Can I Plant Lucky Bamboo In An Aquarium With Fish?

Here’s a fun fact: In Chinese geometry, planting lucky bamboo brings a sense of well-being and safety to a house or a room. But not only that, lucky bamboos also look very satisfying and perfect in an aquarium. So there

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Why is my cat growling at his toys?

Grrrrr! Did your cat just growled? You’re thinking “Hey! You have your toys, then what’s all the growling about?” Let us solve your query: Cats growling is a very natural behavior. Rather we’ll say if your cat doesn’t growl that

Why does my female cat stomach area hang so low?

Having a cat at home and looking them walk away with some extra pounds on their stomach could make you think twice about what you just saw. So why does your cat have that saggy skin on the stomach? This

How to anchor aquarium plants?

Freshwater aquariums look beautiful when they have both, fauna and flora. And so, I went and bought many live freshwater aquarium plants. But guess what? As soon as I put them in the fish tank, they started floating at the