10 Best Maltese Rescues in Florida

Here you will find the list of the best Maltese Rescues in Florida. 

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Top 10 Maltese Rescues in Florida

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Florida

1.) A Better Life – Pet Rescue

In operation since 2005 and having saved over 2,500 animals and placed them in loving forever homes, A Better Life takes its name seriously by giving every animal they rescue a chance at a better life by promoting the adoption of rescued animals. They are non-profit, so they need support from the community in either the form of donations or supplies, both of which are a great help. To do that, go and visit them on their website.  

2.) Glimmer of Life Small Dog Rescue

America faces a problem in the form of needless euthanization, with 1.5 million animals falling victim to such heartlessness. However, this is where the Glimmer of Life organization steps in, as they aim to get every dog that needs care and medical attention exactly that and protect them from further abuse and neglect. They are totally non-profit and operate as a ‘ghost’ rescue, but that does not mean they do not need support. Visit their website to adopt a furry friend today.

3.) Suncoast Animal League

Once again, SCAL makes the list. The reasoning for them being on the list is simple: Consistency. Suncoast Animal League has been a certified non-profit for years and is constantly at work to save and protect animals all over Palm Harbor. Doing what they do requires support in any form you can provide, so I urge you to visit their website to learn how to do so.

4.) Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is one of the biggest rescues operating in Florida, but to be honest, the name is misleading. Their website mentions small dogs too, which is the focus here. The rescue itself has some amazing statistics, but no rescue can operate for free. Like all the rescues on this list, it needs support, and you can begin to do that by visiting their website to learn more about them and how to support them.

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5.) The Humane Society of Sarasota County

Working out of a 38,000-square-foot facility that can house over 200 animals at a time, the Humane Society of Sarasota County, or HSSC, has been serving the area for well over 60 years and looks to pursue humane objectives that include but are not limited to caring for and finding homes for poor and destitute animals that are forced to defend themselves. Once again, they need your support, whether it be in terms of financial support or in the form of material supplies and labor works perfectly. And it all starts by clicking the link above to visit their website.

6.) Canine Castaways

As the old story goes, adopting an animal is the best thing you can do, mainly because it’s a sustainable practice in comparison to shopping for one. Canine Castaways, a Florida regular, has this as one of the first things you see on their website. They aim for animal welfare and safety, prioritizing it over personal gain, which is why they are such a great organization to adopt rescues from. They also do not have problems with taking back one of their own ‘castaways’ if you are unsatisfied or feel unqualified. Go on ahead and check them out.

7.) Happy Trails Animal Rescue

As with many of the rescues on this list, Happy Trails is no stranger to the animal fostering system and operates purely through this network, with the help of willing fosters and volunteers who want to make the adoption of the animal as smooth and uninhibited as it can possibly get. To adopt, you will need to get an appointment with them, but they only operate in Central Florida. They have only recently inaugurated a Community Resource Center in Orlando, which educates and engages the community about rescues and various dog breeds. Visit their website to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

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8.) Barky Pines Animal Rescue

As of March 2023, Barky Pines has rescued 1300 urgent animals, 1150 of which have been saved from their horrendous conditions, treated, and sent to their forever homes. Animals that have been unable to find their forever homes or haven’t been taken in spend the rest of their lives cared for in Barky Pines’ sanctuary. The organization has seen all forms of hardship, both by nature and other circumstances, but has stood strong thanks to the support from the community. They truly believe that ‘it takes a village’, and their values certainly reflect that. Please go and show them some support in whatever way you can.

9.) Puppy Pleasers’ Rescue

Discovered to find loving homes for dogs and puppies who are in shelters, abandoned, or unable to be cared for, Puppy Pleasers’ Rescue is a private non-profit, strictly adhering to no-kill values that are intrinsic to their own personal beliefs, and because all lives are worth saving and no life is beyond saving. The organization has taken it upon itself to prevent the overpopulation of animals and mitigate the spread of canine diseases by spaying and neutering the animals. To learn more, check out their website.

10.) Destiny for Dogs

Destiny for Dogs has a somewhat special area of the rescue market they’re targeting, or perhaps the most underappreciated or untapped wealth of consumers: senior citizens. Pensioners, retirees, or just plain old, Destiny for Dogs understand that because of their increased age and diminished activity levels, the elderly may be forced to part with a life-long friend, but seek to prevent that by providing food, necessary supplies, and veterinary care; Short-term foster care in the event unseen situations and also planning to ensure the pet is cared for in the event the owner is no longer able to do so. Be a part of their noble journey by adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering at their organization.

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