6 Best Maltese Rescues in California

Here you will find the list of the best Maltese Rescues in California. 

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Top 6 Maltese Rescues in California

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in California

1.) Maltese Rescue California

Maltese Rescue California is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with an all-volunteer workforce. These volunteers play a big part in the organization’s success in rescuing homeless, abandoned, or neglected Maltese and other small-breed dogs. They also run an advocacy group dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness about the Maltese breed and against animal cruelty. Visit their website or socials to learn more about them.

2.) Wags Pet Adoption

Wags Pet Adoption is a non-profit dedicated to providing a safe haven for all kinds of animals, including small dogs like Maltese, who are overlooked or deprived of the care and affection they deserve. All rescued undergo thorough veterinary checks and are given all the necessary medical treatment prior to adoption. About 400 pets are saved every day and cared for at Wags Pet Adoption, gaining them a reputation as a go-to organization. Give these cute canines their forever home by visiting the website or reaching out to them through their contact number.

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3.) Save a Small Dog Rescue, Inc.

Save a Small Dog Rescue is a charitable organization that operates as a public benefit corporation in Southern California. With their dedicated volunteers’ help, the organization rescues and rehomes Maltese and other small-breed dogs. The rescued dogs are kept in the rescue facility, where they are showered with the love, care, and attention they require. To help out these furbabies, you may visit the website and learn to foster or adopt one for yourself.

4.) Maltese & More Rescue

Maltese & More Rescue is an NPO that saves and finds new loving homes for small dogs in Southern California. Maltese & More is a foster-based organization with no central facility to house the rescued dogs. Dogs are sent to fosters where all their needs are looked after until they are adopted into loving and responsible families. Keep up with their latest endeavors by following them on social media.

5.) Family Dog Rescue

Founded in 2010, Family Dog Rescue is a not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco, California. The organization aims to rescue neglected dogs who are put on death row. Family Dog Rescue has evidently been very successful, as with the help of their dedicated volunteers, they have saved more than 1,000 dogs put on death row. Give their website and socials a look.

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6.) Second Chance Dog Rescue

Second Chance Dog Rescue is a certified 501(c)(3) based in San Diego, California. Their mission is to rescue all kinds of dogs from local shelters, including small, large, senior, puppies, and medically ill dogs. Since its inception in 2008, Second Chance Dog Rescue has saved more than 11,000 dogs and continues to do so more every day with the help of its gracious volunteers. For further information, check out their website.

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