How to Clean an American Curl Cat’s Ears?

American Curl cats are named so due to the backward curling of their ears.

But many wonder whether this shape makes it any harder to clean an American Curls’ ears or makes them more dirty and grimy.

So, how to clean an American Curl Cat’s ears? Basic ear cleaning tips for an American Curl cat include using a small amount of liquid ear cleaning on a piece of gauze or a cotton ball to clean the cat’s ear. However, before placing any liquid in your cat’s ear, you should ask your veterinarian about it.

To know more tips about cleaning your American Curl cat’s ear correctly, keep reading:

Use cotton swabs

While cleaning your American Curl’s ear, you will be foremost concerned about cleaning the ears without hurting your pet.


In order to save your cat from getting hurt, make sure you have:

Gauze pads, cotton swabs and boiled water which has been cooled to the room temperature.

These things help in cleaning your cat’s ear with no pain:

However, if your cat’s ears are quite dirty, then you can use some sterile NaCl (0.9% saline) or some special lotions.


Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian before using anything on your cat’s ear.

Avoid using fluids without approval from the vet

You might be aware of how fluids could be dangerous for your cat so don’t use any liquid on your cat’s ear without the vet’s approval.

Using fluids that contain ingredients like:

Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol can potentially damage your cat’s ear:


Overall natural hygiene balance of your American Curl can be damaged leading to small sores, drying of the skin and could also enhance the production of earwax.

These are the things that you should keep in mind before you begin cleaning your American Curl cat’s ear.

Things to know before you begin cleaning your American Curl’s ears

You should know these basic grooming tips before you begin with the ear cleaning session of your cat.

If the ear flaps of your American Curl are matted with excess or dirty hair grown around the ear flap and the ear canal of your cat, then you should removed them.

This is because such moist, heavy, and matted ear flaps or hairy ear canals make it difficult for the air to flow into the ear canals of your cat and makes it easier for debris and wax to build up or collect into the ear which ultimately results in ear infections.


Removal of excessive hair from the inner side of the ear canal should be done very carefully in order to avoid any sort of discomfort or damage to the ear canal.

If you are not professional enough in handling such cases, then visit a professional groomer as they carry out all the precautionary measures and do their job with high efficiency.

The ear cleaning process for your American Curl cat

Below are mentioned the steps for cleaning your cat’s ears:

  • Place your cat on your lap or on a table
  • Use a cotton ball to clean all the visible debris or dirt from your cat’s ear
  • Don’t go very deep as it could hurt your car
  • If you see excessive ear wax then you can use any liquid (approved by your vet) on your cat’s ears
  • Put one or two drops of the liquid on your cat’s ear on the opening of your cat’s ear canal
  • Use a cotton swab and massage gently the base of your cat’s ear for about a minute so that the liquid spread evenly
  • Do the same procedure on the other ear as well or you could apply the drops in both ears and massage them simultaneously
  • Leave your cat for at least 5 minutes and let the liquid work. You would notice your cat shaking its head which is normal
  • Shaking of the head would extricate the dirt and bring it in the outer ear canal
  • In the end, take another cotton swab to wipe off and clean the dirt from your cat’s ear

Things to keep in mind while you clean your American Curl’s ears

A cat’s owner is the first to notice when it comes to detecting something abnormal about the cat’s health or its behavior:

Following are the things that you should notice while cleaning your cat’s ears:

  • Unpleasant odor around or from the ear
  • Any kind of discharge
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Scratching, rubbing or pawing the ears
  • Frequent disorientation or shaking of the head

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs or any other thing unusual in your American Curl cat while cleaning its ear, then:

Take your cat to the vet and get it checked for any possible disease or infection.

How to prevent problems while cleaning your Curl cat’s ears?

Making sure that your American Curl is in a perfectly relaxed state when you are cleaning its ear should be a priority.

Never push or force your cat for the cleaning as it can get aggressive and can run away.


Try not to use any harsh tools that could possibly hurt your cat in any way as they could cause ear injuries as well.

Never clean only one ear in a day.

You would not want to leave your job half done and it would also be best for your cat if you clean both of its ears at the same time.

If you over-clean your Curl cat’s ears, then it can suffer from serious health concerns such as:

  • Pain in eardrums
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of hearing
  • Chronic hair diseases
  • Dizziness.


Cleaning your American Curl cat’s ear on a regular basis would be great for your cat’s health and for you too in order to determine what is normal and what is not about your cat’s ears.

American Curl ear cats are born with straight ears

A fun fact about your American Curl cats:

They are born with straight ears and not with curled ones.

However, their ears don’t stay like that for a longer period of time.

After about 3 to 5 days of birth, the shape of their ears starts to change i.e. they curl backward.

It is the quality that makes this breed one of its kind.

One more interesting fact about their ears is that ears in some of them curl only till 90 degrees whereas in others they curl up to 180 degrees.

You would definitely enjoy seeing the curling process of your American Curl cat’s ears.

Another fun fact:

The bigger the curl, the higher the demand of that cat gets.

Other physical features of American Curl cats

American Curl cats don’t just have fascinating ears.

In fact:

They are filled with beautiful features.

Following are the characteristic features that make this breed much beautiful and one of its kind:

1) Size2) Weight
Ranges from small to mediumA small kitten may weigh approx. 5 pounds whereas, a medium cat may weigh up to 10 pounds.
3) Coat4) Color
Coat varies from medium (short hair) to long (long hair).Found in a variety of colors such as: black, white, red, blue, golden, lilac, brown and silver.

Related Questions

Are American Curl cats healthy? Yes, American Curl cats are generally considered very healthy cats when compared to other cat breeds.

According to the tests and reaches, these cats are a result of a single gene mutation which only affects the ear shape of American Curl cats. There is no other effect of this mutation anywhere in the American Curl ear cat.

What is the average lifespan of this breed? Well:

This breed has a very large gene pool which results in varying lifespan.

However, 12-20 years are considered as possible years for an American Curl cat to live.

But anecdotally, these cats are found to live an average life of 14-15 years.

How much does an American Curl cat cost? The price of an American Curl cat depends upon whether the cat is a family pet or a show worthy cat. That is why the price of this breed ranges from $800 to $2000.

Is the American Curl cat concerned about its hygiene? An American Curl cat is extremely concerned about its hygiene which means that you would have to keep its litterbox clean, fresh and spotless every time.

This is a good sign as your cat would easily let you do its regular cleaning such as; ear,

Is any special care required for this cat breed? The American Curl cats do not require any special care, they get along with everyone and they also don’t have any inherited diseases which need to be taken care of.

However, you should provide them their basic rights and care in order to raise your pet a healthy one.

Do the curled ears of American Curls affect their hearing ability? No, the curled shape of an American Curl cat’s ears doesn’t affect its hearing in any way.

However, the dirt and wax buildup in them might affect the hearing which can be prevented by cleaning your cat’s ears almost every week.


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