How Big is a Bengal Cat?

I am always in favor of keeping cats because of their small size as controlling a big pet is difficult.

A new addition to my home is a little Bengal kitten. I absolutely love this little fur ball but a friend told me as this breed grows, it gets bigger and hard to handle.

So, I was actually worried to hear this until I decided to take a deeper look into it.

How big is a Bengal cat? The size of a Bengal cat is linked to their direct ancestors, so their size is genetically determined. The average size of this feline is not much larger than an average domestic kitty. But a Bengal cat may seem bigger than it actually is, because of its strong and muscular body. The average weight of this cat is 6-15 pounds.

This article will help you to determine the size of your Bengal cat. So, you can decide if this is a suitable breed for you or not.

The average size of a Bengal cat

As I mentioned before:

The size of the Bengal cat depends on their ancestor’s size. There are several varieties of Bengal cat breed and size varies for each of them.

The size can also differ, but mostly Bengal Kitties will fall in the range of 6-15 pounds. This size accounts for both female and male cats but the later ones are heavier.

If the cats get slightly outside this range, then you do not need to worry. The exceptions happen sometimes.

Most of the time:

A Bengal cat retains its full size between the age of 1-2 years. The male and female cat of this breed differs in size.

Male10 to 15 pounds3-3.6 feet
Female7 to 10 pounds2.6-3 feet

Some Interesting facts related to Bengal cat’s weight

  • In some rare cases, some male Bengal cats have been weighed between 20-22 pounds
  • A cat is considered healthy if its weight comes from its muscles, not from excessive body fats
  • The Bengal breed is not prone to get fat or bulky

Factors affecting the size of the Bengal cat

The Bengal size is based on the size of the domestic cat was bred with the Asian Leopard cat.

If the domestic cat was small, then the Bengal will be smaller and if a bigger domestic cat breed was involved, the respective feline would be bigger.

The given weight chart of cat breeds which were used in the breeding of Bengal cat will give you an idea of how it works:

Cat Breed used in Bengal cat hybridAverage Weight
Ocicat6-15 pounds
Egyptian Mau7-11 pounds
Abyssinian6-10 pounds
Bombay6-11 pounds
British Short Hair11-18 pounds

In some cases, a mixed variety of litter is produced.

Coming from one litter, some cats can be smaller and some could be bigger in size.

But as the Bengal family line has developed, mostly same sized cats are bred together to derive the monotonous results.

When does a Bengal cat stop growing?

You can never tell accurately when a Bengal cat stops growing.

Most of the time:

The Bengal feline grows until two years of age and in a few cases, the growth periods lasts for three years.

In other words:

When a Bengal cat fully matures, it stops growing.

Signs that the Bengal cat has reached maturity

Many cat owners get confused about when a cat stops growing due to the absence of a set weight for “mature” Bengal cats.

Some personality traits of Bengal cats may indicate that it has not matured yet.

These traits include:

  • Kitten-like meow
  • High energy level

But keep in mind that:

Bengal Cat might retain these traits even in its older age.

So, never misunderstand an adult Bengal as a young one if it sounds like a little & delicate kitty.

There are some health problems which are associated with the cat’s age.

As in some Bengal kittens may suffer from flat-chest kitten syndrome, that disappears when they grow older.

Why is it necessary to know a Bengal cat’s potential size?

Bengal cat’s owner must have an idea about his/her pet’s potential size.

The respective owners should select the pets according to the size of their house. You should only bring the pet home if you can provide it an ideal space for living.

Certain houses may be too big or too small for your pets. The same applies to Bengal cats as well.

An ideal home size guarantees the best health and lifestyle of the Bengal cat.

If the home is smaller as per your Bengal’s size, then the cat will get short of activities start targeting the household items to burn the energy.

On the contrary:

If the house is too big for the cat, then it might get lost while roaming around or fall from height while playing.

History of the Bengal cat’s size

Now, if we dig the past of this breed:

That will explain the size variation of the Bengal cat breed.

In the 1980s, when the Bengal cats were first bred, five different domestic feline breeds and the wild Asian Leopard cat bred. Following are the breeds that bred with the wild ALC:

  • Abyssinians
  • Bombays
  • Ocicats
  • Egyptian Maus
  • British Shorthairs

All of the above-mentioned breeds have a huge size difference ranging from 10 pounds- 15 pounds.

Size also depends on Bengal cat’s link with the Asian Leopard cat. The long distant relatives tend to be medium sized.


This breed was supposed to be the miniature version of the bigger cats.

The general appearance of Bengal cats

The appearance and size of the Bengal cat indicate that this breed has a wild lineage.

The distinctive features of Bengal cat variety are the following:

  • Small head
  • Big eyes
  • Long hind legs
  • Body spots/ Rosettes

The head of these cats is smaller than the body with distinct cheekbones and broad muzzle that highlight its big eyes.

Due to the feral ancestry, the hind legs are longer in size. The iconic thick and silky coat is the most attractive feature of the Bengal breed.

The leopard-like spots (Rosettes) comes in a variety of shapes and patterns.

The size of the cat also impacts the agility and dexterity, like how high the kitty can jump. Among Bengal, the big tempered can make a higher jump.

How to deal with a cat the size of a Bengal?

Bengal cats are generally considered the big sized cats. Having big cats at home could be a bit difficult for you.

But hang on! That does not mean that you should give up on Bengal cat. With a little knowledge & training, you can handle this breed quite easily.

Keep in mind that Bengal cat is the merger of a wild cat’s beauty with a domestic cat’s temperament. Prepare your mind to find the personality of a big cat in a smaller Bengal.

But some of the cats might like to show you their wild side. Such cats may look tranquil but they can be strenuous at the same time.

So, this amazing combination of different personality traits is going to be an adventurous and challenging simultaneously.

Training your cat to play productive games will save you a lot of trouble. An unoccupied cat will always stick its nose in unwanted places. However, if you involve the cat in some productive activities, it will be lesser likely to create any problem for you.

You can keep the cat busy in following ways:

  • Play games
  • Toys
  • Outdoor Walks
  • Another pet

Play games

You can play different mind games with your cat. As Bengal is an intelligent breed, you can find a lot of games to play with this little fur ball.


Cat trees and toys are the best way to keep your cat happy. If you want to know some top-of-the-line cat trees and other essentials for your Bengal cat, head on over to our Bengal cat checklist.

It will tirelessly play with its favorite toys.

Toys will keep the cat involved in the physical activity that is very necessary to maintain its good health.

Cat trees are helpful in keeping the cat active and busy in the absence of its keeper.

Outdoor walks

You can always take your cat for an outdoor walk as Bengal loves to explore.

Another pet

If you feel that your kitty is getting bored and lonely at your place then you can always bring another friend for it.

Bengal is a friendly breed. It will warmly welcome another pet or even another Bengal Cat.

Related Questions

Is Bengal cat an indoor or outdoor cat? Bengal cat is an indoor cat.

You can absolutely take Bengal cat outdoor but you should not let them roam around freely.

This is an adorable cat which can be stolen easily. Also, the naughty little creature can get lost if you let it go out unsupervised.

Why does my Bengal cat always follow me in the shower? Bengal cats love playing with water.

As soon as they see water, they will start splashing it with their paws.

This is the reason this curious creature follows you in the shower.

It can’t resist the sound of flowing water and it tries to play with the keeper in water.


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