Male vs Female American Shorthair Cat

Like humans, cats of both genders behave differently. This is why it is quite important to know the gender of your cat.

What is the difference between male and female American Shorthair cats? The only difference between male and female American Shorthair is that of their weight and size. However, if you are looking for a smaller cat, you may want to choose a female instead of a male cat.

Despite the fact that American Shorthair is an extremely adorable breed, choosing between the two genders can be nail-biting.

American Shorthair Cat 101 (Video)



American Shorthairs are loving and affectionate cat breeds that make excellent companions for all age groups. Despite the fact that they are independent cats and do not need much emotional connection, they love being pets.

If you are a busy person and cannot afford to give ample amount of attention to your cat, then this breed is your true calling. This cat breed is self-sufficient and can sleep and play on its own. Be it any sex, male or female, American Shorthair balances both solitude and attention well.

Here is what is similar of the both sexes:

  1. They both have a thick and short fur coat
  2. They have a strong temperament that helps them strive in harsh outdoor conditions

Before we go into highlighting the differences, it is essential that close attention is paid to their feeding as they have the tendency to get fat. A close monitoring is needed so as to develop a schedule and eating habits so that they do not get obese.

When it comes to caring for either sex, owners should pay close attention to their feeding. After trying more than a dozen cat food options, I settled with this one from Sheba. I’ve found it to be quite economical and full of protein.

Male American Shorthair Cats

Weighing a little bit more than the female American Shorthair, male cats have a higher tendency of gaining weight. However, they are a little huskily built and bigger in size, in general. Additionally, both the genders have that distinctive Cheshire cat smile, but the male American Shorthair has a much more jowly look.


When it comes to the male American Shorthair’s character, here is what I have gathered:

Male Shorthair cats are less reserved and open up easily. They are more affectionate and love to cuddle.

Moreover, through proper socialization of your kittens, you can easily avoid the general tom cat aggressive behavior of unneutered males.

The male American Shorthair is definitely not a lap-sitter and has a very different style of displaying affection. They would give you head butts on your legs and curl up close to you. They are kind and good-natured, however, they tend to be a bit more playful even in old age.


American Shorthair is a healthy breed, in general. Your male Shorthair would easily live 10 years and sometimes they may go up to living for an additional 5 to 6 years. Even though they are prone to some diseases like all other cat breeds, they do not go into depression nor into a sad-mad state.

It is important to know that male Shorthairs, greatly due to being overweight, are prone to having heart diseases. However, if diagnosed early, they can easily recover and jump back to good health.

Size and Weight

Male American Shorthairs are a true beauty with a husky built and strong legs. They tend to outgrow their female counterparts fast. You can expect them to gain almost three-fourth of a kilo every month.

When at a young adult age (teenager in human years), they may seem awkward and weird looking. However, they would grow out of it, becoming a beautiful husky cat. Unlike other breeds, they tend to grow for 3-5 years.

A healthy male will weigh almost 6 Kgs. However, they may go up to 9 kilos, but this is the time that you should go visit a vet as they may be weighing a lot more than what can be considered “healthy”.


American Shorthairs are low maintenance cats. With their thick dense coat, Male cats can go up to days without brushing. However, it is advised to brush them once a week to scale off dead skin and fur. Nail trimming and brushing teeth should also be a weekly routine. Additionally, so as to equipoise their inactive nature, provide him with a scratching pole and teaser toys.

I’ve bought this awesome scratch post for my American Shorthair as it had destroyed all of my furniture. It was only a matter of reprimanding it a couple of times for scratching my furniture and pointing towards the scratch post. Now it knows where to scratch and where not to.

Female American Shorthair Cats

Like their male counterparts, female American Shorthairs have the same sturdy built. However, they are smaller in size and weigh less than the Male Shorthairs. With a little more delicate features and relatively bigger eyes, female American Shorthairs are definitely beautiful.


A little more reserved than the male American Shorthair, the female Shorthairs take some time to open up to their owners and environment.

