Is Bengal Cat a Lap Cat?

I love treating my pets like little babies.

But my pet Bengal cat just doesn’t stay put in my lap.

That’s when I wondered:

Is Bengal cat a lap cat? No, the Bengal cat does not show any interest in sitting in your lap. You can not even force it to sit into the lap otherwise the kitty might get furious. However, on a few occasions, it might agree to accompany you into the lap but that only on your cat’s terms. This cat typically shows affection and love by simply being around you.

Let’s find further about this typical behavior on ‘why Bengal cat won’t sit in your lap’?

Reasons why Bengal cats do not sit in laps

The following traits of Bengal cats are some reasons which could explain this behavior:

  • Their inability to sit idle
  • Their highly curious nature
  • Their active persona
  • Different ways of showing affection

1. Inability to sit idle

Bengal cats are not the ones that you will find resting around wagging their tails or relaxing in the sunshine.

This breed can not sit idle, instead, they like to explore what is happening around them.

2. Highly curious nature

Because of their typically curious nature:

You will see this kitty always sticking its nose into different things.

To burn off steam, they will get into the things which do not even concern them.

3. Not lazy at all

Unlike most of the cat breeds:

This one is not the lazy kitty.


It loves roaming around the house.

These cats would rather roam around in the kitchen than sitting in the owner’s lap.

4. Different ways of showing affection

Instead of cuddling in the owner’s lap:

The Bengal cat practices other ways to show affection such as sitting beside the keeper on the couch or bed.

We’ll discuss the other ways of this cat to show attachment and love towards the keeper later in this article.

Do Bengal cats ever sit in their owner’s lap?

Are you disappointed to know that your beloved Bengal cat won’t sit in your lap?


Chin up.

It is not an impossibility that a Bengal cat would sit on you.

This feline can accept the invitation to your lap but occasionally.

Moody Nature

This moody cat would crawl up to your lap and cuddle when it wants.

But it totally depends on the kitty’s mood.

You honestly have no say in this.


You have to wait for your cat to demand attention and come up to you itself if you want to experience taking your Bengal feline into your lap.


The cat comes up to you to seek attention.

After discovering all these reasons:

I can totally understand why the Bengal cat is not a lap cat.

Being a sensible owner, you must understand this special trait of your pet and do not loathe the poor creature for this.

What does a Bengal cat do if not sit in a lap?

If your Bengal cat doesn’t sit in your lap, that doesn’t mean that it won’t have any interaction with you. Following are some ways with which Bengal cats interact and play with their owners.

  • Cuddling
  • Loyalty
  • Greeting
  • Talking
  • Using attention-grabbing tricks
  • Stalking
  • Playing with water

1. Cuddling

No worries if your kitty refuses to sit in your lap.

It has something better to offer.

The Bengal cats are very fond of cuddling.

It should not be surprising to find the Bengal besides you on the bed every time you go to sleep or wake up.

This furball is going to be your best cuddling partner.

2. Loyalty

Due to its affection-demanding nature:

This cat breed becomes quickly attached to its human family members.

This feline is very faithful and loyal.

3. Greeting

The Bengal cat will anxiously wait for the keeper when he/she is out.

It will greet the owner at the door upon their arrival.

Trust me:

This sweet gesture from your pet will melt your heart instantly and your exhaustion will literally vanish away in seconds.

4. Talking

Each cat from this breed is going to be very talkative.

When the feline starts living with you, you will start to recognize its special ways(sounds) of communicating different messages.

It is totally fine to talk with this kitty when you have no one else to talk with.

Sometimes it might reply you through ‘meow’ as if it is understanding what you are talking about.

5. Attention-grabbing tricks

Be ready to see your cat using weird tactics to get your attention if you ignore it.

When it feels ignorance from the owner, it will start jumping on your counters or places where you don’t want them to be.

6. Stalking

If you own a Bengal kitty:

It would expect you to take it with you everywhere you go.

They have this habit of following their owners everywhere they go.

This is because they want to stay close to their owner all the time.

They can follow you into the shower and even try to get inside the shower tub along.

It might sound clingy to you but believe me once you get attached with this four-legged child, there is no going back.

7. Playing with water

This is not unusual to find a Bengal cat playing at some wet place including the toilet. They do not fear the water like most other cat breeds. In fact, they love playing with water.

Activities for your active Bengal cat

If you are looking for some creative activities to keep the Bengal cat busy, then you can consider the following:

  • Outdoor Walks
  • Food hunting

1. Outdoor walks

You can take the Bengal kitty for an outdoor walk.

It really enjoys going out and play with the keeper.

As a precautionary measure and to keep this mischievous creature under control, put the cat on a leash.

2. Food hunting

This cat breed is famous for its predatory skills.

You can get your cat to play food hunting games.

You can hide food at different spots inside the house and let this hunter cat discover it with your guidance.

It will love playing this game.

Is Bengal cat a suitable choice for you?

If you are in search of a pet buddy that can bring excitement to your life, then you must consider the Bengal cat.


Due to its moody nature, this breed is not recommended to everyone.

Here is an overview of a Bengal cat’s traits.

Attention seekingHigh


Do not misjudge your Bengal cat for not loving you if it denies sitting in your lap.

This behaviour is just due because this breed is high in curiosity, energy, and intelligence and demands all of these traits to be satisfied.

These personality traits make this breed unsuitable for the starters.


If someone has previous experience to keep the cats then this breed is a very good option for them.

To develop a good relationship with the Bengal cat, you must put some effort to make this little fur ball comfortable with yourself.

The most important thing which you must know about the Bengal cats is their highly active nature. It is not easy to handle this roaming cat as it is very demanding.

Things to know before you buy Bengal cats


Have you decided yet if you want this cat or not?

I am sure if you are a cat lover and reading this article, you’d love the experience to keep this breed.

But it is very important to know some facts prior to committing to this amazing cat.

The most important part is to find the right breeder in your area.

Understand that the right breeder will never label this delightful kitty as “wild” or “exotic”.

If some breeder tells you that his Bengal cat is wild, then you should walk away at once.

A reputable cat breeder will ensure that at the time of sale:

  • The Bengal kitten is 13 weeks old
  • The kitten will be eating solid food
  • The kitty will be bathroom trained
  • The kitten is vaccinated

Related Questions

What is the life span of a Bengal cat? The life span of the Bengal cat is 14-16 years.

But they could die earlier due to bad health conditions.

Generally speaking, Bengal cats are healthy and can live a long and happy life with you.

Can I keep a Bengal cat with a pet dog? Yes, Bengal cats get along very well with the dogs.

In fact:

A lot of Bengal cat owners report that their Bengal gets along better with dogs instead of other cats.

The only thing that you need to beware of while keeping your Bengal cat with a dog is to notice whether the dog is aggressive towards your Bengal.

If it is, you should never expose both of them to each other.


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