Is My Fish Pregnant, Fat Or Just Bloated?

Is your fish looking unusually bigger all of a sudden? Here is why: It is highly likely that your fish is either pregnant, fat or just bloated. In order to determine exactly which one of these conditions your fish is

Are Penguins Birds, Fish, or Mammals?

How much do you really know about penguins? For most people, these black and white creatures are just birds that can tap dance (Thank you Happy Feet!), but when it comes to their biology, most of us are clueless. Are

Do Penguins Mate For Life?

Monogamy is a social construct developed and popularized by humans. But! Does the same concept apply to animals? Let’s Find Out! Do Penguins Mate for Life? Yes! You’d be surprised to know that penguins are monogamous. Meaning having only one mate

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I own a labrador that is loved by everybody at my home. It’s playful and intelligent. Everything was fine until my daughter asked to adopt a cat as well. This made me think that whether our family canine would welcome

Can Dogs Eat Huckleberries?

The little, round huckleberries are just the right treat for your taste buds. And dogs sure do enjoy them. But, can dogs eat huckleberries? Huckleberries can be given to dogs, but there is no evidence of them providing any health