They are very specific and may choose one member of the family that gets all the cuddles and lap-time. This, however, does not mean it has a negative attitude towards others, but one person will be getting more attention.

Additionally, they are less active and stop playing soon after kitten hood.


As discussed earlier, American Shorthairs are strong cats. The females, however, tend to be much stronger than the male cats. Unlike the male cats, they do not tend to gain weight that easily and are at a lesser risk of obesity. They too can live up to 10 years or even 20.

Size and Weight

Female Shorthair cats are much smaller than the males and tend to grow at a slower rate. They weigh from 4 Kgs to around 6. Even though they are smaller than the male cats, they are still quite big.


They require similar grooming routine like male cats. However, they tend to be much more inactive and they tend to slow down at an earlier age. This means more effort will be needed so as to distract her away from her nap time and involve her in playful activities.

Appearance and Physical Aspects of American Shorthairs

The American Shorthairs, as discussed earlier, were more of a working cats. Thus, they had a built like that of a working cat.

Here is what an American Shorthair looks like:

General Built

A Stocky and muscular cat with a broad bone structure. They are generally tough and strong with quick reflexes. It is their strong built that gives them the label of “first-rate stalker”.

Unlike other cats, American Shorthairs have muscular legs which aids them in jumping and pouncing at preys.


They have a large face with visibly full cheeks. Their forehead forms a perfect curve from the top of the head to the neck. Their nose is of medium length. However, they have a small curve between the forehead and the bridge of their nose.


They have a sweet expression with wide eyes. The upper eyelid of American Shorthairs is almond-shaped while the lower lid is completely rounded. Their eyes are bright and alert giving them a cute and adorable look.


American Shorthair cats have medium sized ears that are rounded at the tips.


American Shorthair cats have a strong built. Their legs, like the rest of their body, are muscular and strong. Their legs are much broader than the other breeds. Moreover, their paws are rounded, firm and fully padded.


The coat on American Shorthairs is firm, short, and hard in texture. Their short yet thick coat makes them suitable for outdoors too.

Patterns and Colors

Some of the patterns that can be seen on American Shorthair’s coat are:

  • Tabby
  • Calico
  • Tabby
  • Bicolor
  • Tortoiseshell

Personality Traits

American Shorthairs are, in general, friendly and affectionate in nature. They are adaptable to different environments which makes them an ideal companion for many. They make a perfect pet for anyone belonging to any age group, from young kids to senior citizens.

American Shorthairs are not very demanding when it comes to loving and nurturing. Nevertheless, they love being held and scratched. They know their way around and just like any other cat,they are well aware of how to seek attention.

Getting an American Shorthair means little time investment when it comes to entertaining your cat. However, this breed, just like any other cat, would absolutely adore you if you play “hunting” games with them.

Here is what makes them a winner pet choice:

This breed is smart and easy to train.

Their fast learning nature and adaptability makes them an ideal pet, especially when it comes to disciplining them.

An important trait that they have is their social nature, this means that they enjoy the company of other pets, even dogs. Despite their social nature, they are not very vocal but use expressions to indicate their needs.

Their patient nature makes them an excellent pet choice but a poor hunter. Their independent and affectionate nature makes them a perfect companion for singles or senior citizens.

American Shorthair cat history

Dating over 300 years back, American Shorthair cat has a long history.

The American Shorthair breed originated in the areas of North America and Europe and is often considered native to the United States. They were shipped to the United States to get rid of mice and vermin in homes. Early settlers brought the Shorthair breed with them.

Introduced in England as a house cat, the American Shorthair cat soon gained popularity for its hunting skills and earned a reputation for being a hard working cat.

It was their impressive rodent-catching that led them to be taken to different cruise trips and sea where there was a higher risk of rats eating away stored food or to bring in diseases. Having a feline in company helped get rid of all rodent-related concerns.

A noteworthy incident that occurred in the history of American Shorthairs was that of 1621 when a Black Plague broke out in Europe and Britain. Over 18,000 people died in this plague, cats were blamed for this catastrophe.

