7 Ways to Identify a Chartreux Cat

The loyal, quiet and friendly nature of the Chartreux cat makes it appealing to adopt as your pet.

From a double grey coat and unique head structure to their doe eyes and smiley face, we cannot stop adoring this cute little creature.

But as adorable they are, they are also pretty rare!

Wondering how you can easily identify the Chartreux cat?

Even though they have strikingly distinctive physical attributes, but still, it can be very difficult to distinguish them from the rest of the breeds.

Understanding the uniqueness of its characteristics will not only help you out in identifying them but will also aid you in taking good care of them.

Check out these 7 ways through which you can easily determine whether you have a Chartreux cat or not:

Their unique face

Many people (excluding cat lovers) believe that almost all the cats are somewhat similar to each other.

But that’s definitely not the case!

Yes, many breeds are lookalike for normal people, but a cat lover can easily differentiate them on the basis of certain features.

Two major things that differ for each cat breed are the overall head structure and facial features.

The face is often the easiest way for people to easily differentiate among the various cat breeds.

The Chartreux cat head structure is broad and rounded and is comparatively larger than its body.

As for their forehead, it’s slightly round in shape with powerful jaws and full cheeks.

They have a relatively straight nose, with erected medium size ears located high on the head.

Their unique overall face structure with a narrow jaw makes them giving a smiling appearance all the time, which is very easy to identify. This smiling face is because of how the tapered muzzle of the Chartreux is structured.

If we talk about their eyes, they are slightly less rounded in shape than a Persian breed, with a slight depression among them.

There are three eye colors for the Chartreux cats:

  • gold
  • copper
  • brilliant orange

Any other shade than these three means it’s not a Chartreux cat. Their eyes are another easy way to differentiate it from many other cat breeds.

Grey double coat and water-resistant hair

Most of the cats look like a drowned rodent after having a bath, or after accidentally falling into a body of water.

This is because their hair is not water resistant and gets quickly drenched into water.

However, the Chartreux cats have a unique double coat which is highly resistant to water.

They don’t get wet quickly and can easily come out from a body of water completely dry.

You can easily identify whether your cat is Chartreux or not by letting them loose in the water for a couple of seconds.

Their coat is very thick, dense and feels like a sheep’s wool.

You’ll be surprised by its roughness during your first touch, as it feels so different in comparison with normal cat’s soft and fluffy furs.

Don’t use brushes on them and instead use combs or even your fingers will do the job amp fully.

Female Chartreux has slightly thinner coats in comparison with males but they are still pretty rough than other cats.

As for their color, any Gray-blue combination from ash to slate, with tips appearing to be lightly brushed with silver.

Chartreux has a clear coat without any shadow barring, with the exception of young ones who might have some during earlier stages of life.

Any other color combination than gray-blue will make you easily determine that it’s not a Chartreux cat.

Distinctive body structure

Just like their head, you can easily distinguish the Chartreux on the basis of its body structure.

Here are some characteristics that can help you identify it:


As we discussed earlier that their head is comparatively bigger than their body and have thick and dense fur. This makes them look bigger and solid than your traditional household cats.

Males are usually larger in size than their female counterparts and weigh between 7 – 16 pounds.

Although they look larger than most cats, they have a relatively short stature of around 9-11 inches, which is below the average height of cat breeds.

They have a very muscular build which makes them even more athletic than your normal house cat. The Chartreux possesses unique sharp reflexes through which they can easily hunt down their prey.

They have moderate length tail, with round feet and comparatively small and fine-boned legs.

Their muscular deep chest with broad shoulders make them look even bigger.

Considering all these factors, it will be easier for you to differentiate a Chartreux cat from other breeds by comparing their body structures.

Their unique personality traits

Understanding the unique personality traits of Chartreux cats will help you in recognizing them easily.

Here are some personality traits that make the Chartreux unique:

1. Quiet Nature

Yes, they don’t meow like normal cats and only chirps in a very low voice when they want to communicate. Even the most talkative Chartreux cats tend to make fewer sounds than your traditional household cats.

This quietness is great for people who prefer less noisy cats, who are loving and affectionate. It is said that they have adopted this trait from their initial breeders, the Carthusian monks of France.

As peaceful this may sound, but it can also be a disadvantage. For in times of any unforeseen trouble they won’t be able to call you out.

2. Friendly and affectionate

Chartreux cats are not shy but usually, prefer to observe new people first before opening up to them.

They are great especially with small children and show more compassion towards them than the adults.

Their gentle and calm nature makes them even more trustworthy to be left with children and other pets alone. Moreover, instead of starting any fights they often play the role of a peacemaker during the heated arguments among other pets.

They usually tend to build a stronger bond with an individual in a house, and also give lots of love and affection to the other members of the family.

