Are Swordtail Fish Hardy?

Are you planning to add swordtail fish into your tank but are confused if it is hardy? Knowing whether swordtails are hardy or not is essential for effectively populating your tank. So, are swordtails hardy fish? Swordtail fish is definitely

Are Discus Fish Aggressive?

As an aquarist, the most important thing that I want to know before buying a new fish is its behavior. If you’re new with discus fish, you’ll want to know how they’ll behave in your tank. Are discus fish aggressive?

How Big of a Tank do Discus Fish Need?

A discus fish has some very different requirements than other fish species. Before getting pet discus, you should know how big of a tank you need to arrange for them. How big of a tank do discus fish need? The

How long do Discus Live?

I was quite curious to know the lifespan of a discus fish, so I divulged deeper. I am now going to share what I have learnt so far. So, how long do discus live? The average lifespan of a discus

How to Make Discus Grow Fastest and Biggest

Raising Discus isn’t an easy task and requires a plethora of physical work. But if you are determined to achieve your goal, then it is totally worth it. How to ensure proper growth of Discus? Discus require warm water (approximately

Discus Fish Aquarium Requirements & Set Up

With beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, discus fish can add a lot to your aquarium aesthetics. There’s no surprise that these beautiful fellows are a bit high maintenance. Discus fish come from the Amazon and it is very important to

Why is my Discus not Eating?

It’s okay for a discus to lose its appetite for a few days. But if this behaviour prolongs, then it may be a cause for concern. Why is my Discus fish not eating? It might be stressed due to changed