How much will a full-grown English mastiff eat?

Are you thinking of getting an English mastiff?

Before you jump out to buy yourself an English mastiff, you’d want to know about its basic living requirements, and that includes the amount of food a full-grown mastiff can eat.

So how much food does a full-grown mastiff eat?

It is advised that a full-grown English mastiff should be fed around 6 to 10 cups of a great quality dry dog food in a single meal, twice a day. This will make up 2 pounds of food every day.

Are you still thinking about a mastiff’s food?

You want to know the nutrients they require to stay healthy?

Keep reading then.

How much will a full-grown mastiff eat?

Mastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds when it comes to size. They are not just big but have droopy skin on their face, with the most innocent eyes you would have ever seen.

With all the cuteness and the innocence, mastiffs come with a load of responsibilities. An adult English mastiff that’s moderately active should be fed at least two meals a day with 6 to 10 cups of food in each meal. This would make up to 2 pounds of food every day.

Dividing up the meal into two, you’re helping avoid bloating and make the digestion easier for them. It’s not just food that you’ll have to take care of when getting a mastiff, but a lot more, so keep reading ahead.

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Nutritional requirements

Mastiffs are different than other dogs. They grow up very quickly and in fact, as soon as they turn three months old, you can start feeding them adult dog food. Their initial 18 months of life are particularly important and they must be given proper diet otherwise any shortfalls during this time may result in health complications later in their life.

Mastiffs tend to grow quickly during the first 18 months, and they’ll reach their full height and size till 3 or 3½ years.

When feeding your mastiff, you need to make sure that their food contains 20–25% protein, 12–18% fat, and 3–5% iodine, along with the recommended phosphorus and calcium content.

Since they are omnivores, they have the ability to drive the nutrients necessary for survival from both animal and plant sources, but they prefer to eat meals that consist of meat.

Here is a video to help you choose the best dog food for your English mastiff:

Talking about meat in their diets, mastiffs have shown good health and growth when given a full meat-based diet. So, look out for all the meaty dishes you can serve them, it’s for their own good.

Try and make sure that the ready-made food you’re serving them has animal proteins, and the best source of it for dogs are chicken, beef, fish, and lambs.

Fats are also something that your mastiff would need and the best source for that will be fish oil and chicken fats because the fish oil contains omega acids that are good for mastiff and it’ll keep their coat silky soft and shiny.

Make sure that you look out for all the items that can cause them any sorts of allergies. A few things that can be a source of allergies are:

  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Onions
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Dairy products

When giving mastiffs treats, try to make sure that you’re not giving all of them at once, instead, give it to them in small bites. Otherwise treats may only result in mastiffs getting obese and that’s not what we want, right? We want to make sure that our mastiffs are as healthy and active as they can be.


English Mastiffs are a very thirsty breed and they need a lot of water.

Have you seen them drool? Yes, too much water intake is one of the reasons for that.

You’ll have to make sure that there is always a bowl filled with water so that they don’t go thirsty.

Since they drool so much, they’ll sometimes even drool in their own water bowl. And once the water is infected, mastiffs will not drink from it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re washing the bowl properly, every time you refill it.


Talking about feeding your mastiffs and keeping them healthy and active, mastiffs also need to exercise, but not as much as other regular dogs.

Even though mastiffs are large breed dogs, they don’t need to work out. They are more of an indoor dog and they like to stay inside the house instead of going out.

Until the age of two years, mastiffs should not be involved in any kind of exercise. An outdoor walk of around 30 minutes is good enough to keep them physically active, but make sure they are not getting tired or dehydrated.

Apart from physical exercise, mastiffs need to have mental exercises as well, because otherwise they’ll just get bored and may get destructive. Mental games can include playing fetch with balls or frisbees or just giving them chew toys to play with can also do the trick.

English mastiffs as pets

Since they are really big in size, make sure that you have enough space in your house, because they can grow tall and will need their space. Mastiffs are very fond of their owners, so much so that they’ll try to sleep with you in your room.

Mastiffs are very flexible pets and they can adjust with other pets and different environments very easily and quickly. Even though they require proper care and some time for training, but they’ll learn everything eventually because they are a smart breed and will prove to be the best pets.

Still want to know more? Here is a video for things you wish you had known before adopting an English mastiff.

Related questions

How big does an English mastiff get?

English mastiffs are the largest dog breeds, and male mastiffs can grow as big as 30 inches tall and weigh as much as 200 pounds or 90kgs. Female mastiffs on the other hand can grow up to 27 inches tall weigh about 150 pounds or 68kgs.

Can I feed my mastiff raw meat?

Mastiffs not only love to consume meat but its very good for their health as well. Giving them raw meat won’t cause them any harm because they have the required enzymes in their stomach, which can help them digest it easily. Other than raw meat, you can feed them chicken livers, ground beef and eggs etc. as well.

Are English mastiffs easy to train?

Mastiffs can be easy and difficult to train. Since they love to please you, they’ll make sure to do whatever they can, and since they are smart, they’ll pick up the instructions quickly as well. But they can get difficult when they get stubborn and this stubbornness can either stay with them throughout their life or just till the puppyhood gets over.

Why do English mastiff stink?

Allergies or infections in mastiffs can result in the secretion of oil from certain glands which can lead to the foul smell.

Why does my mastiff sit on me?

Mastiffs are known to be gentle giants and they would try and sit on their owner’s laps to show their affection, regardless of their huge size.

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