Do Bengal Cat’s Eyes Change Color?

I have always been mesmerized by the changing eye color of Bengal cats. So, I finally decided to write an article on this topic. Do Bengal cat’s eyes change color? Although some Bengal cats do change their eye color, a

American Wirehair Cats vs American Shorthair Cats

Curious about the major differences between the American Wirehair and the American Shorthair cats? Well, we are here to help you! So, what is the difference between the American Shorthair and the American Wirehair cat? The American Wirehair has a

How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Ferret?

Ferrets that live with other pets such as dogs and cats generally can get infected by fleas which are popularly known as Ctenocephalides. How to get rid of fleas on a ferret? You can get rid of fleas by bathing

250 Ferret Names That are Cute & Awesome!

Naming your pet ferret can be an arduous task, especially when you have no reference list. Here are more than 250 cute, funny, and awesome names for your lovely fur-ball! This list provides you with a clear segregation for names

Cool and Awesome Hats for Ferrets

Nothing is more attracting for a pet owner than a cute animal dressed up. An animal wearing wonderful garments, accessories, boots, coats and of course hats add up to the element of cuteness. Many of us are amused by looking

How much should Ferrets eat every day?

Ferrets aren’t like your usual pets when it comes to eating habits. They have a high metabolism and are considered free feeders. This means that they are always in need of fresh food and water. How much should Ferrets eat

How Intelligent are Ferrets?

Just like humans, certain species of animals are smarter than the others. This, in fact, has been tested through studies conducted on common pet animals like cats, dogs etc. Even ferrets, like pets, have shown signs of intelligence by bonding

Should I get a Ferret or a Hamster?

Ferrets and hamsters are both adorable little creatures that are not very common among pet enthusiasts. Most people know how to take of a hamster, but when it comes to having knowledge about taking care of ferrets, well that is

Should I get a Ferret or a Bird?

Ferrets and birds are both amazing pets to have. There is no this or that between them as they both are completely different types of animals. Bird care and ferret care is not the same at all and both types