Labrador vs Pitbull – Which breed is better?

Have you ever wanted to adopt a dog that’s not very friendly, apparently? Well, I wanted to own one that is thought to be aggressive and scary- Pitbulls. I also had Labrador in my mind. Needless to say, I was very confused and really wanted to know about these two breeds to choose one as my family pet. For this purpose, I dug in and did my research.

Here’s the kicker:

Are you confused about whether to adopt a labrador or a pitbull? Do you think Pitbulls are aggressive and not-so-good family pets? Labradors and Pitbulls both are great family pets. They can be trained to be your best companions. Pitbulls need much more training but once done right, Pitbull can give his life for your family. Labradors are easy to train, very smart and active dogs that adjust well in almost any home environment. 

Labrador Facts (Video)


I’m sure you want to know more. Below is a detailed comparison between a labrador and a pitbull so that you can make the right decision for your family.


The reason why a dog breed was founded plays an important role in the traits of that particular breed. Genetics play a role in the personality, features, behavior, and health of a dog.

But if you raise a dog with care and train it the way you like then you can easily manage the bad/unwanted traits in it.

So, the history of a dog doesn’t conclude a dog’s behavior and characteristics. It only tells us how much training any dig requires to be able to live in your home.


Labradors were first bred in Canada. They were bred to be retrievers. They used to retrieve the fish, birds, and other animals that were missed by their owners.

Labradors were trained to catch the missed prey in their mouth very softly. That is why until now labs don’t bite anything hardly. They are meant to hold anything in their mouth very softly.


American Pitbull Terrier originated from the United States. Unfortunately, it’s exact ancestors are not known but pitbull came into being by breeding a bulldog and a terrier.

Pitbull was bred to fight and take part in search missions of police. The dogfighting companies have really affected pitbull’s reputation by making and breeding it into a fighting ns aggressive dog.

Pitbull is sharp and intelligent. If trained properly, pitbull can be a therapy dog and search dog in the police.

Pitbull is now a domesticated dog and the owners say that no dog is better than pitbull. But some people don’t like pitbull as a pet and even ask for its ban as a pet. This is totally unjustified as pitbull’s aren’t dangerous, rather they’re friendly and kind if trained very well.

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize pit bull as a breed. The registries that recognize pitbull as a separate breed are American Pitbull Registry, Sporting Dog Registry, American Bully Registry, Worldwide Dog Registry, American Dog Breeders Association, American National Dog Registry, and the Worldwide Dog Registry.

So, Labrador was bred to retrieve while Pitbulls were bred to fight and search.

Size and lifespan:


Labradors belong to medium to large dog breeds. They can grow up to 22 to 25 inches tall.

Labradors life span is 10 to 12 years.


Pitbulls are very tough and strong. Their body is muscular and they can turn into a huge dog when grown up.

Pitbulls can grow up to 16 to 23 inches. An active and healthy pitbull can have weighed 35 to 67 pounds.

Pitbull’s lifespan is 8 to 15 years.

So the size, weight, and lifespan of Labradors and Pitbulls are almost similar. 

Shedding and Grooming:

Everyone wants a pet who sheds less and who’s grooming is easy and manageable.

Noone likes dog’s hair everywhere in the house. So, choose a dog who sheds less and can be groomed easily. This will ensure a healthy environment in your home.


Labradors shed throughout the year. They shed most in autumn and spring.

The shedding process is slow. So, they require less grooming and can be groomed without much effort.


Pitbull has a single thick layer of glossy hair. Its fur isn’t fluffy but smooth.

In contrast with a labrador, pitbull shed very less and their grooming is easy.

With their minimal shedding, they should be allowed to freely roam around in the house with you.

So, Pitbulls undergo minimal shedding while Labradors shed almost all year. 

General Characteristics:

The general characteristics that I’m going to discuss below are not inherited traits of a dog only. They are also built inside a dog with careful training. You have to be a very vigilant trainer if you want to make your dog behave well.

A dog who is friendly by nature can turn into an aggressive one if not trained well. Similarly, a dog who is aggressive by nature can turn into a friendly and kind dog if trained well.

Friendly Nature:


Labradors are very friendly and loving by nature. They are so affectionate that they easily make human friends.

Not only humans, Labradors easily adjust with other pets and animals as well.


Pitbulls are very friendly and affectionate when it comes to their owners and other humans. Pitbulls like to play with you and interact with you in every way possible (including biting and sniffing). You have to teach it the best possible ways in which it can interact with you without any harm.

Pitbulls love you and your family. They can give their lives for you if you train them well!

But when it comes to other pets, especially other dogs, then Pitbulls don’t like them. They can make other dogs their friends. Pitbulls like to be the only one their owners love.

So, both Labradors and Pitbulls are friendly in nature but Labradors are more friendly. 


A dog who has social skills can for sure adjust with you. A social dog means a dog who is friendly and loving.

But if you aren’t very social yourself and like to be in your home for most of the time then you should go for a dog who also wants the same. Otherwise, your dog may develop aggressiveness and become stubborn.


Labradors hate to be alone. They need you or anybody else all the time. They want to play and sit beside you but don’t want to leave you.

Labradors remain happy outside also. They mix with people very easily and play with them.


Pitbulls love to be around humans. They are social and like to mix up with other people.

