How Fast can Bengal Cats Run?

Have you ever wondered how fast your Bengal Cat runs? Well, we’ll be answering just that in this article.

So, how fast is a Bengal cat? Well, the answer is 30 to 35 miles per hour. This swift speed of the Bengal cat is partly due to it being a hybrid of the Asian Leopard cat. Naturally, the speed of the cat slows down as it gets older.

Keep reading this article to know more about Bengal cats. What makes them run? In the league of fast and furious cats, where does the Bengal cat rank?

Bengal Cats 101 (Video)


As compared to other cats, how fast are Bengals?

To bring things into perspective for you, let us compare the speed of Bengal cat with other cats.

The top 5 fastest cat breeds are:

  1. Egyptian Mau
  2. Abyssinian
  3. Somali
  4. Bengal
  5. Savannah

Being able to finish fourth in this list is no short of an amazing achievement.

But have you ever come across a Bengal cat? This is just another feather in its cap filled with…well, lots of feathers.

By their very instinct, Bengal cats are very active cats. They are not the ones to just casually sit an afternoon away. Anyone who has a Bengal cat as a pet would tell you how much they love climbing up the furniture and reaching new heights. (literally as well as metaphorically)

Not to mention, they consider your undivided attention to be their birthright. Do not get me wrong, though. I am not criticizing. Can you really blame them for being loving pets?

They are too precious for us to expect them to be humble. Just do yourself a favor and give your Bengal cat whatever they want as long as it is safe for you and them. It is definitely worth it.

What makes Bengal Cats capable of running so fast?

There are reasons which allow Bengal Cats to run so fast. These are:

  • They are very flexible
  • They have strong and long back legs

Probably the feature which helps any animal in being fast and active is how flexible it is. Fortunately for Bengal cats, they are very flexible. This should not come off as such a shock considering that cats can do exceptional stunts.

What do I mean by that?

Have you ever noticed how, no matter in which position does a cat fall or jump, it will somehow miraculously land on its feet? Yeah, nothing more mysterious than that.

Another reason which explains this quick nature of Bengal cats is the fact that they possess very long and strong back legs. These allow it to be physically very active.

Be it jumping, running or any other task which requires physical exertion, the Bengal cat is sure to be amazing at that.

This, coupled with their restless nature, makes them unstoppable once they are set in motion. Thank God for that, though. They keep blessing our lives with their cute little runs; this is what every cat person lives for.

In the wild, when cats are on their own, they use their skills to run from the predators and hunt down their prey. While indoors, they use it to chase and annoy their human friends in the most playful way.

How to ensure your cat safely discharges its energy?

Due to the aforementioned reasons, it is pretty evident that Bengal cats have a lot of energy that they have to use. If they do not find a constructive way to utilize that energy, they will become destructive and might make your life a living hell.

The easier thing for you to do is just to give them breathing space and let them do their thing. It will be even better if you actually help them use this excessive energy of theirs. Some quality time with your pet won’t ever hurt you.

Bengal cats, being descendants of the wild Asian Leopard cat possess the DNA of a wild cat. In fact, they are borderline wild cats!

That not only means that they are very smart and curious, but also that they will prove to be very active. It is not unlikely that they prove to be a little too active.

What do I mean by too active?

Well, there have been instances when people adopted Bengal cats but then were super stressed as they found it impossible to manage them.

The counter-argument to this? There isn’t one.

When you adopt this breed, you sign up for this.

However, do not sweat it. We have got you covered. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can ensure your cat uses its excess energy positively:

  • Playing with it
  • Getting an Exercise Wheel for it
  • Taking it out for a nice walk

Let us discuss these points in detail in the paragraphs below.

Play with them

How to be a super awesome human-friend, you ask?

Keep searching for amazing toys for your cats to play with.

Bengal cat owners realize how much their cats love playing with toys. If your cat does not enjoy it, you probably have not found the right toys for it to do so.

Keep looking until you find the ones your cat loves. Some of the ways the owner can play with their cat are:

  • Having your cat chase a laser dot that you project with a laser toy.
  • Having an amazing time with the cat and a cat dancer toy

One has to keep in mind that his cat is a part of his life, but for your cat, you are its whole life.

Hence, it is advisable that you make time for it and make sure that your cat gets the ‘play time’ that it so deserves.

Exercise Wheels

Bengal cats are also known to thoroughly enjoy Exercise Wheel. These are basically like treadmills for your cat. These rotating wheels are sure to tire your cat and put it into a comfortable sleep just like a toddler after a hard day of constant running.

Even though this is a perfectly good way for your cat to rid its excess energy, we still do not recommend it for a permanent basis. The bond between you and your cat should be cherished and enjoyed. Hence, we recommend you personally involve yourself in its play time.

However, Exercise Wheels are still worth purchasing because:

  • You might be leaving for a work trip or some emergency which means you would be unable to attend to your cat
  • You might be busy due to office workload or any other temporary problem

These are the temporary periods we recommend you use that exercise wheel in.

Take them out for a walk

Let us not forget a more traditional approach here. If you do have the time, you should take your cat out for a nice walk. This is one of the safest places for your cat to explore nature while being as safe as they can be.

There are many benefits of using this to get rid of their excess energy

  • It is very cost effective
  • It serves as an amazing opportunity to bond

Any cat lover would admit that this is not very tiresome for them because they do not look at this as a duty, they look at it as a way of recharging themselves. They actually look forward to this part of their day.

Do we need to mention how spending a fraction of your time with this creature can instantly put you in a better mood? The stress, problems of the day kind of just fade away when you spend time with your cat.

So, ask yourself, are you helping them or yourself?

Related Questions

How much does a Bengal cat cost? The answer to this will vary cat to cat depending upon breed and individual qualities of a cat.However, on average, one pays about $1,000-10,000 for this cat.

How much do Bengal cats weigh? On average, male Bengal cats weigh around 10 to 15 pounds and can weigh as much as 20 to 22 pounds, whereas their female counterparts weigh around 8 to 10 pounds.

These figures are for healthy cats, with a balanced percentage of muscle and bone, not excessive fat. A Bengal cat is not fully grown until it is between 1.5 or 2 years old.

Are Bengal cats vicious due to their borderline wild DNA? It is understandable if anyone has this concern as Bengal cats look wild.However, in reality, the breed is very soft-natured.

If provoked, they can be vicious or fierce, but if showed loved and affection, they love back. If their owners are responsible enough to make sure all the needs of their Bengal cats are met, then the latter are the most loving creatures.

Why are Bengal cats so vocal? Bengal cats are very vocal about whatever they are feeling. From craving a treat to wanting to hunt someone down, they will make a noise about that and communicate it to you.

This is closely related to their nature. Different species meow in varying degrees, and Bengal Cats happen to be one of the most talkative cat species. Owners of Bengal cats need to be aware of this fact and accept it.

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