Labrador VS Pug: Which breed is better?

Whenever I think of adopting a pup, this little dog comes in my mind with big round eyes, small face, and tiny stature- Pug. But I also adore Labradors because of their high intelligence level along with friendly nature. That fine day, we (Me and my family) sat together and discussed the pros and cons of both the breeds. I really felt to take help from some friends of mine who already have these breeds as family pets.

After a lot of talks, I came to this conclusion:

Labradors are smart, obedient, playful, energetic, friendly, and easy to groom. If you are ready to take long walks with your smart dog, then the labrador is the best. Pubs are cute, comical, playful yet stubborn, less-intelligent, not-so-active, prone to obesity, snoozers, and food lovers. If you live in a small apartment and you’re not up for daily walks and exercise, want your dog to sit on your lap for hours, then the pub is yours! 

You have to choose the one that suits best for you, your family, and your house. Don’t go for a dog breed that you fear wouldn’t be able to adjust in your home environment.

Labradors Facts (Video)


I’m sure you want to know more about Labradors and Pubs to make the right decision for yourself. So, keep reading.


If you want to guess about a dog’s intelligence, health, and behavior, the first thing you should know is the dog’s history- why was it bred and what were the behavior, health, and other characteristics of its ancestors?

Knowing the history, you can know about what dog can be the best pet for you.



Labradors originated from Canada where they were bred to retrieve the fishes and birds that were missed by the hunters.

Labradors are meant to retrieve the fish with their soft Jaws. They know how not to bite that animal and give it to the owner safely. This characteristic of the lab makes it suitable as a pet because it never bites or harms its owners.


Pug originally belongs to China. In the 16th century, it was transported to the United Kingdom.

Pug was always small and loving. Due to its deformed body, it cannot move much and prefers to sit in the lap of its owners.

Pug was and still is famous among celebrities and royal family members.

So, Labradors were generally used for hunting and retrieving so they’re more alert and intelligent while pugs are lap dogs so they’re child-like and relaxed. 


Size and lifespan:

If you’re living in a small apartment or/and have small children, then you should opt for small-sized dogs that can easily roam around and don’t harm kids as well.


Labradors belong to medium to large breed of dogs. Their height varies from 22 to 25 inches. They can weigh up to 75 pounds.

The lifespan of a labrador is expected to be 10 to 12 years.


Pugs belong to the small dog breed. They grow a maximum of 12 to 14 inches tall.

Their lifespan is expected to be 12 to 15 years.

So, pugs are shorter than the Labradors yet they tend to live longer. 


Shedding and Grooming:

Who likes excessive shedding and grooming their pets on a daily basis? You’ve got to choose the dog that sheds less and can be groomed easily.


Labradors shed a lot. They shed throughout the year. They tend to shed more in the fall and spring season.

Labradors shed throughout the year but not many hairs fall off daily. The shedding process is somewhat slow. That’s why their grooming is easy.


Pugs shed a lot more and their hair can be found everywhere in the house.

Their grooming is a bit difficult as they need to be cleaned deep through the wrinkled skin.

So, Labradors shed less than pugs and their grooming is also easier. 

General Characteristics:

Friendly Nature:

The nature of a dog is very important as you are going to make it a part of your family.

A dog that’s friendly and affectionate is the one to go for. Let’s compare which one is more friendly, a lab or a pub?


Labradors are very friendly and lovely pets. They love to be with their owners and please them.

Labs love to play with you and obey you so that they can be your good friends.


Pugs are sweet and have a very friendly nature. But this small doggie can be stubborn at times. It thinks just like a toddler and doesn’t obey you much.

Yet, they are affectionate and love to snuggle and hug you.

So, both Labradors and pugs are very friendly but pugs can be stubborn at times. 


If your dog likes to be social all the time and loves to hang out then you must be of the same type. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you both to get along.

Social behavior also shows how much your dog loves humans and other pets. More social dogs are more loving and friendly.


Labradors are very social. They hate to be alone. Labs are always ready to hang out and make new friends.


Pugs are also very social and they need you all the time. They can’t sit or play alone.

So, both Labradors and pugs are socially active and love humans around them. 


Go for the dog breed that is more intelligent. It’s easy to train and take care of a dog who understands and obeys what you’re saying to it.


Labradors are seventh amongst the most intelligent dogs in the world.

It learns very quickly and tries to adopt new behavior and way of living. They like to please their owners and that is why they observe their commands keenly.


Pugs are considered to ve below average when it comes to intelligence. They are not very obedient and sharp.

Having said that, pugs can be trained to be more alert and smart by indulging it into different brain exercises.

