How High Can a Balinese Cat Jump?

Ever since I got myself a Balinese cat, it’s been jumping all over the place. That’s when I wondered:

How high can Balinese cats really jump? The Balinese cat can jump higher than the average cat. A healthy adult male Balinese cat can jump as high as six to eight times its own body length. The reason for being able to jump so high is their low body weight as they weigh only around 10 pounds.

This article will help you understand your Balinese cat better as these cats require a huge amount of attention and if they feel like they are not getting enough of it, they can behave quite chaotically.

Balinese cats jumping

Balinese cats are more loving and smart compared to other breeds and for this reason, they like to be involved in everything.

They are capable of being powerful jumpers and they love high places.

You will usually find your cat in high edifices such as the top of cupboards, wardrobes, and even stairs!

Balinese cats have gracefully elongated bodies with slim, long legs bearing oval-looking paws.

Their body is built with a beautiful combination of a strong backbone and well-developed muscles.

With this strong muscle built, they can jump six to eight times higher than the length of their own bodies which is more than an average cat can jump.

It is an athletic and intelligent cat breed. Balinese cats are always ready to play fetch and to learn new tricks.

The size of the cat is also a crucial factor that could affect their jumping. The taller the cat will be, the higher the cat would be able to jump, so before purchasing yourself a Balinese cat, think of purchasing a cat tree that will help encourage your cat from staying off of your furniture.

How do Balinese cats jump?

Balinese cats are creatures that possess:

  • Remarkable physical agility
  • Amazing balance
  • The ability to squeeze through tight spaces

They are peculiarly famous for always landing on their feet but an interesting fact that is often times overlooked is their capability to jump relatively higher than other cats.

The basic answer to the question is:

Balinese cats combine a flexible spinal cord with their powerful hind legs to propel their bodies higher.

You will notice your cat taking sufficient time to ready itself for the jump; it may seem nervous or fidgeting as making a high jump is a big effort requiring a large amount of energy.

They often times also use their tail to maintain their body’s orientation.

Why do Balinese cats like to jump?

Balinese cats like to jump for several reasons.

They try to seek out the high vantage points such as shelves and countertops, in order to survey their territory.

Tables and refrigerator tops often provide warmth where these cats settle in for a quick snooze.

They can also learn to patrol the countertops, tables, and stovetops in the search of left-behind tasty bits of food.

Although Balinese cats are graceful acrobats and rarely pose a danger to anyone, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your cat.

Things that can trigger more jumping

There are many reasons that can get your Balinese cat to start jumping and in order to understand your cat better, you should be aware of them.

Curious nature

Balinese cats are naturally curious creatures.

A set of keys, a pen or a fragile piece of paper can grab their attention and tempt them to jump up and explore it.

By keeping your shelves clutter free, you can try to tame your cat’s interest in exploring places you don’t approve of.

This is also a good way to prevent your cat from knocking things off shelves so that you don’t have to clean the mess afterward.

Kitchen counters having snacks

Cats possess a much better sense of smell than humans, so if it smells something tasty, it is more likely to jump up to sneak a nibble.

This can be dangerous for the cat depending on what type of food it is.

By keeping your kitchen counters clear of crumbs and food, you can discourage your cat from leaping onto your kitchen counters.


Balinese cats, like any other cat, also like to jump on windowsills to take in the outside view.

If there is a windowsill that you do not want your cat to jump on, simply shut the blinds.

But make sure that you do give your cat at least one spot to look outside as they like to watch the world go by.


Balinese cats are insanely active and playful and they require a lot of space to:

  • Run around
  • Play
  • Interact and explore

They tend to get bored very easily due to their high intellectual capability and this is the reason why you need to provide your cat with a lot of toys in order to keep them occupied and entertained.

If your Balinese cat gets bored, there is no need for you to worry as your cat will most likely have you know clearly with its constant jumping.


Balinese cats love attention and cannot have enough of it.

When your lovely creature will actually want your attention, it will most definitely, through its super jumping traits, let you know.

They might just start jumping over your stuff as a first tactic to steal some of your attention back.

But if you dare to continue ignoring them, they might become chaotic with their high jumping capability.

Ways to stop Balinese cats from constantly jumping

Balinese cats, despite being a perfect combination of majestic and playfulness, may also become irritating with their high jumping.

In order to get your Balinese cat to reduce constant jumping, there are things that you can do.

These ways may not only stop your cat from jumping all the time but would also minimize your cat’s jumps.

Provide your cat with an alternative

A cat jumping condo is a perfect place for your cat to jump, explore and exercise.

You can keep it interesting by rotating your cat’s toys or put crumpled paper pieces for your cat to bat around.

Try to be imaginative!

Tough it is vital to understand that you cannot entirely eliminate your cat’s ability to jump.

Use a Double-Sided Tape

Cats do not like the feeling of having double-sided tape attached to their paws, so it might prove to be a positive deterrent for your Balinese cat that continues to jump to places you don’t approve of.

You can also attach the double-sided tape to a spot if it is a spot you use frequently.

Understand your cat’s jumping behavior

Jumping is coded in your cat’s DNA.

Your cat is hardwired to like being high up where it feels safe, but it is also the responsibility of the parent to understand why it feels the need to be hidden away from everyone at times.

It is helpful to understand what your cat might be afraid of to remove it from the environment.

Balinese cats are naturally high jumpers, so you shouldn’t discourage their jumping behavior altogether.

But with a little training, you would be able to teach it where not to leap.

Territorial nature of Balinese cats

Balinese cats are very intelligent compared to the other house cats.

They are also very possessive about their:

  • Space
  • Things

So, in order to tackle this problem, make sure that you provide your Balinese cat with its own space and stuff that would only belong to it.

This way:

They will also get along well with your other pets.

Some of the things that you can get for your Balinese cat in order to keep it occupied and contented is to get a tree house for your cat.

Your cat will love a good tree house as it consists of indoor cat furniture as well as provides a fun place for your cat to play.

Balinese cats with their jumping skills can also utilize the tree house for climbing and jumping.

Health problems

Some breeders claim that Balinese cats are hypoallergenic.

They do secrete a cat-specific allergen that some people react to.

But due to a reduced undercoat, they cause lesser allergic reactions. This factor is important to determine before getting a Balinese cat.

Balinese cat behavioral ratings

Compatibility with Children9
Compatibility with other Pets5
Need for attention10
Activity level9

The Balinese cats are considered as one of the most intelligent breeds.

These cats have been known to turn on light switches, open doors, and perform other amazing tasks.

Many people that own these cats have taught them tricks such as jumping through hoops.

Related Questions

Do Balinese cats jump higher than dogs? Yes, they for sure do as most dogs only jump about one time of their total body length.

However, this may vary according to the skills and the breed of the dog.

Do Balinese cats get along with each other? Balinese cats have a friendly nature and they enjoy having companions.

They do not like to be left alone as they feel lonely and bored.

This is the reason why Balinese cats do get along with one another as well as with other pets, especially if they have been introduced to each other at a young age.

Having more than one Balinese cats or other pets in the house is also beneficial in keeping your Balinese cat entertained even for the days you don’t have time for your cat.


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