But due to their appearance and history as a fighting dog, many people are afraid of Pitbulls and run away from them. This behavior makes Pitbulls restless and aggressive.

If welcomed, Pitbulls love to meet new people all the time.

So, both Labradors and Pitbulls are very social and like to meet people all the time. They don’t need time for themselves ever. 


Intelligent dogs can be trained efficiently. A dog who wants to listen to you is the one who’ll act accordingly. So, go for a smart dog as your family pet.


Labradors are the seventh most intelligent dog breed in the world. They are smart and efficient.

Labs understand almost 300 human phrases. They love to please their owners. Labradors adopt your commands very easily but you need to be patient and consistent.


Pitbulls are very intelligent and smart dogs. They love to please their owners in all the ways possible. So, they will listen to you and understand what you are saying if they are trained well.

Pitbulls are sharp and sturdy. So, they make good search dogs.

Both Labradors and Pitbulls are very intelligent and smart dogs. Both like to please their owners. 


A dog inherits its temperament but if trained well, you can reshape his personality and behavior.


Labradors are kind and affectionate. They don’t get aggressive easily. They know how to control their temper even when something odd is going on.


Pitbulls are generally aggressive dogs. They can be trained to be friendly and well-tempered.

Exercise needs:


Labradors are very active. They like to run and jump around.

Taking them out for a walk daily would be a great idea. Your dog will thank you for allowing him to exert his energy in this way.


Pitbull is a very energetic and strong dog. It needs to exert its energy. So, be sure you provide some positive ways for him to run around and burn his energy.

Pitbull needs to play in open areas without any boundaries. You have to spare your evenings to hang out with your dog. Pitbull remains friendly throughout walk/play but many people get scared by his looks which can make him aggressive.

Try to teach your pitbull to remain calm when outside. You can offer him treats if he behaves well. Once trained, pitbull is a great walk companion. But keep him tied with a leash just in case.

So, both Labradors and Pitbulls are very energetic and active. Both need to exert their energies in open areas. Labradors are more friendly as compared to Pitbulls when out. 

Special skills:


Labradors can retrieve anything from water and land. They are great swimmers. If you want your labrador to be happy and healthy, allow him to swim at least once a week.


Pitbull is great in search operations. It’s smart enough to find anything and everything. They are used by police and other agencies for this purpose.

Pitbulls are also great fighters if trained like this. They are used as fighting dogs as well.

Health issues:

Dogs that are overall healthy and not prone to many diseases in the future are the ones to go for. As you have to adopt a puppy and live with it for the next ten to fifteen years. So, be sure you choose a breed that remains healthy overall.


Labradors are prone to develop dysplasia, ear and eye infections and even cancer.

It’s better to get them checked after intervals for illnesses and infections.


Pitbull is healthier than other large dog breeds. They can develop hip dysplasia and skin diseases. Among skin diseases, they can develop Demodex Mange which is either a localized skin infection or can spread and turn into a deadly disease.

It is important to get your pitbull checked for these diseases and immunize them regularly.


A smarter dog can be trained more effectively than a dog who is below average in intelligence.

Obviously, go for an intelligent dog so that you can train him the way you like.


Labradors love to please their owners. So, they can be trained very quickly.


Pitbulls are smart and love to please their owners. That is why they can be trained quickly but you need to be the leader of the pack. If the owner is not acting as a leader, pitbull might not take his orders seriously.

Pitbulls are funny and intelligent. Just give them a command and show them a treat. They will obey you just to make you happy.

So, both Labradors and Pitbulls like to please their owners and that’s why they can be trained quickly. 

Caring for the pet:


Labradors don’t need much care when it comes to grooming. They need little grooming and their skin remains clean most of the time. This is attributed to their glossy, water repellent skin.

Labradors need healthy food three to four times a day. Other than that, they need to have regular medical check-ups as well.


Pitbulls are easy to go pets when it comes to caring. They need healthy food three to four times a day, a good bath weekly, and a little grooming.

Pitbulls don’t shed too much. That is a relief as you will have to groom him just a little. Its fur is hard and shiny so it’s easy to clean it.

So, Pitbulls need less care when it comes to grooming as compared to Labradors. 

Labrador as a family pet:

Labs are a very famous family pet. They are friendly, loving, social, great with kids, kind, smart, intelligent, and keepers!

Labradors can help you with various tasks. They can also take good care of your children. Labradors understand and learn quickly about how to live in your home with your rules. They easily adapt to new places and are not stubborn.

Pitbull as a family pet:

Pitbull is very different from other domestic dog breeds. This is because they are aggressive in nature but don’t worry. Once trained, they make perfect family pets.

Pitbulls love children and want to play with them. They also take good care of your children. Just be sure you’ve trained them not to bite your kids!

Pitbulls need active families that are ready to play with him all day long.

Pitbulls are affordable and don’t need any fancy care for them. Just training him will make him your and your family’s best friend.



You can get a lab puppy for $1000 to $2000.


You can get an American Pitbull Terrier pup for  $500 to $2000.

The Takeaway:

When you want to adopt a puppy for your family and are confused between two breeds then it’s hard to choose one. But it’s easy peasy when you have got all the features of both the breeds and can compare between the two. In this way, you can choose the best one for your family.

If you are confused between a labrador and an American Pitbull Terrier then look no further. Read above about their characteristics and choose one now. The hard part is over, now just go and buy one. Good luck with the color!

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