So, if you have a cat who meows constantly and it isn’t sociable, chances are it’s not a Chartreux cat.

Their mental and physical abilities

A happy and healthy cat tends to be more playful and active. But just like all other characteristics, some cats are way more active than the rest!

Chartreux cat breed is not among the most active breed in the world, but only when you compared it with the best breeds. They have very strong mental and physical capabilities which makes them one of the top hunting cats of the world.

As we mentioned earlier, they have lightning fight reflexes which help them takes down their prey easily.

The Carthusian monks of France used them to eliminate and keep away the rodents from their grain. Due to their past of working the same daily routine, they prefer the same when it comes to games and other activities.

You can test their mental capabilities by providing them challenging and interactive toys. They like to play in small sprouts then take small napping breaks and are ready to go again.

Try giving them puzzle toys/games and judge how they interact with them.

Whereas, moving toys can help you determine their physical capabilities as they track down and kill their prey in the most efficient manner.

It will be quite easy for you to identify if it’s a Chartreux cat based on these characteristics.

Call by their name

Most people are of the notion that most of the cats do not respond to your directions.

But when it comes to the Chartreux, they are pretty surprised and amazed by their intelligence and capability to listen to their owners.

They are often referred to as  ‘dog-cats’ for their ability to respond to the owner’s commands, loyalty, and ‘wherever-you-go-I-follow’ nature.

So if you have given a name to your adorable cat, it will come quickly to you whenever you call their name.

This fact also proves that you have the obedient Chartreux cat that will stay loyal to you forever.

As soon as you call their name, they will show their love and affection by sitting on your lap or will follow you around like a dog.

Keep in mind, they are not attention seeking cats (like most are). They won’t disturb you when you’re busy with something and will wait out patiently until you’re done.


Through breed verification

For some reason, if you are still unable to determine whether your cat is a Chartreux or not, then follow this easiest method.

Here are a couple of ways through which you can easily identify with a 100% guarantee about your cat’s breed:

1. Consult a vet

You can always go for a consultation with your veterinarian or an expert in the Chartreux cat breed.

All cat owners frequently visit the vets for routine medical checkups for their pets, and can easily discuss this issue.

The best veterinarians have all the information about the different cat breeds and will easily tell you the answer just by examining its shape and body structure.

In case, you can’t go to the vet but have a pet lover nearby or in your circle then consult them. Like a veterinarian, they will also tell you the cat breed by looking at your cat.

2. DNA testing

In case you still want a 100% proof that your cat is a purebred Chartreux cat then you should go by the DNA testing route.

By this method, there will be no grey areas and you will eventually find the truth about your cat’s breed.


Chartreux cats are very sensitive about how you treat them whether you praise them for their good behavior or scold them for some mistake.

They are your best companion and will be there for you to provide comfort whenever you get ill or feel down.

Be gentle with this gentle breed and always stay patient and forgiving for their cute little mistakes.

Related Questions

Q. How long does a Chartreux cat live?

A. They are slow growers and can take up to 2-3 years to reach adulthood.

They are a very intelligent and playful cat and will keep the activities going till their late maturity years.

A healthy and active Chartreux cat usually have a lifespan of around 18-20 years.

So you’ll have a perfect companion around for a long time by taking good care of them.

Because their lifespan gets affected substantially if they are not well or suffering a major disease.

Keep visiting your veterinarian regularly to keep the health of your beloved Chartreux cat in check and avoid any future health problems.

Q. Are Chartreux good for allergic people? Do they shed?

A. The Chartreux cat double coat is very dense, thick and water repellent.

All cats shed hairs and same is the case for the Chartreux breed.

The only difference being they have some heavy seasonal shedding which occurs once or twice per year.

But during the rest of the year, their shedding frequency is relatively lower than the traditional household cats.

Despite being a low shedding cat, its small hairs of the undercoat spread around through the air and make their way to your noses and eyes.

Therefore, allergic people are advised to not keep Chartreux as pets in their households and also for the people that host allergic houseguests frequently.

Q. Are Chartreux cats rare?

A. This unique and amazing cat breed of France, despite its overwhelming popularity, is still extremely rare.

It was never available in large numbers, and from the start, its breeding has been done under strict restrictions.

As it was a cat that belonged to the upper echelons of the society those, they define certain criteria’s like how many of them could be bred, and so on.

It’s still the case as if you won’t find many Chartreux around as their demand is always higher than their supply.

They are only available from a very limited selection of breeders and not like other cats breeds which are easily available on the market.

You will find yourself on a waiting list of a breeder for around 4-8 months if you want to pet one.

Older ones are easier to get and are often available at the breeders at a much cheaper price.


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