How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Barking In The Morning?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Waking up to the barks of your dog early in the morning can be annoying and in some cases, it could even lead you to hating the dog.

So, how can you get your dog in the maximum comfort zone so that it doesn’t bark in the morning and ruin your sleep?

Dogs usually bark in the morning for two reasons, one, to potty and second, for food. So, make sure the last thing the dog does before sleeping is a trip to the litter. A midnight snack should be prepared for the dog. Especially for those who have only one meal in a day.

But wait, there’s more.

How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

Keep reading and you will learn more interesting facts about your dog’s barking habits.

Why does the dog bark in the morning?

The morning bark is usually the wake-up call for the owner. The dog gets into the habit of barking every morning because, after the session of nuisance barking, the owner provides them the attention they need. This includes breakfast and of course the morning potty time.

I know it’s hard to admit. But, it is a serious mistake giving your dog the attention they demand, instead of training them to behave and wait for you to get up on your time. You are getting up for them on their time when they wake-up and have to do their business.

It’s true. The morning bark of your dog can frustrate you and make you angry at times. Especially if you slept late or had a rough night. However, the dog won’t understand your situation and will still have requirements that he needs you to fulfil.

Also, the dog could be barking in pain. This may happen if the dog has shifted with a new family and is having a hard time adapting to the new environment. He probably prefers outside time more than the inside time.

The good news is,

Your dog can be taught to stop barking in various ways.

Methods to stop the morning barking session

Dogs usually wake up in the morning as they know its morning time. They have a routine set in them as well as a clear perspective of day and night. The night is for sleeping and the day is for other things like eating, playing, and all activities dogs do.

There are three methods that are used most commonly to ensure the dog doesn’t start barking early morning and allows the owners to have a peaceful sleep. These are:

  • Making sure the curtains are closed
  • Try to tire them out at night
  • Don’t be too easy to be convinced by your dog

The above-described points are to be taken care of in order to prevent your dog from barking in the morning. If these things are kept in consideration every day, the dog won’t wake up early and ultimately stop disturbing your morning sleep.

To learn more about the discussed topic, check out the following video:

Closed curtains

The closed curtains are the oldest trick in the book. As mentioned before, dogs are dependent on the natural cycle and they shape their routine with it. The dog goes to sleep when the sun goes down and wakes up when the sun rises. 

However, this can’t be clearly explained if the curtains are all shut and the sunlight can’t enter the room. The dog won’t wake up as it doesn’t know its morning. Except for the bowel needs, the dog tends to hold it until its morning time so it can get food and do its business as well.

Also, moving the dog to another room for a change where there is more darkness and making the dog comfy there might get him to go back to sleep. This should save you a little more precious time in bed before having a hasty day.

Tired before bed

Having your morning walk with your dog is quite an adorable time as this is also a bonding time for you and your pet. No doubt, the morning walk is pretty worked up as the dog is full of energy, thanks to the peaceful sleep it had.

Similarly, an evening walk could also be a good time with your pet. The evening walk is a pretty useful one when taken right before the dog’s bedtime.

Here’s an amazing leash from chewy you can use to take your dog for those walks.

This would be helpful because after the exertion of the morning run, the dog restores its energy the whole day and by bedtime, it’s not too lazy or tired. So, to make the dog tired, a run before sleep is a good idea. Consequently, the tired dog would sleep like a baby and probably won’t wake up early.

Take stand for your actions

Being a crazy dog lover, this might be the hardest route for you to take to silent your dog. Taking a stand for your actions basically means that you decide the time for getting out of bed rather than the dog. Even if the dog has to bark, whine, pull on the bedsheets, or anything else.

Making dogs wait is the best way of teaching them respect and ensuring they obey your command. Also, getting fed first thing in the morning by their owners is another bad habit that dogs develop quickly and take forever to break.

All the actions taken in front of the dog are noticed and learned by him. Dogs know that certain actions they do will get them what they want. This is wrong because, it’s you, the parent who gets to decide what’s right for the dog.

However, once you start to ignore the dog barking in the morning, get out of bed at your own time, and feed them after you have eaten, will make them understand that wakeup time is not the time to eat. In fact, it’s just the time you are supposed to wake up.

Anyhow, here’s a video that would help you understand better:


Why won’t my dog sleep through the night?

The dog could be suffering from diseases like; urinary tract infection, a gastrointestinal problem or some other kidney, or bladder condition. This requires a visit to the vet immediately.

Are bark collars cruel?

Yes, the bark collars are cruel as they hurt the dog to get him to stop barking. There are many other gentle ways you can use to stop your dog from barking.

Why is my dog barking for no reason?

Dogs could be barking due to excitement, fear, boredom, or to gain the attention of their owner. So, make sure you provide them the required stimulation to give them rest.

Should I ignore my dog crying at night?

It is better to ignore the excess barking and whining at night as long as the dog is comfortable. This habit will eventually go away with time.

Why is my dog not waking up?

Dogs might get insomnia. However, it is a rare condition. Insomnia usually indicates other health issues the dog might be suffering from and requires a visit to the vet.


As shown above, the most common problem dog owners face is partly their own mistakes as well. The dog tends to bark in the morning as they think it’s time to wake up, go potty, and have food. Dogs usually wake up early due to hunger or excessive amount of light shining in the room.

If the excess energy is drained before sleeping, the dog would sleep till late and won’t cost you your sleep. Also, a snack before bed must be given so that the dog doesn’t get hungry during the night and wakeup with an empty stomach in the morning, barking in your face.

Apart from this, if the curtains are nicely closed blocking the sunlight entering the room, the dog would sleep long and in peace. Ultimately, you get more time to take rest.

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