How do I Care for Killifish fry?

Breeding killifish was easy. There was not a lot that I had to do. However, I was deeply concerned about the care I ought to provide to the killifish fry. I certainly did not want to be responsible for the

How Many Killifish per Gallon?

You must have seen the small and colorful fish in aquariums quite a few times. These are killifish. If you want to set up an aquarium in a small space, these would be the perfect option. However, you might be

The Best Food for Discus Fish

Have a discus fish and have questions about its diet? Love your pet but don’t know what feed to provide it with? If the answer is yes, then you need not worry as now you’ll know exactly what kind of

Why is my Discus Fish Swimming on its Side?

Freshwater fish like the discus can be a real challenge to keep. But the real issue for aquarists arises when your fish starts showing unusual behavior like swimming on its side. But what exactly causes discus fish to swim on

How Long can Killifish Eggs Last?

Here’s the deal: You can either buy live killies or their eggs which you can hatch on your own. And while the latter is a slightly more complex process, it certainly is a lot more fun. But the question is,

Do Killifish Need to be in Pairs

A commonly prevailing conception about Killies is that they stay peaceful and do not show any aggression toward other fish as long as they are kept in pairs. So, does this mean that they need to be in pairs?Well, if

Are Cherry Barbs Aggressive or Peaceful Fish?

Cherry barb also known as Puntius titteya are beautifully colored small fish and are one of the most popular barb species. Are cherry barbs aggressive or peaceful fish? Cherry Barbs are very peaceful and should be kept in schools of

How Many Eggs do Killifish lay?

A killifish is pretty easy to raise and breed. It’s eggs, however, need to be dealt with extreme care. How many eggs do Killifish lay? Usually, a female killifish lays 30 eggs in a day. The number of eggs laid