Labrador vs Labradoodle — Which breed is better?

Are you in love with these adorable, smart dogs that are covered with a teddy bear skin? Well, count me in as well. Labradoodle is pure love. But lately, I also went through some information that talked about the negative traits of labradoodle. So, I changed my mind and started studying about Labradoodles. I also adore Labradors and it was already in my wish list. So, I began to compare both of them in detail.

Here’s what I found out:

Labradoodles are smart, active, highly energetic, cute, sometimes hypoallergic, and friendly dogs. But they are unpredictable just like any other mixed breed. Labradors are smart, active, energetic, and friendly purebred dogs. They possess predictable traits. So, if you are up for some fun-filled routine with too much energy and smartness then go for labradoodle or Labrador. Both possess similar traits but Labradoodles are also hypoallergic in many cases. 

Labradoodle Facts (Video)


Want to know more? Below is a detailed comparison between Labradoodles and Labradors so that you can easily decide which one to go for.


The history of the dog defines its main characteristics and health.

Knowing about How and why a dog breed was created and whats its general temperament allows you to make the correct decision.

So, here it goes.


Labrador’s origin is Canada. They were created to retrieve the fish and birds that were missed by the hunters. Labradors were meant to be smart and loyal to do their job carefully.

Labradors are the seventh most intelligent dog breed in the world. Due to their intelligence and friendly nature, Labradors became famous as pets also.


Labradoodle is a mixed breed (a hybrid), a designer dog that was created by an Australian dog breeder, Wally Conron, in 1988. So, Labradoodles are not here since forever. They are pretty new hybrids but have gained high popularity all over the world. Labradoodles initially served as guard dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. But now they are part of many homes as family pets.

Wally decided to breed a Labrador with a poodle to make a hybrid that must be hypoallergic. This was the target as a hypoallergic dog was highly demanded by the customers.

After many trials and careful breeding, they had a litter of  Labradoodles. These came out to be super friendly, highly intelligent dogs and were also hypoallergic!

Now that many breeders are creating labradoodle, they aren’t doing it very carefully. Most of the breeders or pet stores are breeding Labs and poodles and creating Labradoodles that have poor health and unfavorable traits (like aggressiveness).

So, Labrador is basically the parent breed of Labradoodle. Both have similar traits but labradoodle traits are unpredictable because it’s a mixed breed. 

Size and lifespan:


Labrador belongs to medium to large dog breed. It can grow 20 to 24 inches. Their weight varies from 55 to 80 pounds.

You can expect a labrador to live for 10 to 12 years.


Labradoodles come in three sizes based on the size of their parent poodle. They can be standard, medium, and miniature sized.

  • The standard-sized labradoodle grows 21 to 24 inches tall and weight 50 to 65 pounds.
  • The medium-sized labradoodle grows 17 to 20 inches tall and weight 35 to 40 pounds.
  • The mini Labradoodles grow 15 to 18 inches and weight 25 to 30 pounds.

A Labrador’s lifespan is 10 to 12 years while a poodle’s lifespan is 10 to 18 years. So, Labradoodles are expected to live for a maximum 10 years.

So, Labradoodles come in different sizes. You can opt for the one that you like. Labradors come under medium to large-sized dog breeds. 

Shedding and Grooming:

If you are allergic or/and don’t want to clean the hair of your pet dog from everywhere around the house, then go for a dog that sheds very less. It also takes less time to groom a dog that sheds less.


Labradors she’d throughout the year. They shed slowly so there is not much hair around. But they do need grooming. Although they need minimal grooming.


Labradoodles have a hypoallergic fur that comes in many different forms. You will see Labradoodles having fur from wool texture to the fleece one. Also, the fur may consist of curly, wavy or smooth hair.

Whatever the texture and type of fur it may have, Labradoodles shed very less. The shedding process is so slow that you don’t find any hair on your furniture. That’s what makes them hypoallergic.

So, it’s easy to maintain their hygiene and groom them. But they do need a comb daily because of the thick fur they have.

So, Labradors shed throughout the year but the shedding process is slow. Labradoodle almost doesn’t shed. 

General Characteristics:

Friendly Nature:

You should choose a family dog that’s friendly. Only then it can adjust with everyone at your home.


Labradors are very loving and kind. They love to make friends. Due to their friendly nature, they adjust to humans very easily.

Labradors are also friendly towards other animals including other dogs.


Labradoodle wee super friendly dogs. They are nice, warm, and welcoming. They love hugs and sit on your lap even when they grow bigger.

Labradoodle is very friendly towards their owners, whole family, other people, other dogs, and other pets. They can be friends with anybody!

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles are friendly but Labradoodles are extremely affectionate to win the hearts of anybody and everybody. 


A dog who loves to be around people and other animals adjust very well. But do expect to hang out with your dog if he’s socially active.


Labradors are very social. They hate to be alone. You can see it in your scratched furniture once you come back home after hours!