So, Labradors are sharper and smarter as compared to pugs. 


The dog who can manage his temperament well is the one who’ll be able to learn more quickly and behave the way you want it to.


Labradors are smart with controlled temperament. They don’t get aggressive more often. They are kind and friendly.


Pugs are affectionate and kind as well. They don’t like to bark a lot and show aggressiveness. They tend to be friendly and have controlled temperament.

Exercise needs:

Some dogs like to sit on a couch for long while others like to jump and run all the time.

So, it’s purely your choice. If you like active dogs then you must be able to take it to exercise daily.

Whereas, if you’re lazy then go for a dog who prefers sleep, eat, and repeat!


Labradors are very active and energetic. They require exercise on a daily basis.

You have to go out with your lab on a long walk and allow it to move around. Labs cannot stay in congested areas because they need space to exert their energy.


Pugs are lap dogs. You can guess that they are not fond of exercise. They just want to play around with you even inside the house.

So, Labradors are more active and energetic than pugs. Labradors need wide areas where they can run and play while pugs can play in a room as well. 

Health issues:

If I’m going to own a pet, I’d be most concerned about the health of that pet.

If a dog has health issues or is genetically prone to health issues in the future then you have to take care of it even more.

A healthy dog would be active and lively and will be a good addition to your family.


Labradors may encounter some health issues when they’re senior.

According to CHIC, the Labradors should be checked for ear and eye infections, myopathy, osteochondrosis, and dysplasia.

Otherwise, Labradors are overall healthy and active. Labs should be given fresh and healthy food and should be taken out for exercise daily.


Due to the deformed body structure, pugs encounter many serious health problems.

Pugs can have respiratory tract illnesses, muscular illnesses, nervous system illnesses, and various infections.

Even if they are taken care of, they can still have illnesses due to their deformed bodies.

So, both Labradors and pugs can encounter serious health conditions but pugs are more prone to illnesses due to its deformed body structure. 


It’s very important to train a dog according to your home environment. You have to teach him to live in a certain way that’s suitable for your family.

A smarter dog will be trained in a few days with less but consistent efforts.


As Labradors are smart and intelligent, it’s easy to train them the way you want.

It takes just a few days to teach them a new thing. Labs love to please their owners. Keeping this in mind, they listen and obey you quickly.

But you have to be consistent and patient while training them. After that, you’ll get the fruit for sure!


As pugs are not very intelligent and slightly stubborn, it needs a lot of patience to train them.

Pugs usually want treats and meals for training them. But they aren’t too messy so you can enjoy them the way they are.

So, training a lab is easier than training a pug. 

Caring for the pet:

Pet dogs need to be taken care of. Only then they turn out to be healthy and active.

Let’s see which dog needs more care, a labrador or a pub?


Labradors need fresh and nutritious meals three to four times a day. Other than that they don’t need much grooming. Their grooming is easy and manageable.


Pugs are food lovers. Sometimes they eat more than the required amount. So, you have to feed your pup healthy food and keep a check to avoid over-eating.

Pugs shed a lot and they need grooming on a daily basis. Their skin is folded and wrinkled. So, it’s hard to groom them properly. You should be really concerned to clean your pug because dirt and flees can accumulate easily in the folded skin which results in different illnesses.

So, Labradors are easy to be taken care of. Pugs need to be checked for over-eating and it’s folded skin should be cleaned properly. 

Labrador as a family pet:

Labradors make adorable family pets. They are friendly, smart, intelligent, and efficient. They don’t need much grooming and can be trained according to your home environment.

Further, labs are active and love to run around. So, they’d be happy with your kids and will hang out with them. Labs generally live kids and don’t harm them.

Pug as a family pet:

Pugs are cute, little dogs that love to be your friends. Pugs are clownish and belong to the Toy category. So, you and your family would love their mischievous activities.

Pigs love food and they can track and eat all the treats you’d hide in the cupboard! Pugs don’t harm children but play with them. They love to cuddle and hug your children.

Pugs sleep a lot and are not very active. So if you live in an apartment, a pug is your go-to pet.



Labrador price ranges from $1000 to $2000.

The puppies are cheaper than a grown-up dog.


You can own a pug by spending around $300 to $500.

So, pugs are more affordable than Labradors. 

The Takeaway:

Choosing a family pet means you have to consider a pet living with you for another ten to fifteen years.

You have to be really mindful if you want to adopt a dog. Keep in mind that you should own a dog that’s friendly, playful and smart. A family dog should be able to blend with your family and home environment easily.

If you are confused between adopting a labrador or a pug then we have you. Above are all the characteristics that you can compare and choose the one that’s perfect for you and your family.


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