Is it Necessary for a Guppy Tank to Have a Filter?

Guppies are the easiest pet fish you can deal with, that is why they are always recommended for beginners.

Is it Necessary for a Guppy Tank to Have a Filter? It is not extremely necessary. However, having a filter would be something extra that would help in cleaning the water. It all comes down to whether you can afford one or not.

Let us now become familiar with filtration and guppies’ preferences as far as water’s quality and conditions are concerned.

Setting Up Simple Guppy Aquarium Tank NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts for Amateur (Video)


Using a filter would always be a great idea to clean the tank water. Yet, when it comes to guppies, it is not necessary since guppies do not release a lot of waste.

Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a big and a strong filter for their tank. If the tank is big enough for the guppies and enables them to swim freely, they will not release much waste and which is why the filter’s presence would not be so important.

There are some filters that are dangerous and harmful for the guppies because the water current that is produced by the filter could suck the guppies into the filter. You can get your guppies stuck in the filter’s inlet.

So, filters would not always have positive effects as much as you would expect.

It would not have negative effects as well if you just get an ordinary filter that would not endanger the guppies’ lives. If you have guppies, you do not need to buy an expensive filter because guppies do not pollute their water like other species do.

Filters are always used in order to clean the water from any chemicals that could kill the fish who need oxygen from the water. The water could be poisoned by the amount of ammonia or nitrates, so the filter’s presence would prevent these chemicals from intoxicating the fish.

In guppies’ case, these toxic chemicals rarely build up to dangerous levels if weekly water changes are carried out; hence, having a filter for a guppy tank is optional and depends highly on the fish owner.

What is a good filter?

A good filtration system needs to consist of

  • Mechanical filtration to remove debris
  • Biological filtration to remove chemicals like ammonia
  • Chemical filtration to remove odors, substances, wastes, and discoloration.

These products are excellent for a 10-gallon guppy tank and would make for some great investments for your fishkeeping hobby. You can click on them to be redirected to the Amazon store where you can read detailed descriptions of these products and purchase them.


In order to keep healthy guppies, you have to ask yourself this question:

what do guppies need to survive in an aquarium?

There are lots of factors that are actually not that difficult to maintain. However, since you have decided to own pet fish, you really need to have some information and awareness about your particular breed. This is because fish, in general, are delicate creatures and could easily get infected with diseases and die.

First of all, you have to bear in mind that you need to give your guppies the space that they need. By space I mean that guppies love to have enough room to swim comfortably and freely.

They are playful swimmers and have random swimming patterns. You will always find them darting back and forth in the tank. Giving them a big tank with enough space for every guppy will make them function better and they will surprise you with their playfulness which you will certainly find entertaining.

5 guppies in a 10-gallon tank would be just perfect! If you plan to add more tank mates, you need a 20-gallon tank to provide room for everyone!

Guppy Tankmates and Buddies

Guppies love to be kept in groups.

One guppy on its own would become stressed. It is always better to get a group of 5 or 6 of them. If you do, you’re always going to see the guppies playfully chasing each other.

Guppies reproduce a lot and as long as you have males and females in the tank, the breeding cycle will occur continuously. If you want to add some other species with your guppies, do not add larger fish because they can eat the little guppies. Guppies get along with neon tetras and they both could live in the same type of water and share the same conditions of the tank.


Since we have talked before about the water conditions that guppies need in order to survive and function properly, we are going to remind you again of the basic things you have to do to keep your water’s quality excellent!

You need to clean the water regularly. This means that you should remove any wastes, food leftovers and remains, any dead fry (baby fish) or any other fish’s wastes as well.

Any wastes in the tank could pollute the water and make it look murky. This would certainly be unhealthy for the guppies and they could get infected with bacteria or parasites especially after feeding them live food.

You also need to watch out for the chemicals that could be toxic and poison the guppies like chlorine, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites. If you detect any change in the water, change 30% of it with seasoned water. You can change the water once a week or once every two weeks which would improve your tank’s water conditions.

Related questions

Can guppies live without an air pump? Guppies get oxygen from the water by using their gills. Adding an air pump would not enhance the water’s quality, but would help in oxygenating the water.

Do guppies like plants? Yes, guppies like floating as well as bottom plants in their tank. They nibble on these plants as a dietary supplement and also hide behind them when they are scared.


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