Labs like to be around people all the time. That’s why they need to hang out daily. They like to sit beside you and follow you wherever you go.


Labradoodles are very social. They can’t stay alone. They need you and other people all the time.

They love to hang out and meet new faces every day. That is what makes them very friendly and loving.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles are very social dogs.


An intelligent dog will listen and obey you in no time. You will spend less time in their training and will reap the benefits then and there.


Labradors are very intelligent. They not only understand your expressions and signals but also human phrases. Yes, labs understand almost 300 human phrases. So, it’s easy to give them commands.


Labradoodle is the hybrid from Labrador and poodle. Both are famous for their high intelligence level. In fact, the poodle is the second most intelligent dog in the world.

That’s why Labradoodles are very sharp and intelligent. They understand and obey you. They are people pleasers.they love to please their owners. They listen to you and follow your actions as well.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles are intelligent dogs, Labradoodles being more intelligent ones. 


A dog with a good temperament can easily adjust to any environment. You just have to train it well.


Labradors are gentle and friendly most of the time. They are friendly towards everyone.

Labs have a gentle temperament which makes them favorite of all the dogs.


Labradoodles are kind, affectionate, soft, and entertaining. They don’t get aggressive until someone teases them or snatches their toys and food (which is always unacceptable with any pet).

Labradoodles know how to manage their temperament and control their aggressiveness. This is what makes them a great family pet.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles have great temperaments. 

Exercise needs:

A dog who’s energetic and active needs daily exercise and playtime. If you are active and want to go for a walk daily, then choose a dog with high exercise needs.


Labradors are very active dogs. They need to spend their energy anywhere. As an owner, you have to figure out some positive ways to do so.

You’ve to take your dog on daily walks. Labs love to run and jump around. They need almost 40 minutes of strenuous exercise daily.

So, if you’re active and a fitness freak, the lab would be your best companion.


Labradoodles are oozing with energy and power. They are very active as well.

So, be prepared to play with Labradoodle and talk him out for long walks daily. They have a high energy level that should be spent on some positive things.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles are very active and energetic with high exercise needs. 

Special skills:


Labs are great retrievers. They are also good as guard dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. Labradors are sporting breed so they’re good at running, swimming, and jumping.


Labradoodles are excellent guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. They are great for those who have depression and other kinds of mental conditions.

Labradoodles are not as good as watchdogs. They are not meant to be one.

Health issues:

Health is the foremost thing that you should see in a dog you want to adopt as your family pet.

A healthy dog will achieve his milestones, be friendly, and will be your great companion.


Labradors are healthy dogs overall. But they are prone to many diseases if not taken care of.

Labradors can develop dysplasia, ear and eye infections, and even cancer. That’s why you have to take your lab on routine check-up and vaccination to the vet.


Labradoodles are prone to many health conditions. They can develop hip and elbow dysplasia, heart diseases, ear infections, ophthalmic abnormalities, and many other illnesses.

So, you have to get him checked by the vet after two or three months. Don’t forget it’s vaccinations as well to prevent it from many diseases.

So, Labradoodles are more prone to illnesses as compared to Labradors. 



Labradors are smart enough to be trained in days. You just have to be gentle and consistent.

Labradors love to please their owners. So, they listen and obey you. They have a sharp memory so they remember your commands easily.


As Labradoodles are super smart and quick learners, they can be trained very easily.

Labradoodles just want to please their owners. Yes, they love their owners this much. So, they listen to the commands and obey them promptly.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles are easy to train as both are very smart. 

Caring for the pet:


Labradors need healthy food three to four times a day. Other than that weekly bath and some grooming is all they need.


Labradoodles need healthy food. They don’t eat much. They need vaccinations timely and routine checkups.

Other than that you have to maintain their hygiene by cleaning and combing their fur. Their ears are very hairy so you’ve to clean and check them as well.

So, both Labradors and Labradoodles don’t ask for much care but Labradoodles should be cleaned and combed more often. 

Labrador as a family pet:

Labradors are very famous family pets all around the world and especially in the United States.

They are great family pets because they are friendly, smart, kind, easy to train, and active dogs. They need spacious houses to run around. Labs don’t like apartments as they don’t find enough room to play.

Labradoodle as a family pet:

Labradoodles are great family pets. They are sweet, furry, soft, friendly, kind, social, smart, and loyal. What else do you ask for?

Labradoodles live children. They play and run all the time. Labradoodles don’t adjust well in apartments. They need space to run and play around.

Just make sure you buy a labradoodle from an authentic breeder. You can adopt one from shelter homes also. Be sure you adopt the one that’s in good health.



You can own a labrador pup between $1000 to $2000.


You can buy a labradoodle puppy for $1500 to $3000.

The Takeaway:

If you are confused between adopting a labrador or labradoodle then see the comparison above. You’d be very clear about which dog to add in your pack after reading it. Both Labradors and Labradoodles are very smart, friendly, loving, kind, social, and entertaining.

The dog that suits your personality and can mix with your family is the one to go for.


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