Is it good to Keep One Guppy Only?

Pet hobbyists are always interested in having a wonderful tank filled with a variety of beautiful fish. Guppies would always add more beauty to any tank.Can you keep only one guppy? The answer is yes, it is okay. However, I do not recommend keeping one guppy on its own in a tank because guppies love to be in groups even though they swim in random patterns.This article will explore all the possibilities of keeping a single guppy and the best methods to do so.

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How to keep a single guppy

A lot of people tend to always ask if they can keep a pet on its own without its mates since it is much easier to look after one pet rather than two or three.Yet, some people are really interested in having lots of pets and they know how to take care of them. Guppies are easy-to-keep pets since they are hardy. As long as you keep them in good conditions, you would not find a problem in buying more of them.Guppies are sold with reasonable prices. A couple of them would not cost you a lot of money. But some people are just interested in having a fish bowl and not a huge tank as they might not have enough space for a tank at their house. A few fish hobbyists also cannot afford to buy a big tank and maybe they are just beginners and want to start off by keeping one colorful beautiful fish like a guppy.Beginners are always convinced and persuaded by breeders to get guppies because their vibrant colors would make their fish bowl look amazing. Plus, guppies are very entertaining.Everyone wants to start off by picking the hardiest and the most attractive. If you are planning to buy a fish bowl, you are not at all encouraged to get many guppies and place them in that small bowl.Guppies hate overcrowded spaces. If you are going to have a group of 6, for example, this means you have to buy a tank and a relatively bigger one. Therefore, only one guppy can adapt to living in a bowl.The reason why you can’t keep more is that guppies mate all of the time and reproduce a lot. The fry would grow into adult guppies and there would be no space for any of the guppies to swim comfortably or freely in a fish bowl or a small tank. This could make the guppies aggressive and they would start attacking and chasing each other.

Why to choose a male guppy?

To be honest, without any intention of discriminating against female guppies, male guppies always look naturally more attractive because of their bright beautiful colors. Females are dimmer and have a grey-ish hue.This explains why most people would prefer male guppies as they are colorful fish that would make for a beautiful display at their house, work places or even shops.Since you want only one fish, at least let your bowl or tank look captivating by adding a colorful unique fish.

Is it hard keeping one guppy only?

It is going to be the easiest task you will ever endure if you just have one guppy in your bowl. This is because having one guppy only would make you give your dedication and full attention to it most of the time.You will easily learn how to change the water without struggling with many guppies and it would be easier to clean the bowl as well with one guppy only.It would not make you exert great effort to keep a single guppy safe and healthy for as long as possible.  If you are a professional and you think of purchasing an advanced tank with a filtration system, you should choose a very special type of guppies to add to the tank.Plus, you have to decorate the tank with plants to make the guppy feel comfortable and avoid any risk of causing the guppy any stress.

What concerns people before buying one guppy?

Pet fish owners are afraid that buying one guppy only and putting it in a tank on its own would make it feel lonely. It is true; it’s important not to have your guppy feeling lonely because guppies love to live among a group of guppies or at least some other non-aggressive species.But do not worry; guppies do not really feel alone, they just have the urge to breed a lot. It would always be a better idea if you bring a group of guppies together. But if you don’t, you are still going to have a beautiful tank anyway!

Should you buy a single female guppy?

Bear in mind that a female guppy would not be as colorful as the male guppy. Regardless, there is a high chance the female guppy would be pregnant before purchaseThus, before purchasing the female guppy, make sure that it has not been recently impregnated by a male guppy because if it has, it could impregnate itself again with the stored unused sperms. So, this is why it is safe to get a male guppy if you are planning on buying a single one.

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