssinian cats are, obesity makes life a paradox for these furballs. In worse case scenarios, this can also lead to arthritis. Diabetes and heart issues are also common in obese Abyssinian cats.

You can help your cat lose weight by monitoring its diet and activities. Start by cutting down the calories in your cat’s food. You can switch to easily-digestible food options for this purpose.

Minimize treat offerings and switch to verbal praises instead. For when you really want to offer a treat, steer clear of common sugary cat treats. Go for fruits, veggies, and other types of natural and healthy treats.

To encourage more exercise, set up the environment in an interactive way. Add vertical spaces in the surroundings so that the cat keeps moving around. Since Abyssinian cats can get bored with toys very quickly, try switching up the cat toys every now and then.

Well, after keeping dozens of cats, I’ve always had at least one at a time that just got bored of every toy that I bought it. Whenever that happened, this Ball Tower Track was the only toy that kept it busy.

You wouldn’t imagine how crazy my cats were for this. But I mean, just think of it; you’ve got a tower with balls, how else do you expect your cats to react to it?

The bottom line is:

Cat obesity needs to be dealt with by altering their diet and activities.

Underweight cats

Just like obesity, being underweight isn’t healthy, too. Underweight cats are weak and vulnerable to a number of health-related risks.

These are three things that you have to consider for an underweight cat:

  • Why is your cat losing weight?
  • Why is that harmful?
  • How can you treat the issue?

The causes of weight loss vary from cat to cat. If your cat suddenly stops eating, it is probably due to dental issues.

Moreover, kidney issues can also be a cause of loss of appetite. Your cat may also be developing diabetes. It is best if you immediately head to a vet if your cat is being inconsistent about dietary intake.

The solution to underweight cats lies in its diet. A high protein diet is mandatory. Kitten food is usually a generous source of protein. It can be fed to any cat of any age for muscle gain.

Home-cooked recipes are also a generous protein source as you can add lots of meat. Homemade recipes are more successful for cats that are picky eaters. Abyssinian cats are usually very picky about their meals so customized meals will be a foolproof solution.

It is best to first diagnose the cause of weight loss and then treat it accordingly. If the weight is genetic, there is little you can do. However, you can always make an extra effort to ensure a balanced and healthy diet to prevent malnutrition.

Newborn Abyssinian cats weigh 7 to 10 pounds. If your kitten weighs less than that, start providing extra care from day one to prevent any serious issues in the later years.

Food for pregnant and nursing cats

Abyssinian cats who just gave birth or are pregnant need extra care. Their growth, as well as their kittens’, may stunt if you are careless.

Pregnant cats shouldn’t be fed regular cat food. Instead, opt for food that is specially designed for pregnant cats. These food options will offer all the required nutrients for the healthy growth of their babies.

Feed pregnant cats according to their pregnancy stage. You can find specific food options in the market easily.

The truth is:

Nursing cats require 6 times more energy than those who aren’t.

Hence, their diet should be increased. Feed your cat food that is easily digestible. Furthermore, keep meal sizes small but feeds them more often. You can always refer to a vet for food recommendations.

Otits questions

Are Abyssinian cats friendly? Yes, Abyssinians are very friendly with their owners. They are affectionate and very playful. These cats practically never get tired of playing. However, they are also very personable. This means that these cats are only comfortable around familiar people. You’ll notice your Abyssinian cat get shy whenever guests are around.

How much does an Abyssinian kitten cost? On average, a healthy newborn Abyssinian kitten costs $900 to $1200. They come in 5 colors, namely cinnamon, chocolate, black, ruddy, and fawn.

How long do cats stay pregnant? The gestation or pregnancy period for cats is 63 to 65 days long on average. After their birth, kittens are dependent on their mothers for food for 3 to 4 weeks.


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