How to Control Guppy Population?

Guppies are known as the millionfish. This nickname has a very important significance. Guppies reproduce way more than you can ever imagine. Overpopulations of guppies is a disaster!

How to control guppy population? There are several ways to control guppy population one of these options is separating male and female guppies in different tanks to prevent any chance of pregnancy. 

Well, let us introduce the other options that would help us control guppy population since it is a frequently asked question by many pet fish owners!

Enormous Guppy Colony (Video)

Separating males and females

This one of the basic things you have to do in order to prevent the males and females from mating.

Of course, this is going to be so easy when you first know how to tell the female from the male. Bear in mind that even if you have 1 female only in a tank filled with males, the female will be impregnated every now and then and it will be giving birth to more fry.

Moreover, the other way around would cause the female to give more fry than ever. Therefore, using two separate tanks to keep males away from females would be the perfect solution. With this being said, you will finally have controlled the guppy population.

It is difficult at first to detect the males from the females but then, it becomes easier by a closer look and experience. What would you do if you cannot afford two tanks? You sure have every right to have one tank only…to solve this issue, you can buy a divider and this will make your tank divided into two sections. One for the males and the others is for the females.

Add larger fish

Well, that might seem like a little unfriendly aggressive choice but it does help in controlling the guppy population. Adding a predator fish would help in slowing down the process of mating between male and female guppies. Moreover, if you have a planted tank, you can try removing all of the plants which the guppies hide behind.

This will also slow down the process of mating since it would make the guppies feel confused by the sudden change that happened to their tank and the new visitor that might threaten to eat them. of course you need to make sure you provide enough food for the predator fish to prevent it from eating the little guppies in comparison to its size.

Some of these predator fishes are:

  • Gourami
  • Paradise fish
  • Angel fish
  • Large catfish
  • Bluegill sunfish
  • Zebra fish
  • Siamese fighting fish
  • Tiger barbs.

These fish will help a bit in controlling the over population of guppies in the tank. Therefore, larger fishes are good means of birth control for the live bearing guppies.

Sell, give or maybe trade

Why don’t you think of that solution? Guppies are always requested by so many fish hobbyists and fish owners. If you ever decide to sell some guppies, there is a high percentage you will find many clients and just only one.

Guppies are beautiful hardy fish that decorate any tank they are placed in. Therefore, beginners would be attracted to get some of them. Plus, you would get good money if you sell your guppies.

If you do not wish to sell your guppies, you can also give them as a gift for someone on their birthday, valentine’s day or whatever occasion. Guppies are a wonderful gift idea for people who are interested in fish. This would be such a very cute present that many people would be happy to receive. Another thing you could do is a trade!

You can trade your guppies for other fishes. Maybe if you have an acquaintance who keeps pet fish, you might trade your guppies with some other species from their tank. I think it would be a brilliant idea!

Use an overflow tank

Although a lot of aquarists recommend this technique this one seems to be quite futile and useless. You are just going to provide the guppies with more room to mate and give birth to even more baby guppies that will grow and so on and so forth.

It is just a very temporary solution but it would not make any change in the long run. You are just going to use it to prevent the tank from getting over crowded, but you are going to make the other tank get crowded and the cycle would keep going on and on.


This choice is not my cup of tea as a fish enthusiast…however, some people tend to it since they have no other option. If you run out of choices about how to control your guppies population, you have one last sad option to do which is to put them to sleep forever.

My heart goes out for those little guppies who have to go through this tragic fate because of their instinct of giving birth a lot. Remember that this is only a solution you would choose if you give up on your guppies, however, I believe the best thing to do is to just separate the males from the females rather than just killing the innocent fishes.

Related questions

What are the predators of guppies? There quite a lot of predators…the fishes’ attractive colors grab the attention of so many predators like larger fish or even birds as well…! I mean this happens when guppies are only in their natural habitat in the wild and are met with predators like Aequidens Pulcher, Anablespsoides hartii and Crenicichla alta.

Are guppies schooling fish? Of course, they are…just like neon tetras, they are shoaling fish. They prefer swimming in schools. It would be a terrible idea if you bring back home only one or 2 guppies. This would cause them stress. Guppies adapt to living in large groups of fish. This is their means of protecting themselves as well in the wild.

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