This blame game resulted in elimination of cats, in general. However, without cats, the rodent population skyrocketed. It was not long after that the real culprit (rats) were identified as the ones carrying away the contamination. Thus, the American Shorthair (referred to as British Shorthair) regained its position as a domestic pet.

American Shorthairs, descendants of the British Shorthair, evolved with time and environment. From their coat to their nature, they adapted well to the different needs of the new world. Given the hunting job assigned to them, environmental adaptability was vital.

From blistering sun to extremely harsh winters, American Shorthairs survived all. They were ideal pets during the night and hardworking cats when at a farm. It was because of this diverse environment that shaped the existing behavior of Short Hair.

Cat Fanciers Association and American Shorthair

Once the American Shorthairs were well recognized for their skill and nature, it was in 1906 that they were recognized as more than a rodent catcher. Along with 5 other breeds, American Shorthair were included in a registry by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Even though for commoners, it is hard to differentiate between a street cat and American Shorthairs, breeders take extensive measures to ensure the preservation of distinguishable features of the former.

1965 marks the history of American Shorthair when a silver-coated male tabby was awarded with the award of the Best cat of the Year by the CFA. The American Shorthair has come a long way, from its humble beginnings to the upper echelon of cat societies, all well-deserved for this endearing and loyal cat.

Caring for your American Shorthair

As discussed earlier, American Shorthairs are low-maintenance cats. These cats are easy to comb and do not require daily brushing. Brushing them once a week would be enough to remove dead hair and distribute the skin oils.

Rest of this cat’s grooming and care is just like other cats. Here is how you can care for it:

Brush your cat’s teeth so as to prevent periodontal diseases. You can fit the brushing as per your schedule; it can be daily or even weekly. Trimming nails is advised especially when you keep your cat indoors all the time.

Cats tend to develop eye infections. Prevent this by wiping the corners of their eyes with soft damp cloth. However, make sure to change the side of the cloth for each eye so that you do not spread the infection from one eye to other.

Ear checking should be made part of your weekly care routine. Wipe your American Shorthair’s ears with damp cloth or cotton balls. Avoid using cotton swabs as this may damage their ear, instead dip a piece of cloth in a mixture of cider vinegar and luke-warm water mixed in equal ratios.

Hygiene and Food

American shorthair loves eating, thus posing a potential threat of obesity. This threat entails you to closely watch their diet and to never opt for free-feeding.

Since they love eating and have a tendency to gain weight, here is what you can do:

Play with them, involve them in physical exercise so as to help with digestion and improve their overall health.

If you own an American Shorthair, then you must know already that they like their litter box clean. Cats, in general, are very specific when it comes to bathroom hygiene.

Not keeping the litter box clean will lead to only one thing:

Your cat using other places in its home for this.

Keeping your cat hydrated is essential. Make sure that your cat is drinking adequate amounts of water. If water bowls are not working, you may want to add some ice cubes or install a water fountain.


American Shorthair is a beautiful breed that is husky and sturdy in structure. Ideal for any age group, they are extremely low maintenance cats that are self-sufficient and independent.

There are a very few differences between the two genders. If you are looking for a smaller cat, then female Shorthair cats would suit you. However, if you like chubby and big cats that are active and friendly, then male Shorthairs would suit you best.

Related Questions

Are American Shorthair cats affectionate?Yes, these cats are affectionate in nature. However, they are not very expressive and are very specific when it comes to lap-time.

What is the difference between American Shorthair and Domestic Shorthair?Domestic Shorthair is not a specific breed but a mix which comes in variance. American Shorthairs, on the other hand, are a specific breed which has very distinct features. Additionally, their kittens share the same distinctive features and traits.

What colors are most common in an American Shorthair?American Shorthair come in different colors and patterns which include: Black, Blue, Brown, Silver, and Tabby

Do American Shorthair cats adjust well with dogs?American Shorthair cats are easy-going cats who adjust well with almost all kinds of environment. They adjust well with dogs given that the dog is socialized with them first and are cat-friendly.

What is the price of American Shorthairs?American Shorthair are priced from around $600 to $1000 depending on the breeder and the age of the cat.


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