How Can I Prevent My Cat From Chewing Up The Carpet?


The reason why you are here is that your cat is shredding that very expensive Indian carpet.

Worry not!

I am here to provide you with every useful information about destructive chewing in cats!

So how do you prevent your cat from chewing up the carpet?

The simplest thing to do is to keep the cat away from the room. Squirt it with water every time it enters the room to chew on the carpet. Keeping your cat busy and playful is another way. Buying a companion cat for your pet to keep it busy will help too.

How to Stop Your Cat Chewing! Why is My Cat Destructively Chewing and How to Stop it!

If you keep reading, you will also find out how this habit of your cat might be linked to some physical and mental medical problems.

With that in mind, let’s dig in!

How To Stop Your Cat From Chewing On The Carpet

Here’s a quote from Charles M. Blow:

“A lie is like a cat. You need to stop it before it gets out the door or it’s really hard to catch.”

You have to do exactly what this quote tells you; keep your cat out of the room before it develops a habit of destructive chewing.

But how do you do that?

Try the following methods:

Spray bottle

Here’s the deal:

Cats hate being sprayed on their face.

So keep a spraying bottle with cold water in it. To squirt properly, hold the bottle 2 to 4 feet above the cat’s head and then spray. The water should be in the form of mist when it touches your cat.

Squirt your cat with that spray bottle every time you catch it entering the room or chewing on the carpet.

If it starts running, trap it in a corner, and then spray. (It sounds cruel but it works really well)

Bad-tasting deterrents

There are some smells and flavors that cats dislike. It includes lime, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

There are also some commercial sprays you can buy which have got extracts of lime or cayenne pepper mixed in it. Spray these around your cat when needed.

Watch this video to learn how to make your own cat deterrent:

Use traps

This method can be a bit too much but you can still try it if you like.

So for this method, there are three things that you can try:

1. Place double-sided tape around your carpet. The stickiness of the tape will keep the cat away from the carpet. But this might not work if you have a big carpet and you cannot surround it with tape.

2. Buy an automatic deterrent.  This device has got a motion sensor and if you place this just outside the room of your carpet, then it will spray a deterrent every time your cat enters the room.  This might be a bit costly but it’s the best option if you cannot always be there around your cat to use a deterrent on it.

3. Putting lime, black pepper, or cayenne pepper around the room and at its entrance is another good option. You can also spray the deterrents around the carpet floor.


Although it is not right to shout at your pet, you can stop it from disobeying in a limited way by just changing your tone.

Call your cat’s name in a firm voice whenever it starts chewing on the carpet. This will startle the cat.

Use sharp sounds

Startling your cat while it’s doing something wrong is a good way to stop its bad behavior. And if vocalizing and saying your cat’s name does not work for you, then you can try this method.

What you need to do is take a tin can and put pebbles or pennies in it. And whenever your cat is disobeying (chewing on the carpet), shake the can violently.

The sound made by shaking of the can would be enough to startle not only your cat but also your neighbors!

One more thing:

If you are wondering what all these things will do, then let me tell you.

These methods like spraying your cat with deterrents or squirting your cat with water will put a feeling in your cat that it’s doing something that it is not supposed to do.

So whenever you use these methods, it will know that it will be punished for not obeying and so eventually, your cat will start obeying you more.

Watch this video to learn how to train your cat to be obedient:

The most likely reason for your cat to develop this habit of chewing is boredom or stress.

There might be other reasons like compulsive behavior or allergies, for which you can get your cat checked up by a vet.

But you can take care of your cat’s boredom yourself!

So keep reading to find out how to do so!

Getting Rid of Your Cat’s Boredom

You can try any or all of the ways below. These will also help in relieving the cat from stress.

Alternative to Chewing

You can give your cat the following alternatives to chew on until your cat’s compulsion or stress is gone:

  • Rubber toy mice
  • Large stuffed toy (teddy bears)
  • Pieces of rawhide
  • Other rubber toys
  • Old towel

But remember:

Do not give your cat something that might get stuck in its throat. Always supervise your cat if you give it something (like rawhide) to chew on.

More Play-Time

Your cat is bored because you do not give it time in the first place!

Play more with your cat. Why does it need to chew on a stupid carpet when you can play with it?

You can play a lot of games with your cat. The more famous ones are hide-and-seek or the laser chase.

The time you will spend with your cat will not only keep it busy, but it will also be good to strengthen the bond of the relationship between both of you.

As Colette, the author of Gigi once said:

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”

Food Puzzles

Food puzzles keep your cat’s brain sharp, provides stimulation and enrichment and gets rid of its boredom (or stress).

So buying a food puzzle (or making it at home) is a really good way to keep your cat busy. Or you can hide your cat’s favorite treats in various places around the house and leave them for your cat to find.

Changing your cat’s feeding time and feeding it with small and frequent meals in different places will also help in keeping its boredom away.

Watch the following video to learn more about food puzzles:

Diverting Attention

You can keep your cat’s attention away from any carpets by trying out the following methods:

  • Mounting a squirrel or bird feeder:

Cats can sometimes spend hours just staring outside the window. So you can use this interest of your cat in your favor and place a bird feeder outside any window. This will keep your cat distracted for hours as it will be looking at the birds outside.

  • Buy a scratching post:

As told before in this article, cats like to chew or scratch on things.

You can buy a wooden scratch post, vertical if your cat is a vertical scratcher or horizontal if your cat is a horizontal scratcher. This will keep your cat busy, even if you are not at home to play with it.

  • Go for a walk:

Cats often like to go outside for a change of environment. Take your cat to a walk every now and then to keep its boredom away. Your cat might even like chewing on some regular grass. And this might stop your cat from chewing on the carpet!

Related Questions

What causes a cat to chew on itself?

Stress and anxiety, compulsive behavior, and boredom are the main reasons. These mental disorders develop if your cat is not getting enough attention and playtime. Also, being shut inside the house for too long can also cause your cat to act this way.

How do I stop my cat from trying to eat my food?

If your cat is busy and interested in its own food, then it would not have the time to even look at your food as eating its own food would be fun enough. So the best way is to provide your cat with food puzzles.

Does petting a cat relieve stress?

Petting your cat’s soft fur releases the happy hormones in your body which leads in the decrease of your heart rate. It is also scientifically proven that pet owners, cat owners in particular, are less likely to have more stress in their life.

How do I know if my cat is hungry?

Cats may try to trick you into feeding them food by its intense meowing to give it extra food. So do not worry about when are they hungry. Just get a diet plan by your vet and stick to it.


You are a true cat-lover if you stuck around till the end.

I really hope this helps you to keep your cat from ruining your carpet. Remember to keep your cat busy and happy all the time.

Because it needs your support in the times it is stressed.   


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